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  1. Club Phoenixxx is having a grand reopening! Looking for Djs and hosts in order to bring Club Phoenixxx back into the hearts of many! English speaking preferred Club hours: 9 am slt - 11 pm slt Djs needed: No experience necessary Can play almost any genre of music 100% tips On job training provided if needed Hosts needed: No experience necessary Enjoys rallying up a crowd 100% tips On job training provided if needed Please contact Jack (assaholicdirector) or Angie H Wonderland (angieinwonderland) if interested We
  2. Though I've never been big into SL relationships, I have some experience in long distance online relationships. The best thing is to try your best to set dedicated hours to when you expect to see each other. Luckily SL has SLT so you're less likely to get confused about what hours to get online. If you miss a day, it's not the end of the world, but try to keep your promises to each other about when to be online. Also, it's important to occasionally find games or activities to enjoy together. This helps with bonding as well as keeps you two from running out of things to talk about wit
  3. I assume you're referring to the Talisman/Abraham by Tellaq. I bought the avatar when it first came out and have some experience with it. Unfortunately, I believe that Tellaq was hoping that developers created mesh clothing and clothing appliers for the avatar which never happened. This may be due to the fact that I've heard the developer tools are hard to use. This body has been out for awhile now and there still hasn't been anything made for it so I think it might be a safe bet that you're out of luck unless you can figure out the developer tools. Though this doesn't apply to clothing appl
  4. As others have suggested fitmesh is your best bet for the Adam Mesh Body. However, I didn't have much problem using standard mesh with this body if you use the alpha HUD. Also, try Absolut Creations in-world' store for some of their clothing items made specifically for the Adam mesh body.
  5. Only at clubs? If it's only at clubs it's just due to lag from all the avatars. Eventually it'll come in. You can try to make them come in faster by lowering your settings. It's a common thing.
  6. So you want to go all mesh? In regards to female avatars (which I assume is waht you want to wear) you have a lot of very good options. Most mesh avatars include hands and feet as well. You can look at http://meshbodyaddicts.com/ for a list of mesh bodies and heads. You wear them the same way you add furry parts. Most people say TheMeshProject is overpriced junk, but I have a friend who swears by it and I do like the way the body looks personally. I would try a bunch of demos from the list on that website listed above. If you want someone to give you opinions on how you look or how the demos
  7. I would try No! Project mesh heads. They're pretty cheap too. They have a more teen/young adult look to them. The store only exists in-world. The location is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Frittella/100/218/969
  8. As everyone suggested a female avatar cannot get pregnant just by hopping onto poseballs. There really isn't any difference in male or female avatars other than shape. If your partner wishes to get pregnant, there are HUDS like "Mama Allpa", or products from Suzy's Stuff and Nonsense, just to name a few. There are many different hings available on SL for avatars who wish to roleplay being pregnant. Even male avatars can get pregnant on SL. As for the second one: it's likely just some kind of security system like everyone has suggested.
  9. Sorry I misunderstood and thought that whispering didnt work when you click Shift+Enter. Do as the above user suggesed and make sure the boxes are checked in preferences. Make sure you are hitting shift+enter when you're finished with your sentence and in local chat. If this doesn't help then I have no idea. Maybe something is wrong wtih the viewer.
  10. If you find Shift+Enter not working whenever you want to whisper just start off by typing /whisper into local chat then type whatever you want to whisper. Example: /whisper hello how are you I'm not sure why it'sgiving you trouble though.
  11. Play in local means it playsonly where you can see the animation. Play in world means everyone can see it.
  12. I don't know why phototools would make zooming into an avatar slower. But if you' insisit that is the problem, just look up at World and under that you should see Sun Posiiton, then click Midday. World > Sun Posiiton > Midday Or Ctrl+Shift+Y Now I do only use Firestorm, but SLViewer and Firestorm are very alike so this might work for you. Now if you use Singualrity, then I honestly have no idea.
  13. You mean skill gaming regions? Premium accounts cannot access them either if the account is being used from an IP address that belongs to a state or province in which gambling is illegal.
  14. You bought poses for an AO? Usually AOs will have a notecard that tells you how to add poses. Rez the AO onto the ground, and drag the poses into the content folder. Then you have to add the pose in the correct spot in the notecard within the content folder using the exact name of the pose. it is time consuming. If you mean you just bought poes, you should just be able to select "play in world" or "play local". If you bought an AO, you should just be able to add it and it should work.
  15. Since the other poster answered your primary question, i will answer your secondary question. You can tell the difference between a mesh avatar and a standard system avatar by looks. Mesh avatars typically have more detail and the angles of a mesh avatar aren't as blocky as a standard avatar. Also, when they rez, they often rez in parts, where as a standard avatar will come in quickly and usually as one piece unless the avatar is wearing an alpha which hides certain body parts.
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