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  1. I'm also having the exact same problem, plus I can't link a demo to my products that have one. No related products and no demo. This is very, very bad. I also filed a ticket yesterday, no response yet. All I could do is issue an apology in my product description explaining Marketplace won't allow me to link the demo to my product and that they'll have to search my store to find it. It's a horrible solution, but the best I could come up with.
  2. For the first time in 6 years the Process Credit button is dimmed when I try to click it and get my balance deposited in my PayPal account. I've never encountered this before. What does it mean? I rely on this income. I turned in a ticket, but I'm getting very concerned. Should I call?
  3. When the new merchant outbox thing started i decided to stop selling items in marketplace and only use my inworld store so i deleted my magic boxes. That was 2 years ago. Now i've decided to start selling in marketplace again but when i go to unlist and the items i used to have, it's hightlighted in pink and won't let me. How do i get rid of the old crap i don't even have anymore? Thanks for your help! ETA: When i tried to send items from my outbox it said I need to set up a store, which i already have. And it won't let me create another store.
  4. Thanks so much, Sparkles! I went to a few of the other linked conversations and learned a lot. I even fixed my problem! I thought I'd seen the last of SL, but I'm back and I'm cured. What I did was install an old version of the Snowglobe viewer. It doesn't allow multiple attachments and tattoos and alpha layers, so I was able to log in and loaded just fine. So if anyone else ever has this problem, I recommend do this. It fixed me right up!
  5. I did the stupidest thing ever. My mouse slipped when I meant to choose remove items and chose wear instead. Now my inventory is trying to cover me in thousands of items and I can't log on. What can I do? Every time I try, I get the error that Second Life isn't responding and i have to force quit again. I want to submit a ticket, but there are no topics for this particular problem, nothing that even comes close. Help!
  6. I was checking my store on marketplace and looked at my pajamas but someone's lamp is there instead. What's up with that? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Graffitiwear-Pajama-Party-White/1441901 How do i get this fixed? Chalice Piers @ Graffitiwear
  7. Textures keep showing up on transparent objects and in firestorm i could easily just refresh them to make them go away, but v3 doesn't have that feature that i can find. will someone please help me? I asked this same questions here yesterday, too, and no one responded. Does this mean it's a bug that will never be fixed? I'm a creator in SL, have had my store for 2 years, and I need to use transparency all the time in my work. But i can't if weird textures keep flashing on it. I wouldn't use this viewer if i could get direct delivery on phoenix because I need to be able to load items to my ma
  8. Same here! I cant move anything over. I get the circle with the line through it, yet my partner had no problem with his. I'm using SL V3 viewer.
  9. When i try to drag items from my inventory to the merchant outbox, I get the circle with the line through it. I can't get my items into the outbox. Why not? I don't see how to ask another question or respond to an answer on this forum, so I'll just have to add to my original question. My item is in my magic box, in my store, where i have over 200 items listed in marketplace for almost 2 years now. This one is set for 100L. But the outbox will not take it. I don't know what to do. I wish someone could help me.
  10. I get flickering textures on some transparent objects. In firestorm i could use the pie menu to refresh the texture, but how do i do that in the sl viewer? there is no pie menu
  11. I would like to use my second life photos in commercial artwork. Is that allowed?
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