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  1. Sorry, I was meaning some adults about those wearing childlike avatars.
  2. The part that does cause me concern with selfies is the idea that the only companies that haven't been hacked yet are the ones that don't know they have been hacked. I'm not so ok with the idea that it is just a matter of time and chance before all those selfies are being spread around the internet.
  3. Nothing like a childlike avatar to make some adults become very childish.
  4. Yes I saw that posts and was reminded of the annual package my father had set my mother up on years ago when he was still alive. A yearly plan that gave her an emergency phone if she ran stuck while shopping or out visiting. Unfortunately that cell provider started phasing that plan out and moving her plan to a monthly one that had very few minutes on it so it was cheaper to merge the 2 phone services into one. She never used the texting either until the last few months when she landed in the hospital on several occasions. The texting was very handy as it was easier to access than the WhatsApp on wifi and also easier to relay a message than having to get her voicemail messages when she was indisposed or in a flaky reception area. She is using it regular now which my other sibling and I are glad of as we use it more than the phone calling itself. It is super handy that she can now use it too though she always swore she never would.
  5. Neither does my mother. She pays her own way from her pension cheque. At best I just shop around and crunch the numbers to find the best deals for her to be able to stretch her dollar as far as it can go.
  6. No doubt the deals will vary by region and country but here in Canada with some of the highest costs for cellular service in the world, it was still cheaper to move my mothers phone account from a landline to a cellular service even with the extra costs of buying a phone in the package. It is just a plain jane LG but at least it now gives her access to text messaging as well as phone service. Since she is mostly at home, she didn't need data and just took a basic monthly talk and text package that is cheaper than the landline she had with no additional perks. Now she has 3 ways calling, call display, call hold, texting, nation wide long distance included etc. And the option is there for apps if she ever decides to go visit friends or family with pay as you go data. Just not going to get the sort of convenience on a landline that is available on a cell phone.
  7. Better turn off the computer you are messaging with then.
  8. Not about whether the transcripts are important to me but to the Lindens. The whole week there are meetings every day between residents and the Lindens that are supposedly about finding solutions to problems on the platform. Solutions are presented which Lindens agree and like but it does not go any further than that meeting because by the Lindens own admissions, they do not keep a record of the solutions presented. I've seen it more than once where a solution is presented and agreed on as being good and yet several weeks later when the topic comes up again, the Lindens had to be reminded of the solution that was presented just a few weeks earlier. Why bother having the Lindens invest time into these meetings if everything is going in one ear and out the other the moment the viewer is closed? As an employer I would see that as a large waste of time and talent and would nip that in the bud pronto. As it is, it amounts to little more than a handholding session for residents to voice their complaints, without actually doing anything about them. No wonder so few residents attend them.
  9. Give InfoWars its due, it called out the Fauci fiasco, the masking madness, as well as the vaccine vitriol, long before the loopy leftists did. No doubt there will be more of their prophetic sciences proven right as time goes on. They who laugh last, laugh best but unfortunate so many have to die prematurely before the truth of the Covid narrative is proven to be a lie.
  10. I laughed at this because after regularly attending these sort of meetings for a dozen or so years in both Opensim and S/L, I can relatively safely say that it is a rare thing to see regular residents come to those meetings and asking for anything that might actually come to any fruition. That is probably a big reason why the viewers are so user unfriendly to anyone other then those who have already been around a long time and used to the unintuitive UI's. Some features many other games have like pictorial inventories, buttons to step clothing changes back and forward, allow name changes to products that are no modify etc would go a long way to making the viewer more manageable for old and new alike. Rather then exclusive viewer dev meetings with no chat logs, let's have a "meet the devs" meetings for the residents with a little better response from those involved in viewer development and Lindens about when they are going to put some features in these viewers to make our lives easier as well as maybe help retain new users. The "soon" answer has to be stopped if people are going to take the Lab seriously because at this point it is just a standing joke. I'm increasingly having to agree with a recent poster who pointed out that the Lab is taking increasingly bigger steps to retiring this platform because they absolutely refuse to come good for any old fixes or new features within anything like a reasonable time frame.
  11. Isn't that what Fact checking sites are for?
  12. Well if a condition for complaining is having to pay, would that not count out the majority of people with complaints about S/L? 😲
  13. I started in S/L but during a chaotic period here when many bannings were taking place, I found Opensim and started playing with servers over there. It was more relaxed and easier to meet people and get help at that time. Took the occasional trip to S/L as it was like a trip to the big city, nice place to visit but couldn't afford to live here. Just the last couple years I rented a spot and log in regular while still maintaining a presence in Opensim. Each has their pro and cons. Back in 2010 there were a lot of banned S/L people coming to Opensim but majority did not stay long when they found a way to get back. Not sure what the deal was in S/L at the time but pretty sure I read of people getting caught in some sort of crossfire and getting the boot from here. 2-3 years ago the lead Opensim dev added another script engine option as well as a physics engine that is much more compatible with S/L and if one has access to the server code, some physic functions can be tweaked to personal preferences. Personally I find no real difference on the physics side but only know by reports from others that the scripting is much closer than it used to be. There are external sites that allow one to place a beacon on their regions to announce a region is up and how many on it like here. Still nowhere near the resources S/L has for finding content and people but quite a bit better than it used to be and combined with the server code app by Ferd, it is pretty easy for newer people to setup a self hosted, hypergrid enabled grid without too much trouble. To Opensim people, the metaverse is already here regardless what Roblox and Fortnight are planning for some time in the distant future. So for me, should S/L ever close its doors, I would just continue on without it and revert back to all Opensim.
  14. Well no, the pirates and piracy is in S/L, Opensim is just one of the dumping grounds for the content.
  15. and: No "Linden Lab" telling you what you can or cannot have. For a lot less money then it costs you for a region on S/L, you can have a whole grid exactly the way you want it. All the additional perks and features you have been wanting in S/L you can either code in yourself or find someone willing to do so. You can set it up as a closed garden or open to the hypergrid. Extra inworld building tools? There have been people there who have talked about the possibilities but just need someone motivated enough to start pushing for it. And it already has everything S/L has other than pathfinding which the devs chose not to include but animesh, bento and Bom are already included with the additional features of Varregions, NPC's, and Hypergrid to allow jumping to other grids for some additional social outlets. Considering some of your recent posts expressing the understandable frustration with the Lab not moving anywhere fast with its roadmap, Opensim might be worth checking into.
  16. If memory serves correct, the only reason it was updated to an official .91 release was because of my expectation/hounding them to do so. I promised myself to not do that again.
  17. Well no, last update to trunk was today. Pay no mind to the latest stated stable as they are not updating that page much anymore. An alternative which many find better is here.
  18. If you use the non Bom option of the body it renders ok.
  19. Ok I didn't know what a stash box was but now that i have looked it up and seen an example on the MP, I would ask how that is not by definition a loot box AND a Gatcha in the full sense of their definitions?: Loot Boxes are collectible items that contain a random selection of items, including alternate skins, highlight intros, emotes, voice lines, sprays, and more. Link Do you have a link to where Patch says Stash boxes are ok? If they are then wouldn't it be just an easy thing to convert the Gachas to Stashes? Each pull you get another surprise part of a stash. My response was the correlation between the hair sale and the conveyor system, not the gacha and was an answer to this post. For both the hair and a specific item wanted from a conveyor machine, it is a matter of waiting till either item is available for the price one is willing to pay. On the conveyor, the price is set and one simply has to wait till it is the next item up for purchase. No gamble there.
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