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  1. So I am wanting to know: Do you work in second life? If the answer is yes, what do you do? (You don't have to put where you work at if you don't want to)
  2. Hello everyone: I own this motorhome: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AnacondaS-Road-Odyssey-House-Bus/3039433 And I am looking for places that I can park this RV where it won't auto return on me or has a long auto return time. Looking for a place that's free or very cheap. If having to pay, I would want the ability to rez as well as possible changing the radio station on land. RV is 33 prims and if needing to rez objects, total prims including the RV would stay under 60. I'm willing to remove the RV when I log off/leave the spot. Would like to be roadside, but it's not a requirement, and even an unblockable sunset view is a plus too. Feel free to message me in world if you know of places or can provide me a place to park.
  3. I get the following error messages: Mixxx cannot record or stream in MP3 without the MP3 encoder "lame" Due to licensing issues, we cannot include this with Mixxx. To record or stream in MP3, you must download lame_enc.dll and install it on your system. I also get this message. Mixxx could not connect to streaming server. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I know I'm using the right username and password. When I click show details, I get this. "Please check your connection to the Internet and verify that your username and password are correct."
  4. Is there any DJ's who use Mixxx? If so, I'm trying to set up my stream in it but it keeps not working. Not sure what I'm doing right. Can someone please contact me in world?
  5. What kind of music genre are you wanting this DJ to play?
  6. Hello Everyone: I am looking to DJ at clubs or events. Will work for tips at clubs, but if hosting parties or other events, there will be charges for them. I'm looking for a club that will help out new DJ's when they need it, has some traffic and is a relaxing environment. My genre is from 60s to 90s with little bits of today's hits. Classic rock, lite/soft rock, oldies, and disco. Message me in world.
  7. There is a company called GenTek that made a security system a couple years back. I don't know if they still sell them or not. I do remember that they seemed to have some glitches with them.
  8. Watching media videos in second life isn't what it used to be. Back in 2009, and I had it until sometime last year, I had the NHC TV's with the media center. Then I bought an Icarus TV during that time as well but didn't really like and I've since heard that they went out of business. Now I own a VEA 3 TV. So far, I find it very nice, but it is no copy and if you rent land, you have to be able to Deed the TV. So my recommendation for a really good TV is the VEA 3 HDTV. When viewer 2 was introduced, it changed media completely it seemed like.
  9. I want to know why it is that sometimes events do not show up in second life events? I was informed that my DJ event was posted for tomorrow, I go to look for it and it's not there. What's up with this? Why is it this way?
  10. Hey Celestiall: I left you an IM in world. Will speak to you when I see you online, I'll be in and out between now and 6PM tonight.
  11. I am looking for a ground home for rent: It can be either on private island which I would prefer or on mainland. An unblockable sunset view is a plus, must be able to change music stream, prefer an unfurnished home, budget is no more than 400 per week and will need about 100-200 prims. Home must have a bedroom, bathroom, place to rez out living room furniture, dining room furniture, a small kitchen counter, a little yard space outside is a plus too. If anyone can help, contact me via notecard or IM. No skyboxes please!
  12. Zoe if you have nothing nice to say, then please don't say anything at all!
  13. I am reading the documentation as well. I also did figure out the problem with silencing the music in the program so that I can only hear it in world, but still have yet to figure out why it's playing music I did not queue up when I hit the play button in the deck.
  14. Ok so anytime I try to mute the audio in SAM so I can only have it play in world, it mutes the audio in world. Also, I switched my mode to play only queue but when I click the buttons in my decks, it starts playing music from the music library I chose.
  15. OK then. I know there's like a 15-20 second delay between when I play music/talk and it playing on the stream. However i have noticed for example that when I turn the stream or mic off, it cuts out parts and when I turn it back on, it plays the music/voice sometimes. What causes it? Also, how can I make SAM automatically play the next track?
  16. I did download the SAM Broadcaster software. Currently on trial. Will be needing help how to use the software.
  17. Because if I stop in a place for a certain period of time that had either a 5 or 10 minute auto return, if I'm sitting on object for longer than that time, the item poofs within a few seconds.
  18. I'd only Park there when online. The reason I say no or a longer auto return is because I do move around the vehicle. If the parcel owner didn't want me to Park there, I'll gladly move. I'll never leave the vehicle unattended. If I were gonna leave the vehicle unattended, then I'd be willing to pay rent.
  19. Hello everyone. I'm about to become homeless in second life and I was wondering if there are any good campground spots or placed I can park my motor home at for free? When I'm done using it, I'll pick it up.
  20. Oh no I'm not into that kind of music style. Mine will mainly be any classic rock, soft rock, and little pop music from the 70s to today.
  21. Would any of you who attempt to keep your inventories organized show us pictures or video of your organized inventories?
  22. Ah yeah cleaning out and organizing my inventory is a daunting task. I'm still trying to figure out a way to make it work for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dArZiDbi3bsv I watched this video to help me and tried to follow the way she does it. But I'm still open to ideas.
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