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  1. Oz specifically mentioned caches a few weeks ago as being the issue, which to my mind makes sense as a name change will hit on an existing cache file and generate an Unknown Name/Unknown User error because of an UUID username mismatch. After all, the name change itself is easily done in the database(s) which will populate those areas that directly query it but that wouldn't happen with the caches. Each cache that would contain the old name would have to be cleared and reloaded which is not a major problem for a one of like Lyssa Greymoon mentioned but when it starts to involve potentially hundreds per day for both the viewer of the one changing their name as well as those of friends etc, as well as sim caches, marketplace and who knows what other caches S/L uses, it could be a lot of data refreshing hitting the main servers to reload affected caches. Probably would require a lot of code writing to both the servers and viewer to allow for that as well as having to be very careful of not opening a vulnerability between a legitimate name change versus a hacked attempt.
  2. If Alt 1 was on an older viewer release like Singularity then it would make sense since the server updates at the beginning of July when animations are fetched through HTTP instead of UDP. The last official release of Singularity and some other viewers did not have the capability for HTTP on that inventory type.
  3. Is the visual stimulation of a potentially well hung shemale too much of a temptation that you have to go to the bother of derendering them before moving on to the next candidate? Female bulges are the new yummy! Admit it!😋
  4. The SlideMe version is 3.4.1 so in the group it is possible to get linked to the updated 3.4.2 version that used to be available on Google Play, as well as tips and tricks for using the features that are still working. I am assuming the OP has never used it before so may need some help in that area. Lumiya still does communicate with the S/L servers except for a couple of Inventory types that were recently updated to HTTP (gestures, animations) The clothing issue seems to be more of a problem with the Wear command then a broken connection in that when I change clothes in a regular viewer, the change will be reflected when I relog onto the Lumiya viewer. This includes clothes I just bought in the past couple of weeks that would not have been in the Lumiya cache. Everything else seems to work just like it used to so the only real prob is that one will be standing and walking a bit noobishly but if one only access is through an android device, the app is still well worth getting until it is either updated or a new one developed. ps. Alina's last login was march 18 2019, so 5 months ago, leading me to retain some hope she will be back.
  5. You can still get Lumiya from SlideMe though there are a couple of quirks with it. It does allow chat and groups as well some graphics without animations. Once inworld you can join the Lumiya support group for more help.
  6. Never use voice as it breaks immersion and because my hearing is not great with some voices and absolutely sucks with accents. My virtual partner of 10 years and I, have only talked once to work through a windows reinstall.
  7. Google sends me a critical text message if one of my accounts is being accessed from a different country than normal. They send me a text when I am trying to access my account from a device it hasn't seen me using before. Google blocks access if I try to access an account too often with an incorrect password. And Google does not have anything in its files that could result in my identity being stolen but if it did, i can tell them to delete and forget it.
  8. If LL does know if it has been hacked in past, NDA's will likely keep us from finding out about it.
  9. If it is any consolation I suspect it mostly just works on other guys RP'ing girls. 😏
  10. That to me looks like you countering her "buzzwords" with a new one called NDA's! that you and several other posters have trotted out in this thread, as if NDA's are an answer to all potential data security threats. That seems to me to ignore the fact that many of the data breaches other companies, banks and governments have suffered in the last few years, had NDA's in place. It certainly didn't stop a disgruntled employee of my bank of forwarding the data of several million of its clients to an interested criminal party. NDA's do nothing to prevent intrusion methods that come through hacking an employee's account or social engineering access through other methods which account for a fair percentage of data breaches. Nor do I believe extensive log files are much of a deterrent and are only a hindsight remedy at best. I much rather LL have sufficient safeguards to prevent a large data breach in the first place rather than focusing on who to blame after the fact. The more people who have access to our personally identifiable information, the more risk that it is a matter of when there is a data breach, not if. Lets go with the ounce of prevention rather than the pound of cure.
  11. Don't forget to insert the ios mobile viewer!
  12. If you copy/paste this link into a viewer chat window then click the result, it will open the group profile: secondlife:///app/group/054a9b10-0df0-1ca7-2403-c50146b433ad/about Otherwise simply click the Search icon under the Group tab of a viewer and type in "Lumiya Support" to bring it up as a result.The enrollment is open.
  13. I don't see this as being about the OP but about a tenant who went ballistic for no apparent reason. If something like that happened in R/L, my first thought would be to wonder what it is the tenants were trying to hide using their abusiveness as a distraction.
  14. Lumiya is still available through the developers site on SlideMe: https://lumiyaviewer.com/index.php/get-lumiya/slideme It is the previous version but once you have it, join the Lumiya support group and it would likely be possible to have it updated to the newer 3.4.2 version. Other than animations no longer working in the 3D view and changing outfits is flaky, it still works fine for everything else at this time. The cost at SlideMe is $3 but imo at least, it is well worth it for the convenience. An ios version is being worked on by LL and sounds like it is coming along nicely for chat functions and is hoped to be available in the near future for beta testing as per the User Group meeting last Wednesday (excerpted and edited for brevity):
  15. Bug or flawed design? Having been bit by that "bug" a few times (lost accounts) and complained to FS about it, I was informed it was intentionally designed that way and wasn't going to be changed. Correct me if I am wrong but I don't recall ever getting the problem on Singularity or other non-firestorm based viewers.
  16. The recent Hangar Liquides saga combined with a trip to the sim was reminding me of this old favourite.
  17. I've not squatted on anyone's land but after i purchased a year of Premium membership a couple months ago, I picked up an empty parcel for my allotted 351 prims. Couple days later when I was looking about the parcel I noticed there was 50 or so Li missing though I didn't see anything. After an area search I found a squatters love nest 3000 meters up, complete with bed, chairs, massage table, sex rugs and porn pictures on the walls. I returned the pictures, skybox exterior and other odds and ends and left the furniture in place, enclosing them with textured prim walls and hung a couple of pictures that I liked on the new interior. I haven't heard anything or noticed the squatter having come back around so think he probably assumed he received it all back and didn't bother to come looking for the rest. When I have had a chance to shop for some nicer furniture, I'll return the rest with a thank you note for the use of it.
  18. It doesn't need to scale to SL concurrency individually. As an example, Outworldz which is a popular grid software package, already reports 3700 listed grids which would each only need to be home to 10 people each to equal or surpass SL concurrency. That doesn't even include the more well known grids that are already home to thousands of accounts and hundreds of current active users. Having said that, I doubt it would ever be needed as I'm confident SL will be around for a while yet, but Opensim could technically easily scale to accommodate everyone because it scales by IP address, not grid servers.
  19. That's only if one tries to jam everyone into one grid. Opensim is not one grid. The Hypergrid allows multiple grids to be tied together.
  20. To me S/L is like a trip to the big city but I am mostly a resident of a couple of Opensim grids as well my own self-hosted one. S/L is a nice place to visit but I couldn't afford to live here in the style I am accustomed to. I would certainly miss it for the groups i am involved with but then would put more focus on trying to duplicate that in Opensim. I've never found it difficult to find people or friends in Opensim and have quite a few more then I do in S/L but I suppose being a long term resident there helps in knowing where and how to look. Myself I shy away from the more commercial types of Grids in Opensim as i find the populaces of them aren't as easy going and relaxed as ones like Osgrid or HGluv. Perhaps their economies and creative content put them on more of an edge in trying to protect it resulting in more kicks and bans if one inadvertently has picked up an item that may not have the right pedigree. Don't need that stress especially considering the last few years has seen Opensim in general being used as a dumping ground for all kinds of content from unknown sources and creators.
  21. If the Lab was to put a couple of simple texture editing tools into the build menu that would make it so much easier and more likely to happen. Something like a basic cropping tool and a one to reduce image sizes for example. It would make it so much more convenient to experiment with smaller sizes and not have to upload several different ones to do it manually. But if LL isn't going to get serious about reducing complexity by giving people the tools, why should creators and users , who are more concerned about how good their product looks?
  22. Certainly was my thought too but a recent poster in another thread tried to convince me I had it all wrong and that the creative types weren't here for social interactions. In any case my point was that with the apparent deadline, it would have been possible to salvage the regions by transferring them to Opensim until such time as circumstances change and new funding sources became available. It is unfortunate but with LL's business model, suspending a regions accessibility until more funds become available is not possible I suppose.
  23. After slogging through pages I had initially skipped, it struck me that any suggestions for alternative ways to continue were countered with a "yes but" culminating in a threat to burn the work to the ground if the funding to continue as is wasn't made available. It does make me wonder how dedicated the creator is to her own work if she is that set against using other available means to at least save and continue the work of the past decade. In Opensim at least there is code available that would allow the conversion into other formats that can then be used to export to other platforms. For now I suppose the problem is averted but I am not optimistic of the long term viability of these sort of funding drives. They tend to peter out pretty quickly.
  24. Yes, someone could have just mentioned to pack it up and take it to Opensim and continue there for a lot less money. That would have saved 35 or so pages of angst and wouldn't be the first time an artist took that route. On the other hand it is/was heartwarming to see members of the S/L community take up the cause to help them out.
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