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  1. Metro City presents: [what] UNTAMED [who] DJ Jonathon [when] Every Thursday @ 8:00-10:00 PM SLT [where] The Docks [slurl] http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Metro%20City/230/30/25
  2. Desanto Theater Group presents[what] Anubis[when] Sunday May 28, reception @ noon SLT , curtain up @ 12:30 PM SLT[where] Royal Antiquity Theater[slurl] http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Antiquity%20Bexar/45/202/31[dress code] formal
  3. Thanks so much for your feedback, Chic! After reading it, I went back to my most recent video, watched it, and realized how correct you are. There is no story! I was so concerned with the technical aspects, getting all the video footage and cuts/splits/splices to align with the soundtrack, that neglected that aspect. I also appreciate the comment around cam smoothing. My challenge is that I use a 3D mouse, and cam smoothing setting has no effect on the 3D mouse. I've been trying to figure out how to configure the 3D mouse to emulate the cam smoothing setting.
  4. Much appreciated your reply, Jackson! I tried the Feathering setting, and unfortunately it has quite a different behavior compared to Cam Smoothing. Regarding the axis settings - using the most up-to-date version of Firestorm - the only valid values it allows me to use are -1, 0 and 1; decimals are automatically converted into one of those 3 values when manually typed in. Nevertheless, using value 1 caused great distortion, so I'll keep using the default value -1. Here is the most recent video I created: https://peregrinelightcatcher.smugmug.com/SecondLife/Videos/230520Anubis/i-kpnm8Fv/A
  5. Desanto Theater Group presents [what] Anubis [when] Sunday May 28 @ noon SLT & Saturday June 03 @ 2:00 PM SLT [where] Royal Antiquity Theater [slurl] http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Antiquity%20Bexar/45/202/31 [dress code] formal [video] https://peregrinelightcatcher.smugmug.com/SecondLife/Videos/230520Anubis/i-kpnm8Fv/A
  6. Thanks for your reply, Jackson! I'm using OBS as the recorder software indeed, and have been happy so far with Shotcut as my video editor. I've been hosting the videos I created so far on my own hosting service, including the video I shared in my original post above [link]. I read in a different thread your suggestion to increase Cam. Smoothing all the way up to slow down camera movement. Would you (or anyone else in the community) know how to slow down camera movement when using a 3D mouse? I tried changing the settings under Phototools > Cam > 3D Mouse but did not achieve the same result.
  7. I've primarily done SL photography, and recently decided to explore how to create videos in SL. I have no previous experience creating videos. I've been doing videos of parties and clubs I go to. Any tips or best practices you can share? Here is a video I created [link]. I tried to embed it in the post, but unfortunately it does not work. Sorry. I hope it does not violate any of the guidelines.
  8. Google Photos is another platform that can be used to share 360 photos
  9. Here are a few stores that support Legacy: Butterscotch [SLurl] Cheerno [SLurl] Cold Ash [SLurl] Deadwool [SLurl] Gabrield [SLurl] Invictus [SLurl] LOB [SLurl] Tori Torricelli [SLurl] Tylie [SLurl] Volver [SLurl] Hope this helps!
  10. amias [SLurl] is another store that sells a mix of rigged and unrigged necklaces. I really like content creators who include both rigged and unrigged versions of their necklaces, as sometimes the rigged ones clip with clothing, and then I can fall back on the unrigged one for a particular outfit.
  11. @Jennifer Boyle, if you like Apple Fall products, this weekend only, all their products in Marketplace are on sale for L$50. They have this nice bed (multiple colors available), which is mod. So if you like how it looks, you can buy it for only L$50 and remove its original animation engine and replace with your preferred one. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/West-Village-Clinton-Bed-White-Linen-Adult/20831088
  12. It is my understanding that when you use the deformer on the Davis mesh body, it is effectively transformed into a Gianni body, so it can partake on the clothing rigged for Gianni. The deformer is a stopgap measure until creators rig clothing for Davis; Signature is not envisioning people using the deformer indefinitely. Having said that, if I were in the market right now for a mesh body, buying Davis sounds like getting two bodies (Davis and Gianni-through-deformer) for the price of one (unless someone corrects my understanding). But I really would like to see the avatar rendering time lowered for all Signature mesh bodies.
  13. Signature refreshed its store, and released the new male mesh body Davis and mesh head Nathan. Alongside the new body, Gianni received some love, with an updated HUD and a few new cool features. You can see all the new features for Davis in this YouTube video [link]. My personal opinion is that Davis seems to be a bit more muscular compared to Gianni, especially when wearing the skins that come out-of-the-box with the body. I like that the skins that come out-of-the box with the body include the head; this should alleviate some of the pain (and cost) for new players creating their first mesh avatar. I thought it was a stroke of genius from Signature's part to include a body deformer for Davis, so it can wear Gianni clothing, until clothing rigged for Davis is more widely available in the market. I noticed that avatar complexity (AC) has gone up a bit for Davis (wearing the demo) compared to Gianni, and Beq Janus' avatar rendering time (ART) has also gone up slightly on my computer. I also noticed that ART for Gianni 6.0 is slightly higher compared to Gianni 5.0a as well. I was hoping for a lower ART with the Gianni update. Hopefully in the next update *fingers crossed*. What are your thoughts of a new male mesh body in the market for guys? And what are your thoughts on the Gianni update?
  14. Are you looking for any particular style, Jennifer? Merak has this bed available on MP https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Merak-HimHer-Bed-Adult-FREE-GIFT/17381229
  15. I agree with you and Fluffy that the SpaceMouse is a game changer for SL. I cannot imagine using SL without one. Before you buy the latest model, I returned to SL 6 months ago, and was able to use my 12+ year-old 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator. I downloaded the latest drivers available from the 3Dconnexion website, and it worked fine with Firestorm on Windows 10. At the beginning of this year, I switched to Windows 11 (blank install, not an upgrade from Windows 10) and again successfully got Space Navigator to work on Windows 11 and Firestorm. I recently installed Black Dragon on my computer and got the SpaceNavigator to work with Black Dragon as well (it took a little bit of tweaking, but got it working in under 5 minutes). Please note that in both Firestorm and Black Dragon, when selecting the joystick, I use "SpaceNavigator", not "3Dconnexion KMJ Emulator".
  16. Generally speaking I'm very open about where I live, down to the city. I feel comfortable enough sharing that information. I don't see how they could use that against me. With close friends, I'm sure that I've shared enough information with some of them that it would not be difficult for them to identify me, if they wanted. Now, if a total stranger approaches me and start asking a bunch of information about me, that is a different story.
  17. @Beq Janus I'd like to echo Jennifer's sentiment. Thanks for all the thoughtful and hard work on the latest Firestorm version. Much gratitude to you and the entire team!
  18. First, if people are getting caught up on my use of the term "animesh", let's simply call it companions. Second, it is not my intent to compare the products of different stores that sell avatar companions. My interest is to better understand if/how avatar companions are factored in the avatar attachment complexity total. Third, I returned to SL six months ago, so all my purchases have been done within the last six months. I have no insight into the reason Jian named their product "classic". In the new example below, I used a different Jian avatar companion purchased recently that does not have "classic" in its name. Below are additional data points to support my original question, if avatar companions rendering time are considered in the avatar attachment complexity total or not. My expectation is that it would impact the total. But the examples below show that the avatar companions do have a rendering cost, but the total remains around the same ART, consistent with when the avatar has no companion attached. Avatar with no avatar companions attached (total: 2046.62μs) Avatar with baby chimp (total: 2001.42μs, baby chimp: 60.26μs) Avatar with tiger cub (total: 1945.19μs, tiger cub: 840.58μs) Avatar with Daenerys (total: 2026.78μs, Daenerys: 108.47μs)
  19. @Beq Janus I was curious to see the impact of the popular animesh companions would have on my avatar rendering time. So I recorded my ART without the animesh companion (2468.90μs) and did it again with an animesh companion attached (2488.33μs), for comparison purposes. While it is clear in the list of avatar attachments the additional time to render the animesh companion (1076.89μs), the total time changed very little. I was expecting the total time to increase, reflecting the additional rendering time of the animesh companion. Am I by any chance misinterpreting how the total time works? Avatar without animesh companion Avatar with animesh companion
  20. I believe this will be a very helpful feature, allowing us to be able to compare rendering time for each avatar around us and determine the best candidates to be de-rendered, in case of very poor lag. In the current implementation, since the time to render is dependent on the distance of the avatar from the camera, it is very difficult to determine which avatar(s) are the one(s) causing the most workload on the viewer.
  21. I'd absolutely LOVE if this happened. I use alpha layers when creating my outfits and body cuts are of low value to me and huge performance penalties for all. For the individuals with better knowledge/insight in mesh body development, how much effort would it take for creators to release low cut versions of their bodies? Is this something that we could realistically hope for, or will it never happen for the high-cut bodies already available?
  22. I believe this will also educate people and make them realize that ARC/AC does not necessarily reflect the actual time required/effort to render such object.
  23. Thanks for sharing the optimizer. I had never heard of it before. I tested it on my Jake body, and it was great to see that it halved the Avatar Complexity for the Jake body. I then tested it using Beq's Avatar Rendering Time (ART) metric. Surprisingly, for most outfits I tried, rendering time for the avatar went up by a little bit. So the finding here is that, optimizing the Jake body will dramatically reduce the avatar complexity (AC/ARC), but will slightly increase the rendering time (ART). See examples below: Jake BOM non-optimized (outfit #2) Jake BOM optimized (outfit #2) Jake BOM non-optimized (outfit #3) Jake BOM optimized (outfit #3) The surprising finding I encountered is that a well known creator has managed to somehow create an outfit where the rendering time is dramatically smaller for the non-optimized Jake body compared to the optimized one. I've tested this over and over again, and it is not a dupe on my part. The lesson here is to always check the avatar rendering time when deciding between using the Jake optimized or non-optimized body. Jake BOM non-optimized (outfit #1) Jake BOM optimized (outfit #1)
  24. I did a quick experiment with male bodies and their respective rendering times - all of them were measured under the same conditions - and as already pointed out by Beq and others, please be aware that these are measurements on my computer and should be compared among themselves, not to be compared with measurements on your computer: Signature Gianni Meshbody Legacy (Demo) Meshbody Classic Belleza Jake Inithium Kario (Demo) I know that some people hate Kario with a passion, but it is so much faster to render compared to the other mesh bodies, since it is BOM and does not have all the cuts as the other ones. Using ARC, we were unable to measure the rendering improvement of the Kario body, but now with this tool, we can see how much better it is from a rendering/lag perspective. I probably should start wearing my Jake more often than my Gianni now, with this information in my hands.
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