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[GUIDE] How to take awesome snapshots of your Second Life

Torley Linden


Not long ago, I was going to eat sushi with friends. (I'm so fond of sushi I named a cat after it.) But before I did, I took many pictures of the impending feast. One of my chums asked me why, and I candidly replied:

"This meal will be gone soon, but the memories will remain."

So it is with inworld photography, one of the most popular hobbies inside Second Life — and getting started is as easy as clicking a single button. Years ago, I started a snapshot help page that has since helped thousands of Residents discover the joy of SL photography firsthand. As time passed though, I received hundreds of requests to update the guide to reflect the newest Viewer versions. I have!

Curious and short on time? Aren't we all. This less-than-three (not to be confused with "<3", although I love teaching this stuff) minute video gets you started:

What's next?

Happy snapping and see you 'round community.secondlife.com and in Second Life!
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Scusate il disturbo ma non sono pratico come faccio a sapere il cognome del mio avatar???? rispondete per favore

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Ich fand das toll das man Fotos machen konnte, aber seit ich auf 3. Version geuploadet habe, ist diese leider nicht mehr vorhanden. Schade. 

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Very interesting article, thanks for the tips.

I tried some of what you suggested but found that I would be in need of some key lights.

If I am standing with my back to a sunset, my face and body tend to be much darker than the BG. Any suggestions concerning lighting?

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You can go to the Sky Settings and under Lighting you can up your GAMMA settings. That will brighten up your photo :)

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Trouble with DEATH The "Grim Reaper" downloadable costume is very ill. I think I downloaded it twice, the result is that the Avatar costume will rip the clothes off the used Avatar. Then it sits at almost a 90 degree angle to a naked form. The naked Avatar will back kick the Grim Reaper repeatedly, sometimes while falling off a building. The Grim Reaper is doing it's thing "moaning" and dripping blood from it's weapon. Switching to another avatar temporarily corrects the problem. Switching back to the first used avatar will have it's clothes back. But I cannot get DEATH to preform correctly. Can you or someone else tell me how to cure/fix DEATH? as3thab3@hushmail.com Don

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Creating a new pic, once you find the save as feature then its easy from there, now you know how people have their sl names on their photo such as myself  :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:

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The default SL viewer doesn't have an "advanced mode" selection on the logon screen.  I see no options on any of the menus after logging in.  So how does one take a snapshot now?  Never mind, I figured it out.

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Hallo, wie kann ich die Fotos die ich ueber "web" ins profil aufnehme wieder finden auf der secondlife seite, denn es zeigt mir immer nur den link von dem aktuelle foto das ich gepostet habe, und diese link vergssse ich dann zu speichern und kann die fotos danach nicht mehr sehen, wo kann ich sie finden hier?

danke fuer die hilfe

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