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Male Mesh

Hayden Berkowicz

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Hi All,

I have been on second life for around 8 years took a break but now back. I am having trouble getting my head around MESH.

i have brought myself a few Mesh clothing items from various places including 'Redgrave' they look and fit great. My questions are:

Is it worth getting a male mesh body and what is regarded as the best one?

Do you need Mesh hands and feet?

How do you match up the colour of your head to your Mesh body, feet, hands?

Sorry for sounding dumb about Mesh. Any help will be great.

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Whether it is worth getting a body and WHICH one to get is all up to the individual. If you spend a lot of time naked or semi naked then a mesh male body might be a good investment. More guys seem to have hands and feet than full bodies still.

The "best" really depends on what yoiu want your body to look like. Try the demos and REMEMBER that you will most likely need to change your shape to go with the mesh body.


The best way to match the colors is to get skin appliers that are for you body. Note that not all skin appliers are actually great skins :D. So again testing is important. DEMO!


Right now a good number of FEMALE clothes are ONLY made for the major mesh bodies (fitmesh) so for the gals a mesh body is more important than for the guys. That will probably change in the future.  You might just want to get some Slink male feet for sandals.


Also note that not all male bodies have clothes being made for them. So finding your favorite clothes makers and seeing who they design for is a good plan. Also depending on your shape, nicely made fitmesh designed for your brand of body will be the best fit. Again, not all fitmesh fits that well, but when it does it is impressive.


Good luck.

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I second Chic, if your body is dressed, then a mesh body is just a nuisance.

What you need most, if you ever walk barefeet, is mesh feet. Defaut SL avatar feet is just horrible. There is Slink, and pretty much Slink is the only alternative if you don't buy a body that includes hands and feet.

Feet will cost you 675 L. If you decide to look at hands, there is Slink too, and you get many gestures. Relaxed hands is what most buy as their first hands. They are 450 L each, and there are packs of several gestures for a discount..

If you have Slink feet and hands, buying a Slink Physique body is the natural way to go. After all, you already paid for the feet and hands, and if you buy another brand, you will most likely not use the Slink products again.

All these demos are free in Slink mainstore, and also from the Marketplace. The Slink Physique is good for the natural, lighter built body. Please ignore the way the body look with the free Slink skins on. Good as the owner of Sink is to make mesh, her skins are not up to the same standard.

So do I recommend Slink? I guess so. The Adam body is very nice too, but I didn't like the hips. "I" is my male alt. The Signature body is also good. The Aestetic is for the hulking men. I don't recommend Tellaq avatars and TMP bodies!

Read the reviews for male bodies on Meshbodyaddicts, and demo them to see what you prefer. http://meshbodyaddicts.com/

You can also google, there are many male fashion bloggers who own mesh bodies. And some females who have male alts, like Strawberry Singh. http://strawberrysingh.com/2015/09/04/slink-physique-male-mesh-body/

Finally check if the skin has appliers before you buy it. Many skins have Slink appliers now, but not all. They save you for a lot of work with matching the mesh.

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Since you're not sure if you want a mesh body, it's probably best to wait until the upcoming changes on which body sliders can be used with fitted mesh are done. When they are, there will be updated & new mesh bodies to consider. In the meantime, read reviews, look at YouTube videos of male mesh bodies, & try demos of the most popular brands. I think the 2 best choices right now are Slink & Adam, but any mesh body or parts require more effort & cost than the standard body. They also add to lag.

Skin color matching can be done with the HUD that comes with the body, but the best way to get a matching head & body is to buy a skin that comes with an applier for your mesh body. Always try demos first, since not all applier layers match as well as they should.

(Edit to add)

Actually buying just Slink feet is a good idea, since the system feet are really ugly & many shoes are now made for Slink feet anyway.

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Getting a mesh body is entirely up to you, however since I went mesh, I refuse to go back to the standard system avatar.

In terms of best relies on preferences. I consider the Niramyth Aesthetic to be the best, but it's not for everyone. I hear a lot of talk about the Signature mesh body and many are happy with it. The Adam is also quite good. Try demos and see which one is to your liking. The top mesh bodies are the Aesthetic by Niramyth, Slink, Adam, Signature, and the TMP by the Shops!

These bodies may not fit the clothes you just bought however.

You only need feet and hands on the Slink to my knowledge. The other mesh bodies come with hands and feet.

As for blending your head, you may have to get a new skin but most bodies will come with instructions on how to blend the body with your head.

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Hi Hayden, everyone has a different opinion, so here is my 2 cents:

Q. Is it worth getting a male mesh body
A. It depends, lets face it us guys like to be with the ladies. Most women know that men have few choices and maybe only 5% of males have started going to mesh. You will run into some MESH SNOB women who won't have a thing to do with you until you are 100% mesh. Such a shallow woman isn't worth spending time with, so its nice she shows her cards early. A male mesh naked body looks way better than classic, which explains why most women are changing to mesh bodies. However that applies only if your naked or showing a lot of skin. So if your classic fully clothed, its not as big a deal, you can wear mesh clothing and look really good. Or layer prim clothing under mesh and get a nice layered look i.e. classic t-shirt under mesh blazer and with mesh jeans. Yes a lot of mesh jackets will come with their own shirt. But then you look like everyone else. Wearing a mix of classic and Mesh, mix and matching, you can look extremely sharp and unique, while every other guy looks like the other wearing the same outfits just different color. (again this is possible as a classic body) *Note more designers are making under layer shirts and things that work with over layer of mesh jacket or another shirt (from a different designer), but this requires a lot of trial and error, because often it won't work.

Q. Which is the best male mesh body?
A. Again this depends on taste.. I still haven't gone mesh but have tried 3 different demos Adam, Signature, TMP... you can read reviews here: http://meshbodyaddicts.com/ click on Mesh Body Reviews > Male
• each have their strengths and negatives...

Q. Do you need Mesh hands and feet?
A. It surprises me how many males with great AVIs don't wear mesh hands. The answer is YES, women notice, and some will be even polite enough to tell you. Don't leave home without your mesh hands! As to the best, many complaints from men about Slink being too feminine for a male. I agree, I use Jomo hands and feet.
* I have asked the Jomo creator to make an applier for Signature Male mesh body, I would buy now the signature male mesh but the hands are gross, look really noobish.

As to your questions about working with a mesh body, read that mesh body addicts website there are good articles on how to do various things to work with mesh bodies.

Back to the question of Classic vs Mesh for men. Right now, I want a male mesh body for when I get nakie or in beach wear. Otherwise I am ok with classic, I have pretty big wardrobe for a man, lots of mix and match, and I never look like anyone in the room. Thus my opinion its ok to wait, buy mesh clothing, try to get mostly rigged mesh, most will work with your new mesh body once you decide to buy one.

One last tip.. Don't stray too far from the Body original shape numbers.. Most designers build to some classic forms.. the same as mesh clothing designers. Find a body that is the size and basic shape you want. Maybe a little tweaking. I hardly ever have to resize my body to wear a mesh outfit due to tearing,,, 90% of the time it works right out of the box.

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