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How do I find the RGB values of my skin?

I am at the end of my wits with shoe huds....Is there a way to find the RGB values of my skin so I can just match? 



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Open the Develop menu in your top toolbar.  (Ctl-Alt-Q) and go to Show Info which is the second item in the drop down menu.  Click Show color under cursor.  You will see some numbers appear at the bottom right of your screen.  Ignore the last zero.  The other numbers are your R, G, and B.

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Follow the perfect directions that Venus gave you.  Don't expect a "perfect" color match, however. Your skin is not always the same color. As you might expect -- look at the color of your RL skin -- the color depends on the time of day, the sun angle, whether you are in shade or direct sunlight, the color of other lights around you, and whatever Windlight settings may be used where you are standing.  The best you can expect is a rough approximation of your skin color that will look "sort of correct" most of the time.

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