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  1. Mitchell's got a heaping helping of happiness and he's gonna play it just for you! Oh don't be fooled by imitations folks, because Mitchell is an original and we have him here at Totally 80s from 4PM-6PM every Tuesday and Thursday! If you're looking for good time, good music, and good friends, Mitchell's just the DJ you wanna come here to because he can help you find all of those things and more! Come on by and have a listen! Click on the link to teleport to Totally 80s (Must be logged into second life for this to work. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zurich%20City/…/144/27 To join Totally 80s VIP group, click on the link below. (Must be logged into second life for this to work) http://secondlife:///app/group/0a10e1b7-91e5-c011-40ac-14975021d950/about
  2. Hi folks: I am considering the possibility of talking about sex in our next campfire social discussion that I hold every Sunday from 3PM-5PM at my home. Is there anything important that I would have to know mainly for safety reasons? What things should I do?
  3. Hello everyone: I am new to DJ'ing and looking to start building my experience in DJ'ing. The type of music I play are 70s, 80s, classic rock, lite rock, a touch of the 90s, and some disco. I am willing to work in clubs that will accept the fact that I am new to DJ'ing or willing to DJ for people's events. If however dj'ing for people's events, I do charge for those. Notecard me in world if interested in hiring me. I have also taken DJ classes with a DJ school too. Thanks Mitchell Indigo
  4. Is anyone else having a problem not being able to rez objects on their own land whether it's group owned or not? Now I do have rezzing objects not allowed turned on, but I should still be able to rez objects with that turned on.
  5. The house is located on a private estate sim, not on mainland. The house is located on the west edge of the sim and comes with amazing sunset views, plenty of places to sit to watch the sunset, there's a campfire area with chairs around it in the backyard too. Please contact me in world for a full tour.
  6. I have a room for rent in my home. Unfurnished for 100L$ per week with 75 prim allowance or 50L$ per week with 25 prim allowance. Tenant will have mostly full use of the house with a couple rooms being off limits, have access to music and media and more. Please message me in world for full information and rules. Thank You Mitchell Indigo
  7. I am still needing a deck built and would like to have a better set of doors built too as well.
  8. Thank you for your suggestions. I will definitely create a rental agreement notecard before they decide to rent with me.
  9. Howdy everyone: I am considering the possibility of renting either one or both spare bedrooms that I have in my house. Anyone who would rent a bedroom would have almost full use of the house. The only rooms that would be off limits are my bedroom and it's master bathroom. But I'm wondering if anyone has rented out parts of their homes before? If so, what are some things/ground rules I should consider setting for tenants? Also my rates would be 50L$ weekly for 50 prims or 100L$ weekly for 100 prims. 50 for furnished room, 100 for unfurnished room. I also want to be able to do what I can for my tenants too such as change the wall and floor if needbe in the room as well. What do you all think about this? This doesn't seem too common in SL.
  10. Currently I have a house with two empty rooms that I am considering possibly renting out. I live on a 4096 sq meter parcel. Renters would have full use of most of the house as well. Something I'm considering.
  11. This question goes out to all DJ's. I'd like to know what the best microphone I should consider getting? I'm going to be a DJ soon and need to get a better microphone. Now some will say that I should get a headset with a microphone, but I have to connect my headphone plug into my computers speakers in order to get loud enough sound and then the microphone plug won't reach to the back of the computer.
  12. Hello everyone: After many years, it's time to update my avatar with a new look. However, in some of the research I've done, finding male shapes and skins in mesh has been extremely difficult. I want to be sure that what I'm getting is going to be good and not something that I would waste money on only to find out it has problems or I don't like how it is. If anyone knows of any good stores out there, let me know.
  13. Hello everyone: Curious to know if anyone is doing any community Thanksgiving dinners this year whether there are buffet tables out there, people celebrating Thanksgiving, etc... I'm looking for places to have a Thanksgiving meal either alone or where someone is hosting a community Thanksgiving.
  14. Where would I send someone to about learning about scripts and gestures?
  15. Hello everyone: Where are some of the best places out there in second life to help newbies who are just getting started with second life or for people coming back to second life after a long absence? I recently met someone who is new to second life and needs whatever help she can get to get started in second life. Also because of this, I want to learn how to help new residents who are getting started in second life or for those returning to second life.
  16. I just tried to search for H1H but nothing found.
  17. he Willowdale Community is one of the oldest Family Friendly communities in Second Life. We have been a safe and pleasant place for kids and families since 2008! With 7 sims, we are not too big, and not too small! We offer LEASES as well as RENTALS. Events hosted daily at various times of the day as well. Feel free to come and check us out. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Old%20Willowdale/102/158/22 Contact Jess Patton, or visit City Hall and contact any available Estate Manager
  18. Has anyone had this problem where when you purge items from the trash folder that they will sometimes reappear? I'm finding this very annoying. What is causing this?
  19. OK everyone: I like that the ban line hud that I have from Tripple detects when a parcel is banned, but what I do not like about it is that it does not detect security orbs. Today I was flying my hot air balloon around the mainland and I would hit some places where the minute I was on their parcel no matter how high or low I was, I would get instantly ejected and banned without any warning. Speaking of security orbs, I think there ought to be a policy in place where it's at least a minimum of 25-30 seconds for someone to get off a parcel they are about to be ejected from so that it can give someone adequate time to get off the parcel. This would really help for those who fly planes, helicopters and hot air balloons. What do you think of this? Does anyone know if there are any ban line huds that do detect security orbs of any kind?
  20. Hello everyone: For much of today, anything I would try to do in second life take a lot longer than normal to work. For example, if I went to about land, it takes a minute for that information to load, teleports take a minute or so to complete, sometimes I get logged off because they don't work, notecards are loading slow, chat lag in both local and groups, and lots of other little problems. Also the web site is moving extremely slow too. Anyone else noticing this? I don't think it's my internet connection as I can browse other sites fine and watch videos fine.
  21. What different types of mesh clothing are there? Who are some of the best designers when it comes to bodies and clothing? Also I thought once you put on mesh body parts that you couldn't wear normal clothing.
  22. I went on the menstuff hunt that took place a few months back and got some stuff from it. Some stuff ok but most that I've seen so far has the problems I mentioned. Also are they not making much of the older clothing anymore?
  23. So far, Mesh and I aren't getting along too well. There are a few pieces of mesh clothing I can wear with no problems, but there are also some that are causing me quite a bit of problems. I either will have skin showing through clothing, I'll have what look like holes in the clothing even though it's the alpha, some pants, shorts, underwear and even swimsuits hang too low, etc... Does anyone else feel this way?
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