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  1. All basic navigation should be doable with a single click. Right now, there are two significant actions that cannot: opening a folder (double click) and return to top-level folder (right-click and menu pick). So add a breadcrumb link for the top-level folder, and an 'open' button to each folder. I'd also like single-key shortcuts for each navigation action. I'd suggest adapting the arrow keys and corresponding 'WASD' movement keys: up-arrow/W and down-arrow/S move up/down through the list, right-arrow/D opens a folder, left-arrow/A moves to the next higher-level folder. (You already have fold
  2. Copy to clipboard is a good and necessary feature; but there should also be a 'send name to chat' menu selection, that (a) adds the name to the chat field with a single click, and (b) doesn't overwrite the contents of the clipboard. This is a problem with Viewer 2 in general; you can do what you want to get done, but it takes about twice as many clicks and keystrokes as it should.
  3. A few more suggestions to throw in the hopper: First: While I agree that disallowing existing usernames as display names would be too restrictive: how about when someone sets their display name to an existing username, the owner of that username is sent some kind of notification (which they can choose to turn off)? That would allow the flexibility you (correctly) say is needed, but would deter a lot of scamming attempts. Second: I can see some use cases for display names centered around weekly events that would be needlessly limited by the once-a-week rule -- for instance, a roleplaying game
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