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Getting my store in search..

Cisilli DeCuir
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I don't understand exactly what's going on but, I have put my items up for sale, I've done everything needed and it's all set up perfectly, but whenever I go to search up my store or my name in merchants/stores it doesn't come up.  I even got my hubby to do it on his account and it doesn't come up for him either.. is there something I'm doing wrong?  This is for the marketplace of course, not in game.  Help is greatly appreciated.

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How long ago did you set your items for sale? You may just not be indexed yet. You also have to set each item that's for sale, click the item's checkbox to show in search.

There is also another checkbox on your "About Land" that you have to check to "Show in Search", this one costs 30 $L (per month I think) but required to pay if you want to appear in search :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:

Totally worth it since if you don't pay, the parcel never shows up really anywhere.... :matte-motes-impatient:

There is a couple other reasons why you might not show up but there two are the most likely ones.

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I think there may be an issue with the search in the 'merchants/store names' box.  I changed the name of my store soon after it was introduced and the new name does not appear to be reflected in the search results.  I believe the searches are static from when they first introduced the feature...possibly doing improvements before they get updated names.


I submitted a bug report earlier in the week about it. 




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Just for the record, search is broken. Always has been. You think your store is in the search results all the time? HA hA! While I'm sure some are, but for me, I drop in and out of keyword searches on a regular basis. Although I've always been ranked for the word animation, in the top 50 and was up to like 10th before they pulled Picks, I'm now only rarerly in the search results. Once in a great while, Darrius's tool tells me that I was ranked 6th, for about an hours, then everything changes again, and I'm not in the results at all again.

For many of my other keywords, I'm usually near the top, but it bounces around alot, and some drop out completely for short times. Now, If I was near the backend of the results, this would be expected behaviour. Considering that I'm near the top, and drop out completely, shows that something is not right with the system.

Oh, and this has now been over a year since they installed this system and it is no better than it was the first day.

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Search is utter crap and it will never change,shame we get ripped off to list,although it is 'nt much it adds up for LL,

Since the new search came into effect my visitors have dropped off to below 10 a day and sales are almost nothing.

I held off listing in the marketplace because i always believed in ,inworld stores and not a 2D website.

After all SL is a 3D world and shopping lag and all is part of the experience,

Most of my sales come from MP now and that makes me sad,inworld sales are almost gone,

It would serve LL right if everyone just had stores on the MP and gave up land because they don't need it for a store anymore which i'm sure has happened in many cases,and LL started to loose a lot of profit,but then again it would'nt matter now they have us all captive on the 2D MP,they would just jack up the prices there to make up.

Hopefully soon another world will emerge like SL used to be and we can get back to a proper 3D world experience,i have no problem with LL making money but in the process don't screw us out of making money


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