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  1. All hail VariHammyCorn, King of da Hammies, protector of da carrots!
  2. VariHammy was such a misbehaved Hamster (aka he went afk), that he was put in a cage. Don't worry, he escaped to shake his nubbeh another day!
  3. Only the Hammie's can bring us a fantasy land like Hamnia! They really are the King and Queen of this made up, and any other SL land! No, I was not paid to say that!
  4. I second that! Happy New Year Slendie! *pets the Slendie horse and gives you a kiss on your evil.. umm where is your face?*
  5. GisHammie is being all festive, casually nomming on the lights Bela hung on the tree. Wait! GisHammie stop!
  6. A rare sighting of KeifHammie reported at Belli Bestie's HQ. As he is a pirate Hammie, his favourite letter is the C.. for carrot of course
  7. GisHammie is out and about telling tall nubbeh's.. err tales of her adventures. This little reindeer seems very amused by them!
  8. And in very evil style. Slendie of course put the gift in box, upon box, upon box etc.... and so on and so forth
  9. The day before the big Bellisseria Winter Ball, and the Hammies are cutting a rug at Far's Friday party!
  10. Santa Slendie almost looks like he's enjoying himself and posing. But we all know, you're gonna pout, and you're gonna cry...Santa Slendie's coming to town!
  11. The Hammies at Far's Friday Party! Those nubbehs never stop shaking! They must consume a lot of carrots!
  12. VariHammy gets comfy before the premiere of the Disco Party video! Thanks to Artair for providing us a place to watch it, but I am sure VariHammy would have loved some carrots!
  13. Hammies are well known for their dance moves. Here they are showing them off at the Bellisseria Disco! Yewww,can dance. Yewww can jive. Having the time of your life Ooooo See that fur, watch that scene, Miss Hammie's the nubbeh Queen!
  14. Through the fog and disco lights he watches. Stayin' Alive?? You can only hope!
  15. GisHammie has discovered a place with lots, and lots of yummy, sweet, nom noms! Will she share?
  16. GisHammie just relaxin' and chillaxin' in a floaty at the Belli hangout.
  17. I hosted a party in my garden, and here are the Hammies doing what Hammies do best! Shaking their nubbehs!
  18. Varihammy is being scrutinized by Miss Hammie for not being a Hammibou with her. I suspect he will get no carrots tonight!
  19. Bela feels like Varihammy needs a new home. Anyone up for taking him in? Payment to be made to Miss Hammie in carrots only!
  20. His unsuspecting victims revel below. Silently he waits for his opportunity. He is coming.
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