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  1. Happy HIppo Building School has an enormous range of tutorials for all different levels...starting with beginner to intermediate that are free. You build, following the tutorial on screen - in the sandbox area - then in the the store you can buy any tutorial you wish. The group (Happy Hippsters) also puts out the more expensive tutorials at hugely discounted prices now and then, so that all group members can take advantage. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kinetix/165/73/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kinetix/195/106/21
  2. I have two totally unrelated sets of product/services. Is it possible to create a second store with the same avatar, or will I need to use an alt? It would look suspicious having an alt advertise products made by my regular avatar.
  3. Thank you all for replying. And thanks to the creator of this information!! It cetainly wasn't shown anywhere in the general Marketplace information, where all you can find is 'edit' . I am sure the procedure will be quicker than it looks.
  4. I am trying to find professional creators who make furniture in authentic and well accepted traditional designs for a SL design course. The creators will be listed and recommended. The styles to cover (hopefully) are: Baroque, Caribbean, Contemporary, Elizabethan, English Country, French Country, Georgian, Gothic, Japanese, Log Cabin, Mexican, Miami Modern, Victorian If you know of any worthwhile businesses that might be worth approaching, I would be so grateful if you would send me an IM (Victoria Paule) or email to : victoriapaule@gmail.com
  5. I though there were filters and moderators for this forum. If there are, I.take it that call girl ads are allowed?
  6. Thanks, yes all of those fall into the main categories one way or the other and there are a large number of variables, I understand, but I have no knowledge of your no.4 (specularity with materials). Could you possibly be kind enough to enlarge on that for me? Much appreciated.
  7. When Advanced Lighting is on, Lighting is checked in Features tab and I use Projected Light, all is well and everything works. Graphics card copes well. If, however, I turn projector OFF and want to go back to just Light,something breaks. The Light box in Features remains checked but light is no longer operating and I have to deleted the prim and start again. Is this normal?
  8. An exhibit now open for builders or anyone interested as a joint project between SL Institute of Architecture and Design and HH Build School. The exhibit is of various door technologies, including the amazing new fully mechanical KEYFRAMED MOTION (KFM) Iris Doors, and the stunning TransformaPanel Door/Wall. They are tomorrow's technology here today. Open continuously. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kinetix/191/68/1601
  9. Happy for a link to the correct information if I am asking in the wrong place. I am a new seller and not familiar. I seek information on how to alter an item in a folder once it is listed, for example the accompanying notecard. I am having to delete the item altogether and go through the entire listing process. Hope there is some shortcut for this.
  10. thank you - so I am safe then in my assumption that there is no other category than the 3 I mentioned involved in light creation, albeit with several methods again in each category, I just needed to be 100% sure.
  11. I am trying to do more study into methods of creating light in SL and want to know if my base theory of 3 methods (each with many variables again) is correct. My assumption on the 3 methods of light creation is: 1. Via Edit Window/Features Tab/Light (and with further variables when Advanced Lighting turned on), 2. via a texture (e.g.light beam), 3. by using scripts. Does anyone have any comments or anything to add to that? I will be passing this information on to building students and must be 100% correct.
  12. It's probably my fault having been away for some time and now trying migration from Magic Box seemingly too late. I followed all the directions on SL website carefully....first I took all from the Magic Box contents and opened each one, making a folder. I then uploaded the newly created folders in Merchant Outbox and it gave a successful message. I waited a while, nothing showed, waited until the next day and still nothing changed - everything shows Magic Box still. Click on an item in Manage Listings, Edit and item comes up, I see a box 'Edit Associated Item' click and it opens up a complee list of my uploaded new folder items. I have tried Synching, but of course I deleted the Magic Box as instructed. Please, what can I do?
  13. Can someone please help me with updated information on how the Search now works? For starters I find out that I have been paying a large amount each weeks when in fact that is apparently now not counted, so that has been a total waste of lindens it would seem. Secondly, I need a school to show in Search and my only sensible option seems to be Shopping. When someone searches for the establishment in Classifieds it comes up, but when searched with 'All' nothing appears. Can someone enlighten me please on what the criteris is now, or am I missing some information that I should have?
  14. Require the most up to date door script for use in door exhibition, perhaps using KFM.....the finest quality made by top scripter. Please IM Victoria Paule at HHBS if you have what is needed. Great publicity from it.
  15. If you are starting out in building you need to learn proper techniques as 'tricks'. Join a Building School like HHBS (Happy Hippo Building School or Builders Brewery. You can ask your questions in group chat and get immediate help.
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