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    Mini-me avatar?

    I would like for my avatar to look like me. But I am the worst at editing avatars and creating my own shapes. Is there a way or a place I can go to to get a mini-me avatar? Or any advice on making it myself?
  2. Thanks guys. I knew I would probably face this problem when I chose to go with Windows phone instead of Android. But I guess I'm just not willing to give up on Windows just for SL quite yet. I'm holding out and hoping Windows phones take off and become a more popular demand. I don't see why not.
  3. My complaint is that these apps are only available for iPhones and Androids. Why do you need multiple different SL apps for Androids and iPhones when all the other great smartphones out there are still waiting for their first SL app? There used to be an SL beta for Windows phone by Vollee but Vollee vanished off the face of the earth and now the app isn't available anymore.
  4. I desperately want Linden to create their own app for smartphones. And it would be great to make it somewhat universal, in a sense. So that iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry users can all have access to SL on the go. Even just chat and editing Avatar would be great.
  5. SL is already available for Androids and iPhones. However, they aren't full feature. Lumiya is the closet to full feature, so I've heard. But we Windows phone users are still waiting for the first SL app. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. Too many times I've accidently stumbled into an A rated sim and regretted it. Is there anyway I can block those sims from coming up in my search? Or best way to avoid them? Thanks. **I'm not a minor by the way. I just don't want anything to do with A rated content.
  7. Sparrow777

    Indian Sari

    I'm looking for an Indian sari or punjabi. A real one. Not those stupid skank lookin ones that you find on SL that no real Indian woman would ever wear. I'm so tired of looking for clothing and only finding what would qualify in my standards as underwear. So if you know of a place where I can buy real looking (modest) saris let me know! Thanks!
  8. So obviously SL for Windows phone was possible at one time. If that's true why can't we get it back? Can't somebody else just take up where Vollee left off?
  9. I'm waiting for the Windows phone SL app too. It'll come eventually. Windows is coming out with their Windows phone 9 this holiday season. So if Windows OS continues to grow we can hopefully look forward to seeing an SL app pop up.
  10. But stay hopeful because Windows is coming out with their new Windows phone 9 this holiday season. So looks like Windows will continue to add improvements to keep up with their competitors. So who knows, maybe if Windows phone 9 takes off we'll see an SL app at last.
  11. BUMMER!! Thanks for that info though. Really helpful.
  12. "What people find in SL is often more a reflection on themselves than on SL." So true.
  13. Yikes. I'm a Christian. A die hard Christian. And I'm a missionary in RL. I've been playing SL off and on sense there was SL for teens. My advice to anyone that doesn't yet have the self-discipline to avoid all the many temptations is to simply avoid SL all together. But if you do have discernment to stay out of questionable sims then by all means, play SL. Just remember if you do mess up and sin there is forgiveness in Christ. He's not condemning you. He loves you and is faithful to forgive you the instant you ask Him to. I fell into sexual sin on SL years ago. But through God's help and year
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