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    I want an AO for a silverback Gorilla so I can make my Avatar run around like a monkey. Something funny does not ifneed to be a Hurclean effort. as3thab3@hushmail dot com
  2. Trouble with DEATH The "Grim Reaper" downloadable costume is very ill. I think I downloaded it twice, the result is that the Avatar costume will rip the clothes off the used Avatar. Then it sits at almost a 90 degree angle to a naked form. The naked Avatar will back kick the Grim Reaper repeatedly, sometimes while falling off a building. The Grim Reaper is doing it's thing "moaning" and dripping blood from it's weapon. Switching to another avatar temporarily corrects the problem. Switching back to the first used avatar will have it's clothes back. But I cannot get DEATH to preform correctly. C
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