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  1. I'm trying to rez on my parcel and I have 1052 prims open, but it's tellling me the region is full on the mainland. I've owned this parcel for 2 years and never had this problem. I've never had this problem on any parcel that I own. Any ideas? It looks pretty silly with the coffee shop half furnished and the snow on 2/3 of property :)
  2. If you buy on the mailand you can do a one time payment, but you have to pay a monthly fee by credit card depending on how much you own. That's why when you "buy land" it always comes with a weekly payment if you are on privately owned land.
  3. I have a google translate API key, it's valid, I enter it and hit verify and every time it tells me that it is not verified. I have had the key reset, regenerated....and nothing is working. Thanks for the help :0) Winnie I tried the suggestion to try another viewer, but am getting the same unable to verify message with both firestorm and V3..I am using the latest version of both. Winnie
  4. I am at the end of my wits with shoe huds....Is there a way to find the RGB values of my skin so I can just match? Thanks, winnie
  5. I keep getting the MAC crash logger every time I try to login on my MAC. I deleted and reinstalled the viewer, but it still keeps coming up. I can't get past it. I tried logging in on my PC and it worked fine. Help!! Where do I find the user_settings folder?
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