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  1. Madelaine, and Ganelon: The whole reason alternative lifestyles use the term "Vanilla', a Flavor, and Yes, a Popular one is it IS a Flavor. There is no such thing as a right or wrong flavor. One cannot argue the ethical or moral character of a flavor. It is what it is. Some people like it, some don't. Nothing wrong with that, Just differing tastes and preferences. It's about as non-insulting as any label can be (And given many of the labels the alternative lifestyles have had to bear over the years, Vanilla is actually very complimentary). No, it's not intended to be pejorative´╗┐ but people AR
  2. Syo Emerald wrote: Yes, I know what you mean. Vanilia downrates the people who get labled with it. Its like people with exotic kinks or just very different likes say everything other is boring, mainstream, deep like a puddle and absolutly less worth than what they have. :matte-motes-confused: I told myself after Syo's post if his opinion was shared by enough people on the Forum, i would in future eschew use of the term. I think I've read enough, so you all have my promise, As long as my own, and other's lifestyles are respected in the same way here, I shall return in kind and no longer u
  3. Sammantha, I wrote a somewhat different response to you than this one I'm posting now, But as i applied Your point of view to my own situation, and relationships over the years I have to concede your point, and I Feel no shame in doing so. Even the woman that I Force collared, accepted the collar becase, even though being owned by One person was not something she initially desired, I had EARNED, and she has Granted me the Autority to do so. All my Girls, however they came to me had and have One thing in Common. I Love them with all my heart. I do, very much take my Lifestyle to heart, I've
  4. Syo Emerald wrote: I know its not part of the topic itself....but I'm not sure if I would like to called "vanilla" just because I'm not into selling my whole existance to someone or treat someone like he or she is under my level. :matte-motes-bored: The term "Vanilla' isn't primarily a D/s usage, you will find it in Most alternative lifestyles and is generally used to describe strict hetrosexuality, with no more "Flavour" than a few alternative positions. It's used in Lieu of the terms "Normal' or "Mainstream" mainly because these terms are very inaccurate descriptions as the number
  5. Sammantha Koppel wrote: It really isn't so hard for most submissives to find our way safely. Most of us have working brains. We know what (if anything) we are looking for just as dominants know what they are looking for. A submissive absolutely decides to whom they will submit. A dominant can't just choose who will submit to them! People choose each other. It doesn't matter if it's a D/s relationship or not. I did not suggest that Subs did not have thier own brains in this matter, But over the years i have spent months, or years repairing the damage done to subs (Yes even exper
  6. I'm a Domme of many many years experience. By nature i'm friendly, helpful and outgoing with people in general. I am definately a social animal. i DO tend to be reserved with other Dom/mes, But that is the nature of our kind, Like poker, it's best not to show ones full hand. With subs and slaves who are the property of another, I am polite, cordial, but again, somewhat reserved. I must always remember that i am dealing with the "Extension" of another Dominant, and one always has ones reputation to consider, and gaining a reputation as a "Poacher" is definately NOT desirable. With Unattatched
  7. Storm Clarence wrote: The U.S. has never defaulted; we have an impeccable credit rating. Ok, Two points here,, First it hasn't defaulted "YET", But if things continue unabated, it eventually and inevitably will. Second, it's "Impeccable credit rating" has already been downgraded once. Cracks are beginning to show. We are accountable to the world bank - who do you think funds this institution? Unemployment has been extended for years - people have been receiving checks for years for not working isn't that accountability? Well considering the Chinese hold between a quarter and a
  8. Whenever I Introduce anyone to SL, the first piece of advice I give them is to get away, and stay away from Ahern and ALL the other "Welcome" areas. I've been in SL for over six years now, and they haven't been fit for civilized interactions for at least five and a half of those years. They are now gathering places for Con Artists, Griefers, and the Socially Stunted of SL. It seems the Lindens have long since abandoned the welcome areas to these elements, and no longer know or care what first impressions these areas make on new SL residents. IMO the Lindens should either restore active polic
  9. victoriacatherine wrote: I am trying to get my friend on a pose ball. Well I got her to sit on it but only sit. She is not dancing. we are trying to see if she has to allow her avi to be animated. Such as if she is not at her computer can I make her dance. Thanks for any help Have her turn off any AO's she might be Wearing. Some poseballs won't override an AO, and some AO's simply cannot be Overridden. Angel.
  10. Many years ago, a strange woman followed one of my girls home (She was Curious about me from my girl's descriptions of me). There was a Sadness to her, as well as a Sharpish, Distrusting edge. We talked, and she spent time in our Home that day,, But when it came time in her estimation to leave, I asked her to Stay. There were no hearts and Flowers in our conversation,,No magical Love songs,,All i Knew was, I wanted her to Stay. Not just that day, But for as long as i could keep her. I Knew I needed her. We were together for several months, when i asked her to marry me (Marriage being somethi
  11. Deltango Vale wrote: I am perfectly willing to accept the possibility that I am insane, but, just out of curiosity, how does the Unites States plan to survive the next 50 years? The U.S. Government is working along the lines of one very simple premise; "Sure we Owe,, But who would dare forclose on us even if we default?" The Chinese, who hold the largest amount of the U.S.debt have already warned the American Government that their ways have to change if they expect to survive, a sentiment that has been so far sneered at and dismissed out of hand. They believe that they are a Law Unto
  12. Robeyn wrote: I jsut had a disastrous short experience as a sub slave. The master was all excited to have a slave and then pretty much ignored me once he had me. We had sex a few times but mostly he was busy. i was expecting more than that and feel like I missed a point someplace. Did I miss a point someplace? It wasn't like his being busy was part of the rp, he just didn't get around to me. What do you think? I just wrote, then deleted a long rant on this subject, Instead I'll just say this. Speaking as someone in the D/s lifestyle both RL and SL; If You are just role playing
  13. Let's see,,, My SL Daughter; Nine years, give or take. Two Current slaves, Six years roughly. And my SL. Wife Five years this December. And we have other members of our family as well, all measured in years as well. I love them all dearly, and count myself fortunate that i have thier love and support. Angel.
  14. The best way to test whether thier disclaimer has any validity or not is to wait until they quote your IM (Or do anything else that contravenes SL-TOS) and Respond by Filing an AR. When (And i mean when, not IF) Linden Lab sanctions them for violating TOS you will have your answer. Regardless of land ownership status, No party within SL may unilaterally exempt themselves from TOS, No matter how many "Disclaimers" they post. Angel.
  15. Deltango Vale wrote: That the book ends in June 2007 is significant. The author missed the huge culture war resulting from Linden Lab's strategic, philosophical, and policy reversals of 2007-2010. Second Life 2003-2007 was a very different world from Second Life 2007-2011. Most interesting to me, therefore, is that the research was conducted precisely when Second Life was in its prime, when it was a model of free-flowing human interaction, unsullied by Linden Lab managers and RL reformers. For that reason alone, the book is probably worth reading. Deltango points out one of the most prev
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