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  1. I'm sure its deep but they can give me a buzz if and willing... Einsman
  2. You know who you are.. if you're still around and available give me a contact and I'll add you. Einsman.
  3. I'd like to know if there are any software programs out there like Blender able to sculpt and upload into Second Life. I seem to had forgotten the other choices of software available.
  4. As a serious thought process of mine has proceeded, I've begun the thought process, of the technology field in the real world. I've held several jobs in the real world which required use of technology and some much more advanced than what Second Life has to offer. As I realize as i've had engaged in the use of technology for most of my life, in the real world.. I question the use of it. The future is probably what technology has to offer, but I've come in contact with many, who hadn't really had the need, or had use of it in the real world or feel the need for it. As we get further and fur
  5. I wondered the past few months.. Is the servers based on JavaServer Faces TM - or based on Oracle?
  6. And i'm still trying to figure out the purpose of the RL is. oppossed to SL.. HA.
  7. It means.... absolutely nothing at all since all that's created is essencially destroyed. The only thing affective in this world would seem the 'police' since they're the only ones who give the judgement to the person if one is done wrong or not. Put on a happy face? After you've been through hell and back and knowing what you did wrong? Well, Lets just leave the police up to that shall we?
  8. Of all the years I've been here, yes, I agree there wouldn't be a landing spot (which is crucial to the new people landing in) I myself, wouldn't 'WANT' the 'GENERAL, welcome areas' closed but however, new people do not know where these sandboxes are AND above that they do not know they can make a landing spot on these public sandboxes an welcome areas just in case of a crash. If the general welcome areas WERE used the way they were 'intended' :matte-motes-mad:Such of course as voice being disabled as it should had been years ago, or never even implemented in the first place, but all I se
  9. Hmm... I must be talking to 'Teens' since I never 'see' them in adult areas, not worth my time.
  10. Sure, care to fight about it in real life? Come find me I'll be waiting. Don't piss behind a computer screen.
  11. Then I'd vote for turning them into something useful, such as sandboxes.
  12. I put up a vote. In my mind, General welcome area usage should be banned and the only areas that remain are the tutorial regions. Seeing since they've gone far beyond normal usage and no longer have a public 'need' I believe that will fit in nicely. Einsman
  13. I'm curious, as I've began my studies again on the importance of Math in SL. As I'd say so far I've seen Algebra I being the highest level so far of what I've 'seen'. Or am I missing something? Eins.
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