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  1. Price reduced to 9500 Today and Tomorrow only! Back up to 20K on Monday.
  2. Price reduced for 17,000L$ for this weekend only. If it doesn't sell by Sunday night, price will go back up to 20,000. Please be advised that the objects on the parcel are not included in the sale. Once the parcel has been sold, objects will be cleared from the land by Mitchell Indigo only. He will attempt to clean property out as soon as possible.
  3. Located in Fluger. I'm selling my 3072 sq meter parcel. Unblockable sunset view as the parcel west of it is protected waterfront. Paid 35k for it but only asking 20k or best offer for it. Land will be cleared when it sells. Message me for any questions, comments or concerns. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fluger/10/63/52
  4. I'm curious to know why mainly real estate companies and some people do not want to rent/own general rated parcels or regions on SL?
  5. Located on the Montlaur sim, I am selling my personal 2048 sq meter parcel. My premium membership is set to expire at the end of January and I do not intend on renewing it. Between now and January 15th, I am only asking 3100L$ for the property. After the 15th until the 25th, the price will be 4100L$. If not sold by the 25th, the property will become abandoned. I will not sell for lower than the prices advertised between these dates. If you want to pay more, that's fine. Property comes with an unblockable sunset view as of the time I am listing this. Since this is still my home, up until the 15th, my personal belongings will remain on the property unless someone buys it. On the 15th, the property will be cleared out. Feel free to come check it out and purchase if you want. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montlaur/185/39/49
  6. I have 1/2 of a homestead sim for rent. 3500L$ per week with 2499 prim allowance. 1 prim is for the tier box, but rest is for the renter. If not rented in three days, it will be pulled off the market. Ideal for residential or light commercial. Please be advised that I will invite you to the land group once you pay tier. When I invite you to the group, I will reset the time remaining for your rental back to full. Feel free to check it out by clicking or copying and pasting the link in your viewer. Any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to message me. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Golden Eagle/15/241/21
  7. I am selling a 2432 sq meter roadside parcel located in Montlaur. Asking 3650L$. Comes with an unblockable sunset view and very little traffic in the area. Feel free to come check it out and purchase if interested. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montlaur/197/71/49
  8. I have an avatar that I would like to do the same thing with. I want it to send group notices to selected groups.
  9. Sale of the parcels has been canceled. Thank you everyone for your interest.
  10. At this point I have put both parcels up for sale to anyone for roughly 1L$ a prim. If not sold by the 18th, they will be abandoned. While I would prefer for someone to purchase them and let me rent them for as cheap as possible, I'm also not opposed to selling it for your use. If you do buy, please do not return objects on the parcel. I would come and get them as soon as I'm able.
  11. These parcels are still available. I would like to keep at least the 2048 still and am willing to let go of the 2432 sq meter parcel. Please note that this is on a general rated sim too. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Montlaur/173/40/49 Security orb is off so you shouldn't be booted if you want to look at land.
  12. Hey Landlords: I have two parcels that I would like to sell to you as long as you would let me continue to rent both of them. I'm also willing to sell just one parcel and abandon the other one as well. The parcel I want to keep for sure is the one that has my house which is a 2048 sq meter parcel. The other which is a 2432 sq meter parcel contains a park. While I would like to keep the park, I'm not opposed to cleaning the parcel off and abandoning it. Both parcels are located on the Montlaur sim on the west side of the road. In the absolute worst case scenario, if I don't sell either parcel by July 18th, I will abandon the properties. If interested in purchasing the parcels from me, message me so we can talk about a rental price. Thank you.
  13. I need to give my alternate avatar a new look. Trying to find a modifiable classic shape that works with it. The one he has is no modify which means I cannot make any adjustments to it. I would prefer not to have mesh shapes and skins as they seem to be more trouble than there worth.
  14. Cross post from the General Discussion board in Real Estate Section. To anyone who has rented with Xaraz Properties owned by rm sirbu. I regret to inform you all that on Saturday, May 22nd, rm Sirbu passed away suddenly at his home in Portugal. This is very sad news indeed. I had personally spoken to rm a week before his passing. I am asking that anyone who is currently paying tier on his properties to STOP paying anymore tier effective immediately until further notice. Friends of Rm are looking into the possibilities of how to deal with the properties he owns. If Linden Lab were to repossess the properties he owns, you will NOT get a refund for any tier you pay to the rental boxes which is why I'm asking all of his renters to STOP paying tier effective immediately! In addition, on Sunday, May 30 at 12 PM, there will be an event in honor of rm.sirbu. The short program includes a particle show by Kalyca and displays made by friends in his memory. It will be held at the GoodLife Sandbox. People may decorate the sandbox with pictures or other objects all day on Sunday SLURL included below this notice. If you know of anyone who is renting one or more properties with Xaraz, please share the link to this forum post as soon as possible. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Varney/155/131/22
  15. I did find someone to build me a nice park. This is no longer needed.
  16. Calling all Landscapers: I have a 2432 sq meter parcel that I am looking to have designed into a secluded forest park. It is located on a roadside parcel on the mainland. This park will contain waterfalls, water, a green forest theme, place for a porch swing, place for a campfire area with seating around the campfire, a dance area if there's room, a spot for a gazebo. a place where people can sit to watch the sunset since I have an unblockable sunset view and others. Looking for someone with decent experience. I have some items that I will provide that the landscapist would have edit rights to for moving around. Currently part of my house is sitting on the property, but I have marked off the parcel that would be the park if anyone wants to come check it out and give me ideas. Contact me in world via notecard if you have an interest in designing along with estimates on cost as well.
  17. The now former landlord gifted me the condo set and I think I was the only one who could control the scripts and stuff. But it's such a huge mega prim structure.
  18. I checked it out, but some of the rooms were a bit small for what I'm looking for.
  19. I'm looking for partial mesh. I would like for it to be no more than 350 LI if possible. The exterior of the house I would like textured with a beige vinyl siding or brick. The inside I have textures for some of the rooms I can provide, but also open to other ideas. Also, they offered a reversed plan for that house and I would like it reversed if possible because of the land this house will sit on of which I can show you upon request.
  20. I would like a home like this built, but in reverse form. https://www.dreamhomesource.com/plan/3017-square-feet-4-bedroom-2-50-bathroom-2-garage-sp122445 Albeit, there will be some modifications to the floor plan as I wouldn't need some stuff and some rooms may need to be made a bit larger. This also has to fit on a 4096 sq meter parcel too. Exterior would have a brick beige texture, interior I have some textures for some of the rooms, but also open to other ideas as well. It will also be built reversed because of where the house will be located. If interested, please IM me. Also, you must be able to build actual stairs.
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