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  1. I suspect that the problem is that you didn't pay the correct about. This isn't entirely your fault. Most likely the rental script was not configured properly. Some property rentals have a certain minimum that the landlord will accept. Lets say the property is $100L a week, and you are required to rent for a minimum of 3 weeks when you rent the property for the first time. After that you can extend your rental by one week at a time. So you select rent and then a payment box comes up with one or more payment amount options appear. If the payment you select is anything less then $300L the
  2. That Discussion you pointed to refers to using Stored Inventory to make your backups.... and maybe 3 years ago that would have been true.... but development of the product has died and it doesn't support folder structure within your SL inventory.... if you only have 2 or 3 things it works OK, but as a creator with thousands of items its not practical. It is also very unreliable, and requires you to process your inventory 5 or more time in order to back up MOST, but not all if your items. What I'd like to find is something that will allow me to backup all my content, textures, linksets, ob
  3. Where is the Single RSS feed to all Blogs.... All I can find is the individual feeds for each blog Edit: I located the link, well actuialy it was in a post on the privious page; It really needs to be added at the top of the Blog page, but for now You can find it Here
  4. The one option I failed to see is that display names are disabled by default and that only after a user accepts a detailed list of what possable problems allowing display names to be shown will they be allowed to see them at all... The other need to have option is the ability for a parcel / estate owner to disable the use of display names on their property, like being able to disable voice or flying because of the possable disruption it can cause. I see alot of people that don't want this... and a few that do.... those few should be able to opt in, and the rest should be opt'ed out by def
  5. Ok, so being someone that doesn’t want to be accused of not "Giving it a chance" I downloaded and installed the V2.2 viewer. Impressions Sidebar: An interesting Idea that I think should have been better thought out. We really need a way to better control this and how it functions. Being able to add and remove tabs, assign what content we want on each tab. For instance... The "HOME" tab is a nice idea for someone that may be new to SL or would like access to the dashboard and tutorials... I for one can type www.secondlife.com in a browser... so I would like to remove this. I will never u
  6. That would be a fantastic idea... Then the Sidebar fanboys (fangirls) could have their sidebar... and the rest of us could have the buttons we need and use right at our fingertips... Lets take it even a step further... make every window that can be opened have the option to become a button or a sidebar... and be able to remove buttons and sidebars we don't use. The next step would be to have all these windows undock form the SL viewer screen altogether and be on a seperat monitor or on another part of the screen entirely. In the mean time I'll stick with what I have... Good luck with the
  7. I have been a resident for a very long time.. Been through several versions of LL created viewers, and TPV. I can agree with you completely that you’re never going to make everyone happy. What is rather telling is the acceptance rate of the viewer 2. I have heard a lot of numbers and LL is probably the one to know, but judging by what I see I would say viewer 2’s acceptance is not as high as LL had hoped for. There are many reasons for that, and I have several of my own. But to me what I see as a problem is LL failure to listen to its customers, and to look at what’s out there and say “Hay,
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