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  1. Find another place to rent and make sure to ask the owner/manager about the way they count prims before you pay. I've rented a couple of times for fun even tho we have homes of our own and never come across a place that counts prims the way your current landlord does.
  2. Region! Patch would never ever mean "sim"! I listened to some of the Designing Worlds interview with Patch. I wrote down a quote about the next Linden Homes. He said they will "not be American per se". I guess that would mean they are from some other continent, but that at least some can also be found on the American continent, or am I reading too much into the "per se"?
  3. Much as I wish I could vote in this election too, I don't find it the least bit offensive for LL to remind US citizens to vote. They are based in the US, and it would just be odd if that bit of reality didn't show when there are important events.
  4. I have two new log home regions in my vicinity (North Eastern Bellisseria): Shoestring and Vidalia. Vidalia is divided by a river so lots of nice plots there.
  5. Oh I loved the Greenies! Will close the Forums and go look at once. Thanks! And besides I am really happy about getting a place in Bellisseria too, lovely community. And this thread is wonderful!
  6. Sorry just realized this is under the Linden Homes tab. Then just abandon it
  7. Either set it for Sale, under the General tab for the parcel (that can take some time before you get it sold tho). Or abandon it, under the same tab I think. Then go to your dashboard and check your land holdings in the Land Manager to be sure that your land holdings are gone. In the Land Fee tab, reduce your tier level to zero.
  8. I am glad they got the log houses out so soon. And with that there is bound to be some glitches. We got a lovely house by a little lake, and a large empty field in the back (totally exciting to see what will happen there). The other day our house disappeared. I filed a ticket. There is no way I'll ever abandon that place. Eight hours later the house was back AND Whitney Linden IMd to make sure it was ok. I think they are doing a great job, putting in a lot of work to create a good place to live for us.
  9. For now I think me and my partner will stay in the Victorian home. But I got a horse a little while ago and the new areas have nice trails to ride so I'll do a lot of exploring there. Maybe eventually shop for an even better Victorian location. We are now between a little woodsy park and a large pond so it feels a little risky to leave that, but a sea view home is a dream.
  10. Am I alone in being short in RL and really tall in SL? I've always wanted to be tall and I just love it. I also have blue eyes in RL and brown in SL, cause I happen to love a pair of brown eyes my friend made years ago and now they are part of who I am in SL. Have to confess my boobs are bigger in SL too. Since my avatar is tall she is also not as thin as I am in RL. With that height you can get away with a little bit of tummy . I'm pretty pleased with myself in both worlds anyway (at least when I wear heels in RL) .
  11. I was able to log in like 20 minutes ago, but was tossed out right now In Sweden so it could be just us outside US.
  12. When I buy something and find that the quality is very good or better than I feel I had the right to expect for that price, I definitely try to say thanks with a good rating in the Marketplace. I think expecting a thank you if you make good quality things available for others almost for free is totally reasonable. Maybe posting about it to remind us customers that creators are people helps a little too )
  13. I assure you this is racist in the US. Abuse report is the way to deal with it, but since that doesn't trigger any action I try this way hoping there is some person at LL reading these pages that don't want racist content in SL. I hope that's not too much of a burden on users reading the Forums.
  14. I am not a very sensitive person when it comes to adult or even a tad perverse content. But with openly racist content I expect LL to remove it immediately when reported. It's just not acceptable to leave it hanging there. My partner and I have both reported an annoying ball with an openly racist text above it. Maybe the text is not visible in the image sent in the report, but we have reported it has a racist text and that should at least make them look. I'm sure there would be immidiate action if I repeated the text here in the Forum.
  15. That just has to help. That is as funny as anything gets in Second Life or, come to think of it, anywhere else. Sends a hug too to improve your mood )
  16. This is what the grid status page says now: [postED 12:22 PM PST, 9 September 2013] We are currently performing unscheduled maintenance. During this time, some residents may be logged off and will be temporarily unable to log in, or experience inventory loading issues. This maintenance may also disrupt transactions, logins, or attempts to access some regions. Please refrain from transacting with L$ or rezzing valuable (no-copy) items until the all-clear is given. Please check back here for updates.
  17. There's a rumor being spread inworld that we won't be able to login tomorrow unless we update to viewer 3. I hope (and assume) there is not truth to that.
  18. I've been trying to buy L$ for 6 hours now. It takes me as far as to confirm my buy, then tells me there are technical problems. Can't find anything in the grid status about it tho. They charged my annual member fee successfully this morning, so it can't very well be another of those "we'r not so sure about this credit card so will you please update it again, even tho you used it for a year or so now".
  19. Thanks for all the answers. We have checked with all maturity settings, and over a period of days. If nothing major has changed with search it has to have to do with us adding more searchable items on the sim. We were worried that they had started some extra special "improvement" experiment on inworld search already.
  20. The last few days or store has dropped down in the inworld All search. I know there is a new version of search being beta tested, but I got the impression that wouldn't affect the current search. Am I wrong or have something else changed? Or is it just one of those SL things?
  21. Thanks Phil for the tip to talk to the Search team. I've lost touch of who does what at LL, but now we have a name it's lots easier
  22. True, there was a hint there when they stopped showing the objects. I assumed it was a mistake and would be corrected eventually at first. But that's what I thought about all the quirks with v2. It certainly doesn't make it any easier to find what you are looking for.
  23. Sorry it took me so long to answer. I had to get to bed so I would be fit for work. Now that I'm at work I have plenty of time to answer :smileyhappy: @Knowles Thank you Knowles, if if I ever dare thread into this minefield of a forum again, I'll try your idea! @Ciaran LOL, Thanks. I'm glad you didn't fall for the temptation to quote. Would hate to be responsible for leading you astray :smileysad: @Darrius I don't see any harm in adding searchable objects that reflects what a customer will actually find when they land in your store. I think it's a great idea for someone to add objects named after items in a vendor for instance. That helps a customer find what they are looking for. But to give the impression that you have more products for sale matching a keyword than you actually do just to climb in search is a totally different thing. If that is accepted today then we will probably have to do that too not to slip down the search pages, but it's a slippery slope. Search should be more than a way to advertise for merchants. I am a customer too and I would really like the search result reflect how much of what I look for a store has to offer. Applying rules in a sensible way rather than by the letter has a lot of going for it. It's still important for the principles of enforcement to be transparent so everyone can play by the same rules.
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