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[QUICKTIP] Copy To Clipboard button for difficult-to-type display names in Viewer 2.3 Beta

Torley Linden


Jack Linden recently announced "Viewer 2.3 Beta Available Today With Display Names and More"! In response to hot Resident requests, we made a bunch of design upgrades so that it's simple to do some everyday things you'll be using often.

Question: "How can I grab a complicated display name made out of characters I can't even type?"

Answer: We've added an easy Copy To Clipboard button. All you need to do is open a Resident's profile, which is is accessible in many places via an inspector (green circle icon with an "i").

Just click Copy To Clipboard, then Ctrl-V (Cmd-V on Mac) to paste both the display name and unchangeable username in any standard text field, including outside of Second Life. This video shows you how in action:


Remember, this is currently only available in the Viewer 2.3 Beta, so be sure to get the special Viewer and go to a supported region like this:

Because we need to ensure that Display Names operates correctly, we will  not enable Display Names for the entire grid immediately. Today, it  will work in a few thousand regions; once we see how it performs,  we  will dial that up over the next few weeks until the whole grid is  enabled. If you want to try using Display Names, then head to Blake Sea  and Bay City, as those areas will be enabled first.

Learn more about display names in our help pages!

^ I was writing these but have been transitioning them into the care of Bea Linden, feel free to comment and let us know your suggestions.


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You shouldn't have to open their profile to copy their name; this should be an option on their avatar context menu as well as being available in the profile.

There's bound to be other places it would be useful as well.

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The one option I failed to see is that display names are disabled by default and that only after a user accepts a detailed list of what possable problems allowing display names to be shown will they be allowed to see them at all...  The other need to have option is the ability for a parcel / estate owner to disable the use of display names on their property, like being able to disable voice or flying because of the possable disruption it can cause.  I see alot of people that don't want this...   and a few that do....  those few should be able to opt in, and the rest should be opt'ed out by default

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Thanks for killing my skull and crossbones in my group tags. Why are you saying we can paste stuff in when you disabled high ascii?

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I filed a jira about this.. after some testing I determined that the group title may now be shorter than before, and it's cutting off unicode characters "in the middle" resulting in a character that the viewer doesn't recognize, so it just puts up a ?

Please do some testing yourself, and add your comments/findings here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-23629

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Copy to clipboard is a good and necessary feature; but there should also be a 'send name to chat' menu selection, that (a) adds the name to the chat field with a single click, and (b) doesn't overwrite the contents of the clipboard.

This is a problem with Viewer 2 in general; you can do what you want to get done, but it takes about twice as many clicks and keystrokes as it should.

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I'm talking a single character title. Anyway LL makes enough money to pay for an SQA department. If LL wants to pay a L$1000 bounty per defect that is confirmed then I'll register defects.

Edited to add: Stuff like this should fetch a bounty: http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/466955#466955 because it is, or should be, embarrassing.


Update: Figured one out. There is some odd behavior not present before that indicates the code has been made overly complex. In addition the tag now only displays a few characters followed by a question mark. So basically group tags are now useless. Too bad Kirstens has so many issues now. Oh yea nice job disabling anti aliasing LL. It used to work. That should tell the board something.

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No standard Edit menu, takes twice the number of steps that it should to do a simple copy/paste, a half-baked feature (display names) that requires goofy workarounds like this sure spells "fast, easy, fun" in my book LL. Way to go!

I'm feeling increasingly less like dealing with SL and all it's glitches on top of the Lab's boneheaded direction with each passing day.

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Wouldn't it be less complicated for the user if you highlight with your mouse and could then right click copy/paste? It's not that hard of thing to add that feature that has many more uses then just for display names such as copying sizes or locations of prims when building..

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@SuezanneC and @Tinker and @MB.Robonaught It's true with a number of features, that right-click menu as an additional option is also useful (and more convenient). We'll keep an eye on how Copy To Clipboard is being used, to inform further involvement.

@Winter Thanks for going ahead and reporting that, it's been awhile since I played with Unicode group titles.

@Vick That's my wife. I feel even worse now.

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