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[QUICKTIP] Dragging a texture preview to apply it

Torley Linden


Skip if you already know this — apparently it's been around for awhile and I had no clue.

You can drag an open texture preview onto any applicable surface, whether it's a prim face or a profile picture.


This may be a quick shortcut if you've already got a texture open and were under the assumption (like me) that you had to drag it from the PICK: TEXTURE window or from your inventory.

What's a Second Life trick that you wish you discovered earlier, because it seems totally obvious in hindsight?

(Don't be shy, there's always something new to discover in Second Life, and I encourage this curiosity! The only wrong answer is not learning.)


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No way!!!

I never knew you could do that either. Every time I upload a texture to apply to something I go through the process of closing it, OK'ing the dialog, and then dragging it from my inventory to the object, and I didn't have to!

Still - I love the fact that I still manage to discover cool new tips in SL every day even though I thought I knew it all!

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I know you already know about this one, Torley, but I doubt it's common knowledge:

Type "/0" without quotes before typing a local chat message in order to suppress the typing sound just for that message (and the "/0" will disappear when you send it).  Just a "/" also works, but then the slash will appear in your chat message.

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Hahahahaha! You didn't know? Hahahahaha!

Seriously though...I think it's in a very old tutorial someone posted on yootoob years back.

Just don't try to add sculpt textures like that or you just get pretty coloured cubes!

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During my first year in SL, when I wanted to create a folder to place it inside another folder of the Inventory I FIRST created the folder and THEN moved into the other folder.

It took me a year to learn that I could right-click the folder and creaste a new folder inside.

Fool (like me) but true

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What's a Second Life trick that you wish you discovered earlier, because it seems totally obvious in hindsight?

Well, not really obvious (I'm still not sure whether it's a peculiar bug or a feature, but looks like a feature that might be useful), but I was surprised I didn't know about it, when upon examination, it turned out that the behavior has been like this like ... forever:

Double click the edge of a resizeable floater and see what happens.

Confused? Well, I certainly was, too, and filed VWR-23452 Double click on resizeable floater's edge or corner resizes floater. I haven't yet got any confirmation that this is expected behavior, but if I get, I'll happily close the jira issue. Though I hope that in that case, it'd get documented somewhere.

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  • Lindens

@Suella Yay! At least we can share this process of discovery together!

@Celierra That's a good one for those who want to generally have their typing anim on, but not all the type. I remember when that was the general workaround before we added the preference to disable typing anim.

@Sue Dayum, I wish I had seen their tutorial! Do you remember who made it/ where it is?

@Irene Me too! That was one of the things that started me on a "right-click everywhere..." journey.

@Boroondas That IS a quirky mystery. So glad you brought it up, that's weird — it's especially bizarre when such an undocumented feature has been around years.

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Since the whole alpha flicker thing drives me nuts one of my fav tricks is to use fast alpha.  When I have that checked the alphas dont have that problem of determining which alpha is in front of the other and they dont flicker ..yay

.  well at least not as much.  However there is a bit of a tradeoff as the alphas themselves are not as crisp when usig the fast alpha setting.  My questions is though is there not a way that textures could be assigned priority so when you  build something you can let the system know which alpha should be in the foreground?

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