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  1. *Steps upto a very short podium, and unrolls a piece of paper* Ahem... As the Spokesmouse, builder, and personal attorney for the Bellisseria Slenderman... Let it be advised... He is still EVIL... and he still does NOT dance! That is all... I will be taking no questions! Mouse Mysterious (Spokesmouse)
  2. NOTICE: On behalf of my client... The Bellisseria Slenderman... Ahem... The Bellisseria Slenderman will be taking a break until further notice. Until that time has passed his Gallery will continue to be available... Stamps will continue to be available in an EVIL way... and of course the 8 Pages hunt and Roller Coaster are all still available. He will not be available at parties, gatherings, dances (as if you ever thought he would dance anyways)... He will not be randomly seen at Campwich Forest or any of his more regular sighting spots until further notice... And he has p
  3. Watching from a distance munching on popcorn as people try to find the Bellisseria Slenderman Stamp...
  4. Upon further inspection and because Cranston Yordstorm found the Belliseria Slenderman BBB Stamp terminal so quickly... I have been instructed by the Bellisseria Slenderman himself to make it even MORE EVIL to find than before... If you cannot find it now... Thank Cranston... Sincerely, Mouse Mysterious (Spokesmouse of the Bellisseria Slenderman)
  5. My client categorically denies all allegations of dancing. Mouse Mysterious (Spokesmouse)
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