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  1. Update #3. I am in search for another builder. First one never followed through with me and the 2nd one didn't work out for personal matters which I will not discuss on here. She did build a work in progress structure and I would like something similar to what she did but with changes. I do have some pictures as well which I will share with interested builders. Building size would be about 30x40 sq meters that needs to fit on a 4096 sq meter parcel. Budget I'm willing to spend is between 2000-4000, maybe more if we talk. If interested, message me. Worst case scenario is we will use the building pictured in the links on the original post until I either find a builder who can build a building of the size I'm looking for on a 4096 sq meter parcel, I either downsize to smaller land which would be at least 2048 sq meters, or I find someone who can build two versions of something that would fit on a 2048 sq meter parcel. I saw two versions because the property would either be a horizontal square or a vertical square and I would like two buildings for that purpose.
  2. Update: I am looking for potential standby builders. If you have an interest in wanting to build the restaurant, please notecard me in world.
  3. I've got a tentative builder for the time being. Will update if things don't work out.
  4. Hello everyone: A while back, I had this building built for a small parcel I had at the time. I've since upgraded to a much larger parcel. As a result, this building is now too small for the new parcel. Here are the pictures to the building. https://gyazo.com/9614bd2ae73f850537cdd2807fd56019 https://gyazo.com/1bd278dde8cc01812a08741878f03f5a https://gyazo.com/9393abbf133b4f669c8028024f58df07 https://gyazo.com/64d054d7e5cea39eee59b38a2b84670f https://gyazo.com/2690592f6a56e9b28af54f7a37c7cd8c https://gyazo.com/53daf55e258e09a3a86b78f562ec05fe I am looking to have something similar like this built, but with a few expansions. I'm looking to expand all sides to it which would result in a larger dining area to add more tables/chairs, and a lounge area. But the main thing I'm looking to have done is to add a dance/music lounge/multi purpose area to either the back of the building or as a 2nd floor to the building. This would be a mesh build which means building in mesh is a must and I will want to see samples of what you have before I would commit to having you build my expanded restaurant. You can see the building I have at this location as well as get an idea of about what I'm looking for. Please note that I will be having seating areas, gazebos and gardens on the exterior. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Diablerets/30/51/81 If you are up to the task, please send a notecard in world to Mitchell Indigo. Thanks Mitchell
  5. Hello everyone: I had a parcel on the mainland that I had to move out of back at the end of October. I'm now in a position to rent again. But I am strict regarding what I am needing. So here it goes: I need a parcel with at least an 845 land impact allowance. This would be a minimum of 2464 sq meters. Land must be a squarish/rectangularish parcel. This must be a FLAT roadside parcel. Also, I'm looking for land on Routes 8, 9, 10, or even Route 1 if there's flat land. If anyone has anything to RENT out, please let me know. Thanks Mitchell
  6. Thank you Alyona for that suggestion: I did speak with him and what he has is kind of what I'm looking for but not exactly it. With his system, I would have to put out food and actually at the table and it seems complicated and he wasn't willing to do an inventory attachment thing. But I now have another idea. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to design 1 prim/LI placemats that rez both very low prim/LI foods and drinks of various sorts? I did purchase placemats that I think were 2 prim/LI each, but some of the dishes inside those placemats when rezzed out were well over 40+ prims/LI each. That cannot happen since I have very little to work with on the prims/LI. If anyone would be willing to try and create something like this, please let me know.
  7. OK please bear with me as I try to explain what I want as best as I can. I would like to have various plates/bowls of dishes created for my restaurant. These would consist of breakfast, lunch/dinner and deserts. How it would work is I would rez these dishes out on a table, anyone would click on that dish, it would then give the person who requests that dish the plate or bowl of food and whatever appropriate utensils are needed for that dish which would be either a fork or spoon in this case. The person would then add/wear the dish. As they are eating it for like about 10 minutes or so, the dish would slowly begin to empty off the plate until the point that the plate is empty. Once the plate is empty, it would detach and then that person would delete it from their inventory. So basically I would need to have created either individual dishes, or some sort of machines that would dispense these dishes. If anyone would be interested in doing this, please contact me and we can chat. My restaurant has two buffet tables that do similar things, but the total land impact for these tables is 126 land impact which is way too much for the size property I have this on. Therefore, I'm hoping to create something similar that the buffet tables can do but with a lot less land impact so I can improve the quality of the furniture in and out of my restaurant and be able to add many things that I am unable to add because of our land impact limit.
  8. Update: I did find a parcel that was a little larger than the one I owned which I sold by the way. And the price I pay for my new land is about 30L$ less than what I would have been paying if this one person I was talking to would have bought the parcel I was trying to sell.
  9. Price has been reduced to 2000L$ Land will be cleared by 4PM on August 12 If not sold by August 17, land will be abandoned back to Linden Lab.
  10. I'm on the 1024 tier level where I get an extra 1024 bonus with it. I took that extra bonus land and combined it with the property. The person who was going to buy it from me mentioned that he would charge me 499 per week for the parcel and since then I've found other parcels much larger that would cost me almost 300 more a week. That is another direction I'm possibly going to go towards if I don't find a buyer for the property. I also have a donation thermometer out for those who wish to donate.
  11. This post may sound confusing, but I'll try to explain it as best as I could. I currently own a 2016 sq meter roadside parcel on the Jeogeot continent. However with the recent price increase on premium membership and other factors, I need to cut my expenses. I am looking to cancel my premium membership. The property contains a restaurant on it. I really don't want to have to close the restaurant down or even move it in that matter, but I will do either of those as a last resort. Therefore, I am looking for someone who would want to own the parcel of land. My maximum payment is 500L$ per week for the property. If anyone is interested in owning the property and allowing me to pay up to 500 per week or less, please contact me in world. You can click on the link to view the property. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Madhupak/128/89/60
  12. Would you be willing to purchase a parcel but I still rent it by any chance?
  13. Up for sale I have a 2016 sq meter roadside parcel located on route 9 of the Jeogeot continent. Parcel currently contains a restaurant which will be removed upon selling of land. Asking 3000L$. If you do purchase, PLEASE DO NOT RETURN ITEMS. YOU MUST CONTACT MITCHELL INDIGO FIRST! If no sale is made by August 18, land will be abandoned. Land is lumpy underneath. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Madhupak/128/89/60
  14. FOR SALE 2016 SQ Meter Parcel South side overlooks the lush green fields of the mainland Roadside Parcel Asking 3000L$ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Madhupak/128/89/60 Currently has a restaurant setup on the property that is closing down which means objects will be removed when the land is sold. If land is not sold by August 18th, it will be abandoned. Price is final.
  15. Hello everyone: I am looking to add a singles and couples dancing system to my venue. I want for it to have a lot of singles and couples dances loaded into it. I'm torn between TIS and Intan, but I'm reading mixed reviews on both systems. Therefore, I would like to know what you would all recommend and why? With TIS, if I purchase that, I'm looking to get the fully loaded version.
  16. Who here is willing to bet that there many parcels on the main land will go abandoned?
  17. In terms of the groups, Linden Lab should delete all inactive groups off of their servers. After that's done, then I feel that the max groups for basic members should be raised to 50 and premium groups to 100.
  18. The position is still available. Contact me in world via IM and notecard or my messaging me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/mrmitchellindigo
  19. Hello everyone: I am looking to have a restaurant built that fits on a 1024 sq meter parcel. This is what I'm looking for. Front door Windows throughout Place for a bar to hold drink dispensers and where guests can sit at as well Place for a buffet table Enough space to put out about 6-8 tables that will have 4 chairs for the most part. A couple tables may have 6-8 or 10 chairs for families. Possible dance area? Possible employment office Possible restroom? Looking to have a brick exterior and a elegant looking interior on the inside. If anyone is interested in taking on the task, feel free to reach out to me in world via notecard. Builder will be allowed to build on site. Previous building experience is a must and be ready to show some builds of yours too. Very important that the prims/land impact is as low as it can be. Job must be completed by May 3 or before. Thank You Mitchell Indigo
  20. I believe firestorm wants to wait until an official SL viewer containing the new EEP code has been released. It will come, but I'm sure it won't be for a while.
  21. I also have some lights in my house that come on when it gets dark and go off when it gets light and this is messing with my lights.
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