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  1. It's working correctly for me now, too. Hurray! And, I am not in SLT/PDT timezone, so this fix seems solid.
  2. Not being able to simply see all and only the transactions for a single day other than the current one is my biggest complaint. Date ranges should work in such a way that if you put the same date in the start date and end date fields, it works and displays that single day's numbers. Just like it used to work. This is stuff any merchant wants to know: how were sales yesterday? vs the day before, etc.
  3. Great post, Harper: you hit all the major avatar beauty basics. I was pleased to see you made eyes your 5th and final piece. It's one that is often overlooked by people with otherwise great looking avatars. You see these gorgeous models and fashionistas with flat, fake, obnoxious eyes, and it brings down their whole look. Great eyes add both realism and beauty, just like any good shape or skin or hair style does. I think part of the reason you don't see more avatars with better eyes is because, although there are plenty of styles out there on the grid, only a handful of eye designers have nailed that tricky realism+beauty combo that truly brings an avatar's face to life. For the sake of variety, options and individual expression, I hope lots of compellng new eye styles from different designers reach the market soon. I think too, that because eyes are a relatively small detail in the overall avatar appearance, many people underestimate their value and impact. But don't we all zoom in on an avatar's face at some point when we're checking them out? Just to see details and guage their beauty? It's a natural, instinctive thing to do; we do the same thing in real life, since we are very much drawn to look closely at a person's face, and especially their eyes! It helps us to read people, to appreciate them and connect with them. So, eyes are important. Make sure you have awesome ones for your avatar. Take the time to hit the fashion blogs and shop around; do your research, just like you would to find anything else to build your beautiful, unique look.
  4. I plan to heckle you mercilessly, Harper.
  5. Well, no such luck for me, so far. Fingers crossed that my store will magically show up in Search at some point.
  6. Thanks, Peewee, I have added my comments to the JIRA.
  7. Thank you Hollee, I added a comment to your JIRA bug report. We definitely seem to be having identical issues.
  8. You're right that I can type in my avatar name under Search: Merchants/Stores, and I show up. But I should be able to type in my actual store name and find it there, too. That is much more useful to people: they are looking for my store, not for me. And, I have tried this on other store names and that works fine: I don't have to know or type in those stores' merchant's names.
  9. I have had a store up on Marketplace for over a week (Fashism). Searching for my items will show my store, but searching for Merchants/Stores does not. How can I get my store to show up under Merchant search? Thanks, - Ikon Innovia for FASHISM
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