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  1. Is there a way to track how many Full Sims or homestead sims are active each month, not dropping off due to no payment. Also how many are being purchased new from LL either full sim or homestead?
  2. HI, I have maybe opportunity to get several grandfathered private "full" sim/regions for grandfathered monthly, paying only the transfer fee. From what I read that fee is $300, I am not sure what the actual grandfathered monthly is, I know the owner converted to so is it $179 or $209 monthly fee? Are there other costs I need to be aware of Transfer costs? Monthly costs? What do I need from owner, to make this transfer work? So far the savings I see is $300 transfer vs #$349 purchase price, and monthly price saving of $259 vs grandfathered $209? Thank you, for helping
  3. Thank you, Chic for taking the time to explain that, sort of still over my head, will dig in deeper. Alwin, I converted to $ hopefully you can break down my errors in thinking here.. TY
  4. I haven't ever purchased any land via the SL land auction. If I buy a mainland parcel say 4096sm at SL auction for 3000L . Q1. that price is only the purchase price one time only or is that the Tier each following month? Q2. Thus the auction price replaces the Tier usage fee per month and is now my tier cost per month? so current tier usage fee = $22 or 5500L but if I buy via auction it might be 3000L per month??? If the auction price is one time only, (using my example) does that mean my 1st month cost is: $12 3000L Auction price $22 5500L Tier fee $ 8.25 2063L Ann Premium ---------- $42.25 10563L 1st month Cost - $ 4.80 -1200L stipend - $ 7.00 -1750L 1024sqm land grant credit ---------- $30.45 7613L final 1st month cost OR Monthly Cost after 1st month using LL tier fee (deducting 3000L auction from above) 7613L-*3000L Auction = 4613L / $18.45 per month tier + Prem (*deducted from above) Or Monthly after 1st month if the auction price becomes Tier fee $12.00 3000L Auction sale price as new Tier fee $ 8.25 2063L Ann Premium ---------- $30.25 10563L 1st month Cost - $ 4.80 -1200L stipend - $ 7.00 -1750L 1024sqm land grant credit ---------- $18.45 4613L price 2nd month tier + premium If someone can break it down this way please help, so I know all costs. Q3. Besides buying premium annual account and buying land on auction is there a less expensive alternative for purchasing the least monthly cost land?
  5. there are at least 5 or 6 DJ Groups. Join a couple and post what you are looking for. The advice to go to clubs that cater to you fav music styles is good advice. if you still need a great DJ, contact me and I can refer a couple to you.
  6. We are looking for 2 DJs for Saturday weekly gigs 9-11am & 1-3pm. If you are a team player, have good clear english voice, can spin music within our genre guide, able to take requests, and use voice on air, will be there every Saturday for your set, are into DJ for the music and fun of giving others a good time. WE WANT YOU! If your new to DJing we will give anyone a audition and try-out. Must have your own stream and be READY TO DJ on notice. The music and the vibe of Amatsu would be more hip modern with a good balance from old to new, is radio friendly current pop, rock, and mix of other styles, and classic. NO heavy metal, gangster rap, techno, club-mix. Amatsu Lounge is a Semi-Formal dance & music club : Live DJs, latest tunes, friendly & fun. Where CHIC people go to meet others stylish people wanting to hang-out or a little romance. Amatsu Lounge opened in Jan with 1 set on Friday & 1 on Sunday, we have since expanded to 9 sets on 3 days Sun/Wed/Fri. We have steadily grown our base of followers. We are now expanding again to Saturday 9am to 3pm We have a great team, you will not be left to grow on your own, we are working too to make you a success. Contact ASAP walterwhitesr I will get back to you asap...
  7. Hi Hayden, everyone has a different opinion, so here is my 2 cents: Q. Is it worth getting a male mesh body A. It depends, lets face it us guys like to be with the ladies. Most women know that men have few choices and maybe only 5% of males have started going to mesh. You will run into some MESH SNOB women who won't have a thing to do with you until you are 100% mesh. Such a shallow woman isn't worth spending time with, so its nice she shows her cards early. A male mesh naked body looks way better than classic, which explains why most women are changing to mesh bodies. However that applies only if your naked or showing a lot of skin. So if your classic fully clothed, its not as big a deal, you can wear mesh clothing and look really good. Or layer prim clothing under mesh and get a nice layered look i.e. classic t-shirt under mesh blazer and with mesh jeans. Yes a lot of mesh jackets will come with their own shirt. But then you look like everyone else. Wearing a mix of classic and Mesh, mix and matching, you can look extremely sharp and unique, while every other guy looks like the other wearing the same outfits just different color. (again this is possible as a classic body) *Note more designers are making under layer shirts and things that work with over layer of mesh jacket or another shirt (from a different designer), but this requires a lot of trial and error, because often it won't work. Q. Which is the best male mesh body? A. Again this depends on taste.. I still haven't gone mesh but have tried 3 different demos Adam, Signature, TMP... you can read reviews here: http://meshbodyaddicts.com/ click on Mesh Body Reviews > Male • each have their strengths and negatives... Q. Do you need Mesh hands and feet? A. It surprises me how many males with great AVIs don't wear mesh hands. The answer is YES, women notice, and some will be even polite enough to tell you. Don't leave home without your mesh hands! As to the best, many complaints from men about Slink being too feminine for a male. I agree, I use Jomo hands and feet. * I have asked the Jomo creator to make an applier for Signature Male mesh body, I would buy now the signature male mesh but the hands are gross, look really noobish. As to your questions about working with a mesh body, read that mesh body addicts website there are good articles on how to do various things to work with mesh bodies. Back to the question of Classic vs Mesh for men. Right now, I want a male mesh body for when I get nakie or in beach wear. Otherwise I am ok with classic, I have pretty big wardrobe for a man, lots of mix and match, and I never look like anyone in the room. Thus my opinion its ok to wait, buy mesh clothing, try to get mostly rigged mesh, most will work with your new mesh body once you decide to buy one. One last tip.. Don't stray too far from the Body original shape numbers.. Most designers build to some classic forms.. the same as mesh clothing designers. Find a body that is the size and basic shape you want. Maybe a little tweaking. I hardly ever have to resize my body to wear a mesh outfit due to tearing,,, 90% of the time it works right out of the box.
  8. I hope there are some Mesh Generator users out there... I love the way MG can reduce 50+ prims to 1 prim, I am just learning though. I recently purchased MG, and am creating columns for a building my current structure the prefab columns can be seen clearly including their detail which is recessed squares mostly, viewed at a disctance of 64 m or greater, they are mesh. My columns approx same physical sise but with some finer details , break down and distort at about 10 meters. I am using FS with ultra I have 2gig fast dedicated video card.. How do i get the settings to make viewing at longer distance so the MG created mesh object doesn't distort and become a pixel mess at distance?
  9. Hi, Seasons Greetings, thanks for your service during the holidays.. : Below is long explanation: I just built new fast Win 10 PC, 3.5 i5,fast ram, SSD, 150meg WiFi (avg 125m dn hill) and EVGA-GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2gig Graphics card.. I am having problem with Steam Game service and SL/FS, it is crashing.. NOTE: long read... When I 1st tried the new system on SL using FireStorm it would crash after 10 min, then read that SL was jamming the Nividia Experience drivers to max forcing some video cards to operate at Max mhz, causing overheat and crash. (Note I verified something was happening by running the FPS Stats and it was throttling between 150-190 FPS, so I then went back into Nvidia Experience and reset it to default), then using EVGA PrecisionX 16, I turned down the GPU clock-5% and forced FPS to 40FPS and raised fan to constant 50% and keep monitoring during play. That solved the problem I could play SL no problem. I would reset Nividia Experience to default after playing SL. I could notice that sometimes even with the above all set, that SL was forcing the max FPS, so would reboot sometimes 3 or 4 times and then it would settle into 40fps. Ok next.. on Christmas I download ARMA 3 via Steam server which runs through Steam even for local play. I started SL after a couple hours of ARMA 3 play using my Settings above, and SL crashed hard, just like before I made the precisionX changes. I rebooted like 3 times and it crashed in 5 minutes. I uninstalled Steam via the uninstall-programs panel and again reset everything to the above settings.. SL ran fine again.. Later re-installed Steam and again SL crashed, tried 3 or 4 times again all crashed after 3-5 minutes. even though using my above settings. Uninstall Steam SL runs fine.. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED...
  10. xXCatherineCatXx is right:,she wrote> "Second Life forces the Global Profile to run at High Performance every time i open it.." I just built a new desktop pc, fast intel i5cpu and a dedicated GPU that isn't new but is still ok Geforce GTX 650Ti Boost (2gig video ram). I kept getting crash error, OpenGL driver unable to recover from kernel exception, error code3... Asked FS support group, MS Windows 10 support group, all saying try older drivers. I did, still crashed.. Doing a search on that error, I came across a forum post where guy reduced his GPU settings to slower clock and performance, and it worked he could play his games again. So I tried using EVGA Precision X16 (its the brand of GPU i have) to make settings changes. The only change I made was reduce frame rate to FPS 36. That did it no more crashes. however After running almost 2 hours in SL I notice after I logged my video card was still running at near full speed and it was using higher cpu clock speed. In other words its exactly what xXCatherineCatXx was describing. SL altered the global profile. and thus wouldn't reduce.. I tried using precision x16 to go back to default setting, NO joy, I finally used Xvidia's Control Panel.. I 1st checked the global settings, I had screen shot of the settings, NOTHING showed changed, so I tried reset to original default, and sure enough that did it. My clock speed returned to idol as well as GPU temperatures dropped from 45c to 25c. What this is saying is SL is changing the GPU global settings but you can't even see those changes.. The only way I knew was by the sound of graphics card running almsot full bore, and the PrecisioinX 16 display showing the GPU temperature, cpu clock speed. I will hesitate to make any comments regarding the obvious concerning LL and this known issue. BTW, I am running the latest version of FS 4.7.5 (47975), "Whirly Fizzle" stated : "The next release of Firestorm will no longer have this behaviour", sadly the problem is NOT fixed.
  11. There is more and more designers / builders releasing very extremely low prim stuff, i.e. I just bought a living room furniture set that is all on 1 prim.. I have been playing with blender tutorials and learning to make very basic things, but when I import into SL I haven't learned how to get those objects in super low prim format. Could someone please share work-flow from Blender to SL, to achieve lowest possible prims for a object with medium visbility? Is this set of instructions current: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Exporting_a_mesh_from_Blender Especially the need to use collada? Also any tutorials on building 1 to 3 prim furniture, couches chairs, etc, would be appreciated.
  12. you are charging a $1000L admission fee per person, for WHAT? The only feature your offerring is a pitiful $500L best dressed prize??? Wow it took genius to come up with this bs marketing strategy...NOT! Maybe next promotion for a $1000L event at Sweethearts, pay $1000L everyone that pays who then goes directly to Franks and stays will be refunded $200L, you will enjoy a faboulous evening, better DJs, more people to mingle and meet, and earn $200L....
  13. YAY Success! Carbon Philter instructions were dead on. the JASS package worked as he said, and his instructions were exactly what I needed. One note, that package allows me to save to other 3D object formats that the latest blender version will import *accept,.. Did this solve the animations issue.. NOT exactly its a lot better than trying to move animations a full 90 deg, instead of 10 min or more per animation, it will take about 2 min. I can live with that. The reason for the difference between chair A & B is the size of the animation chair is larger and there is an angle difference in the slope of the chair I didn't notice originally. Anyhow very happy to have learned new stuff.. thanks to all
  14. AWESOME THANKS SO MUCH BOTH TO : Drongle McMahon & Carbon Philter, I will try Carbon's 1st and see how it goes, then fall back on Drongle's suggestion. BTW as I said I am told noob on this, I said Blender because that is what I assumed most who make sculpts use. However if you can recommend either an in - world solution or external that is free, to solve this problem by simply importing the 3D Object png file and rotating and saving .. Please recommend such a program or process. Again thanks again for all suggestions and help.. Even if not successful I learn and love the process of these kinds of challenges and where they might lead.
  15. NO ONE USES BLENDER and has a reasonable knowledge set to offer some help?
  16. HI, PROBLEM: I have purchased a house with furniture (rattan set) and have a completely different chair with animations I purchased separately, both are copy and modify. I want to put the animations in the rattan chair from the stand alone chair. Both chairs are sculpts. The stand alone chair uses two prims a hidden prim and the chair the animations are in the chair and the menus and position cards in the hidden prim. NOTE the separate chair uses animations without pose balls just sit. When I tried just copying the animations into the rattan chair and the menus into the rattan hidden prim, to dublicated the separate chair, the orientation of the AVI was off. I played with various ways of trying to solve this without having to reset all 112 animations poses, but no joy. Next, I located the sculpty for the rattan chair and loaded it into the animation chair, and the orientation of the rattan chair axis was not the same as the animation chair, thus the AVI poses are all off. Thus if I can reset the axis / orientation of the rattan chair to match the animation chair all or most of the animation poses would work properly saving HOUR and hours of repositioning AVIs. note this does not use the Edit tool to move the AVIs, rather its own built in reposition controls. I have never outside SL worked with sculpts, never used blender.. I have downloaded the latest version of blender. I tried to find out how to load the png. sculpty file into Blender and found NOTHING about importanting a png scupty to edit it. I saw the list of Sculpt preview tools here:http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Sculpted_Prims:_Resident-made_Tools QUESTION: What tool can I use to reset the axis orientation of the sculpt? Hopefully there is a free way to do this. Please note, this is for my own private use, nothing for sale or extended to others.. I have modified other furniture using hidden prims or copying animations from other sources into furniture before.. this just happens to be a total different animal.
  17. how are places like boat launch or Motorcycle places providing a very small space to rez boats or bkes or objects in general?
  18. Can someone tell me the biggest combined sailing sim, with connected regions.. thank you
  19. I have same problem with height. I se mine at 2.30 meters, I have logged off or change outfits and the height will be a variety of possible numbers. 2.32, 2.34, 2.38, 2.40, 2.22, 2.28.. I have a base shape and build my outfits on top of that shape, normally, it is clearly labeled. name2.30... I haven't figured the problem out yet, but I do know others have experienced the same problem
  20. thank you Rolig Loon appreciate the reply and info
  21. hi, I have been looking for a hud to change outfits that doesn't require using RLV? so far I have found nothing, is that because it isn't possible? how do gamers with weapon systems work using their huds?
  22. thanks for the heads up... suggestion... please if you want to sell something don't make it difficult to read. just a thought
  23. I am for accurate info, thank you next time pussycat you correct someone who is using SL wiki as reference ( all be it out-dated). , please provide the current a current ref. to enlighten us less experienced noobs.
  24. Also if a certain combination doesn't appear correctly, simply try a different order of adding them until you get one that works. Further, I have some items the alpha just doesn't cover or covers too much when mix matched with other items, I will fine a similar item and try that alpha to see if I get a better result. *I so need to learn how to make or modify an alpha, haven't a clue. The post above said something about combining the alpha textures to make one larger alpha, would love to learn how to make that. I saw somewhere a package of alphas for all parts of body so for example you have a shirt that has sleeves above elbow but for some reason need an alpha that goes just below, they had variations. of same alpha .. But can't find such a package to purchase
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