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  1. Oh Great no second life server roll , the last one 3 days ago was a disaster, We have an airport and sim crossings have been excellent , after this last roll we cannot fly at all , there is no handover and all we do it get dumped , , , we fly to to beat each other score so we would do many take off and landings , but the whole area is useless, yes my partner put a ticket in for all the good that will do , it wont get looked at for a week , i am surprised no one else is complaining ,i guess its just our area , I fail to see how a roll can bugger things up so bad, i thought rollovers were supposed to improve things not make them worse
  2. By Tues it will be 21 days since our mainland sim was restarted , flying is crap as all the sims around are just as degraded but nothing we can do except wait till LL decides to restart
  3. I downloaded firestorm, last night, i did 2 runs in the plane I flew out 2 sims and turned around and landed the first time ok second run i froze on landing and was logged out . Tonight i left the runway and froze right away ( on firestorm ), the plane went poof and i was sitting stopped in midair then the screen went grey and i was logged out . Next run i froze entering the 2nd sim out , plane went poof again and i was on the ocean floor , screen went grey and i was logged out again . I logged back in at my homestead sim with the Alchemy viewer this time , i tried to teleport to the mainland airport but it hung and eventually logged me out . I came back in with Alchemy again , this time i could teleport to the airport ok . i did 3 runs , which consists of going out 2 sims and turning back to land , all 3 runs went well. I have downloaded the Singularity viewer that Whirly Fizzle gave me the link to , i have been in sl with my 2 alts about 45 minutes and have not been logged out yet ( i was being logged out with the previous singualrity alpha viewer i had, usually within about 15 minutes , that version of singularity has become unusable on SL ) Tomorrow night i will try this version of Singularity flying , hopefully sim crossing will be ok and no log out. My partner uses Alchemy and she had about 6 successful flights tonight with no being logged out
  4. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whirly Fizzle I tried that singularity viewer build at the link you gave , not sure what you do with it , its a bunch of files and not a viewer download , ,when i click the download it asks what program do i want to open them I just did a flight on our mainland air strip , i used Firestorm , first run was ok , second run i came over edge of runway to land and froze then a short time later i was logged out , i didn't fly anymore after that , tomorrow night i will be doing more
  5. I was going to post that i downloaded firestorm and it is pretty well identical to singularity and i would be happy using that, i have been in a while with all avys of mine , that makes 3 of us , i teleported from my homestead to the mainland air strip , that went ok , after a while i went to teleport back to my homestead, well it hung so i stopped it but i couldn't move so had to log out . Anyway i saw Whirly Fizzle's post and i will try that singularity download , if it doesn't work i think i will be happy with firestorm , what i like about both of them is the 1024 m draw, instead of the SL viewer and Alchemy 512 m draw , i will add though i did find Singularity hopeless for flying even before this latest problem of sim crossing and being logged out , i found the viewer froze a lot on sim crossings and i got dumped to the ocean floor , I had used singularity to build the mainland airport and also the marina with no problem , but last week when i tried to do some runway work the FPS dropped to around 1 and i could hardly move so i had to use Alchemy Thanks Whirly Fizzle
  6. MBEATRIX you asked "Are you using the EEP project viewer?" Yes when i opened the sl viewer the update was there and the EEP documentation was there , so yes i was using the EEP sl viewer when i had that failed teleport from my homestead to our mainland airport . My partner uses the alchemy viewer and she went ok , i will say once i relogged back in and tried to teleport again , it went ok
  7. UPDATE 3 i logged back in again and this time i could teleport to the mainland sim , , i guess we just have to put up with it
  8. WHIRLY FIZZLE on my homestead i always use singularity , when flying on our mainland airport singularity is useless so i have used the SL viewer or the Alchemy viewer, the described condition of being logged out on border crossings was with both the SL viewer and the Alchemy viewer , my partner always uses the Alchemy viewer. and she had the same problem . As per my post re. being constantly logged out on my homestead with singularity , i decided to try the SL viewer and when i brought up the log in screen there was an update to the latest version . I have myself and my 2 alts logged in on the SL viewer and it seems fine , that is on my homestead , i will be flying tonight so we will see how that goes , i will try the SL viewer there but quite frankly i hate it with a passion , i have used singularity forever ,but it looks like i can't use it anymore and that degrades the SL experience for me , Just to add, re your question on Singularity , today when i had the constant being logged out on my homestead ,i was on the regular singularity , i have the alpha build and sometimes i use that but not for flying , i use neither singularity for flying , i haven't tried the singularity alpha build on my homestead yet re the being logged out , that is just new today after the rolling restart ., just wanted to see how the SL one does and it seem good , no being logged out , i will let you know re the alpha build singularity. i hope it is ok . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATEI checked the Singularity website and my alpha build was not the latest , i uninstalled both singularity viewers , restarted and installed the latest alpha build , I logged in myself and my 2 alts , ( In my homestead ))after about 15 or 20 minutes i got logged out , then shortly after both my alts got logged out . So it looks like i can't use singularity anymore , i have to use that sl viewer which i hate . As for flying i might not get to our mainland airport for a day or two to fly and see how sim crossings are --------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 2 , well i am on the latest updated SL viewer, my homestead was restarted this morning as a rolling restart . So latest region restart . latest SL updated viewer, I went to teleport to our mainland airport and it hung and hung , then logged me out , it gets worse and worse, I have been in sl 13 years and never experienced this , is this what we pay good money for , damn ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE 3 i logged back in again and this time i could teleport to the mainland sim , , i guess we just have to put up with it
  9. Well this is new , they restarted my homestead 4 hours ago , i have had it for 5 years. I logged in and also logged in my 2 alts which i have done tons of times before , after about 15 minutes we were all logged out , I logged us all back in again , they sit on the back of the boat and i went to the boardwalk ,when i got there i as logged out , the other two were not , I logged back in , went for the walk around the island , when i got back they were gone , i checked their screens , both were logged out . Logged us all back in again , ,about 10 minutes later i was logged out , shortly after they were both logged out . i haven't been to the mainland airport yet , that was restarted this morning so until we fly tonight i wont know , i do know i went there this morning after the restart there and could not telport home so i just logged out . In all the years i have been on my homestead i have never been logged out This is getting silly , i could understand if SL was free but we all pay through the nose to be here and LL could at least keep us informed as to what the H is going on I use singularity viewer which i have used forever , i have no fancy skies , and atmospheric shaders in unchecked , everything is as it has always been We did fly on the mainland airport last night and it went ok,as i said we just do circuits , go out 2 sims, turn around and land , we try to beat each other in scoring , just now i checked my screen , i was logged in just myself, i wanted to get the server info and guess what i had been logged out again , this is unbelievable , i have a large shop i hope customers are not getting logged out too Second Life Server
  10. As described by Aishagain is exactly what i and my partner are experiencing , i get that same grey screen after freezing , i would say on sim crossings but its more like no hand over to the next server when crossing you describe then i have to quit and then when i go to teleport back to the airport it becomes a joke , i generally go to a different viewer to get back , but no matter what viewer its the same Alchemy , SL viewer , singularity . My viewer settings have always been the same ,
  11. We are having the same problem ,it started with the rolling restart 2 weeks ago , since then sim crossings are horrible , My partner and i play a scoring game . all we do is fly out 2 sims and turn around and try and beat each others landing score . We have done this for a long time at many airports, we have our own airport now and until 2 weeks ago it was not bad , we crashed the odd time but that just the way it was, you got dumped and wound up on the ocean floor but now its impossible , now the plane 80% of the time just keeps going until SL logs you out , also i have found teleports terrible trying to get back to the airport, i and my partner are sick and tired of being logged out on sim crossing freezes The rolling restart a couple of days ago did nothing , we had 11 days between the original restart and the one a couple of days ago Our airport is basically useless for how we use it , and we have been flying this way for over 3 years
  12. Price reduction ,,,,was 37,000L new price 30,000L. this price will be in effect until Nov.9 after Nov 9 land will be abandoned then available from LL for 49,152L or through the auction . 16875 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morag/177/86/54 SOLD
  13. Mainland 3/4 sim for sale 49,152 sq,m Price 37,000L ( originally paid LL 49.152L ) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morag/178/77/55
  14. I have been looking on MP and inworld for a large plane lift to lift planes of all sizes from lower to upper runway I do not see any available , is there a slow script for the purpose , i assume i will have to make my own lift. If anyone has such a script i am willing to pay for it
  15. I submitted a ticket but i will post here too My partner i have been flying out of Legion airport for a year, we fly every day and we go out 3 sims and turn and come back , we do this because we score our landings . This current week the airport is unusable , the reason is ,as we leave the runway and go into the next sim , we freeze and eventually the craft disappears and we are in the air with no plane still moving . Then we wind up on the ocean bottom , when that happens the avatar cannot move sideways ,only forward and back. This happened every single time , we are the only tenants at the airport, it happens to us and we had two other people fly the same route and it happened to them . This is not intermittent ,it happens every single time , as i said using the air port is impossible . i have always used singularity , but on the night it first happened i was using the Alchemy viewer , my partner always uses that one , i went back to singularity and same thing happened Both of the subject sims are Governor Linden owned ., i would hazard a guess it since rolling restarts The are the sim locations You are at 288291.6, 271767.7, 52.3 in Stove Boat Shallows (1126, 1061) located at sim9047.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life Server -----------------------------------and You are at 288558.6, 271742.2, 36.6 in Stubb (1127, 1061) located at sim9194.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life RC Magnum -----------------------------------------the airport location You are at 288143.1, 271779.9, 42.4 in Neobelow (1125, 1061) located at sim10073.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life Server ------------------------------- Could you please look into this as if it keeps up we will have to give up that airport Thanks nikita Jefferson
  16. I checked on virtual highway when i used stored inventory and it was 2012, so i have used it after 2010,
  17. It's been a few years since i used stored inventory, it worked well at that time. I wanted to update some items on Virtual highway,when i log into SL with Stored inventory my inventory will not load. If i log into Virtual Highway my inventory loads instantly, can stored inventory still be used on SL ?
  18. Stupid ridiculous secondlife, this afternoon i am 72 places back in seach when i have been in 3rd for years and all i did was change the description in my search text, what bloody effect does that have on search position, thanks a lot you sl morons bad enough you steal inworld sales with MP you screw the inworld merchamnt, mad your damn right i am mad , spitting fire, you have ruined my business . I damn well wish creators had gone to other worlds, if they had things i need there i would go, land is 100 times cheaper free uploads, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  19. Can anyone shed light on how search works, it baffles me. I have a large shop, full sim .For years i ranged from 3rd position to 5th position depending on traffic if i searched skins. I made a small adjustment to the description and next crawl it put me in 5th and no better even with good traffic , the best i could do was fifth. Stupid me i made some keyword adjustments,this morning i am way back on page 2 about 20 positions from the first position. Why in the world would making a chnage to a description thow one so far back in search. As i understood it your position in search depends on traffic not what you write.
  20. Hi Kate,, i have my own clothes shop and also a skin and avatar shop, i have also had mamy affiliate packages through time. The only thing i find with affilitaes is they tend to be over exposed on sl because so many other are looking to make money selling another designers clothes. I have tried what i thought were sure bets, very well know designers, i tried SLC, they are everywhere , i eventualy gave then up and tried another, and gave that up and so on,i have probably tried about 15 or so affiliates, Right now i have 2 well known hair designers, but one is so over exposed in sl i rarely sell any, i have a top designer of clothes who i will stay with, she has very lovely clothes and they do sell, so i am happy with that, Also the Marketplace has taken so many shoppers out of SL so the shopping base in SL has been badky deluted Hope that helps a bit. Any questions and if you would like to see my shops in world to get an idea, IM me in world nikita Jeffersom Sorry i forgot your question re payouts to affiliates, my own which is skins and avys is 50%, A&A hair is 50%, my other one is 40% and the other 50%. i would never go below 40%, 50% is ideal, most items sell cheaply and you get half so you have to sell volume to make money I bought AN LC Afilliate for 2499L which i consider reasonale with 50% commision , so i would say arounf 3000L is reasonable, i would not go over that When you buy it, it comes complete you just put them on the wall, othere you have to log into a website and the items are there and you copy the item number and transfer that number to a vendor inworld and it becomes live I find caspervend and BSM vendors both good
  21. There is no telehub routing at all, and i unchecked the direct telport i will check the 4000 ft , my track is up there and it have 7 security orbs up there .
  22. Yes i saw you got ejected, looking at your name i questioned if you were a bot or not, when i went and checked the shop visitor list i saw you were there first for 12 minutes, so i knew you had found your way down to the island.And looking at your profile i saw you were not a bot, when anyone has seen prob over 100 bots ,one gets to recognize them easily by their profile and amount of time on the sim, they are timed at less than one minute Bots do not land at the shop once banned and find their way down, they go directly to the island, circumventing the set landing point. And every bot profile you check it is the same, they are always certain first names and in the area of 2000 days old give or take, and always no payment info on file and always a completely empty profile For your info, there is thread on this very problem, when i first noticed bots coming to my shop, ( i have singularity so anyone entering and leaving the sim it shows on radar) i asked on here and was referred to a thread where many people were seeing the same thing, what i noticed was an unusual amount of avys arriving and leaving 1 sec later, i thought my sim was ejecting avys at the shop so i checked on this and that is how i found out others were seeing the same As for the eject time, i doubt LL is concerned about the feelings of bots, they serve no good other than some creep who programmed them to do whatever they do.No one can mistakenly land at my sim and get ejected ,anyone who comes there lands 3000 feet up and no where near the security that ejects., so other than nosey people who purposely fly down and bots,legitimate visitors to my shops do not get ejected Bots are the only one besides people like you who find their way to the island, And that unpack area is covered by security down on the island, i have tested it myself with an alt. Anyway what were you trying to investigate? what my question was, how can these creeps who direct these bots circumvent land controls, overide sim landing points and land bots anywhere there is a place to land,no matter what level something is rezzed at The unpack area is 3000ft from the secutiy orb on the island and 1000 feet away from my track, the orbs have a detect distance of within a few feet of the orb, it takes about 6 orbs to cover the area of the island. If what you sayis so then anyone coming to my shop would be ejected by the secutity and that has never happened as they are too far away. As for shop groups, they are not open enrollment , the island group is not open enrollment, and checking, them only mine and my partners name is there and our alts I have checked the names that use that unppack area as i have an avy list maker there, and bots do not land in that spot, and before we made the island water only i always checked that unpack area section down on the island, no avys ever landed there As for estate settings , the only one i see that maybe is what you mean is the " allow direct teleport" i unchecked that As for landing point that is set at the shop 2507 ft up, people do not land on the island , they never have, i see with my radar anyone who enters the sim and all land at the shop, except bots, and there is no question at all they are bots check this link, you will see this is not isolated http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Brendens-and-Natalyas-landing-on-sims-and-leaving/td-p/2856392
  23. I ban the bots at my shop with the land ban, my shop is 3000ft up, but they circumvent that and land anywhere there is a place to land, like down on my island, or on my race track almost 4000 ft up, but never at the place they were banned .( at the shop) The land landing point is set at the shop How can the person operating these bots circumvent the land ban and set landing point and overide it I have security orbs set up down on my land and on the track and i see when they come on my sim, My secutry ejects them but it is annoying having them pop in
  24. I came in sl in 2007, it was all new and i travelled around to all the shops. Got my own house, furnished it, got lots of toys, jets skis, helecopters ,boats.I was having a ball all by myself. Then i got a freind in RL to join, i only knew her from flickr. Then i got another friend to join and we became very close and have been together for 8 years now. In that time i learned to make skins, make clothes.,opened many shops, and in all that time i had my own private homestead, we live down below, my shops are 3000 ft up so we still have our privacy. I think if you go to dances or clubs where there usually are a lot of avys you might meet some friends,not sure what you are looking for, a freind or more than that But i will say if i did not have my love ,and the time we spend every day, i think i would find SL lonely too
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