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  1. Hello All, I am currently hiring and interviewing this week for my resort and spa, the positions I am in need of is: (1) General Manager - In this role you are my right hand person, you will be required to work at least 15-20 hours per week. You will be in charge of all staff and guest, you will handle all request, compliments, and complaints from guest. Must be willing to work the weekends, check in days, and check out days. Emoting experience is a plus, however you must be willing to emote, and have mic on to be able to hear others (voicing isn't required, however pay is extra if
  2. Hello All, The Aryes family is looking to expand, however, we currently need more males in our family. So as of now, we are looking for a potential father for my sis and me, brothers, uncles, and male cousins. If you are interested please let me know. We have a beyou family dinner every Sun, our family goes out on events, vacations, cruises, and we travel out to other sims. We play games and at times hud each other for jokes. We are not looking for any sexual relationships with our family members nor are we looking for any relationships. So again if you are interested please let me know.
  3. Hello All, I am looking for a bi-sexual sexy lady who would like to be in a relationship with me and my boyfriend. We have a strong relationship and we are looking to expand that. We are looking for someone who is active, friendly, interested or has experience in bdsm, fun, and someone in time who is willing to live with us. My guy and I are both romantics, engaging, fun, sexy, and very real. If you are interested in learning more or even meeting with us please hit my box in-world. Natachareye.. look forward to speaking with you!!
  4. Hello all, Riverside Medical Clinic is now hiring for the following roles: Sales Coordinator- In-depth knowledge of packages (training provided), and have a strong ability to speak to others. Pay: weekly pay plus commissions Nurse- Assist the doctor with care, follow up with patients, answer questions in the group, take vitals and assist with all versions of birth. Some medical background will be great, however not necessary, and roleplay experience preferred. Pay: weekly pay Receptionist- Greet all patients, handle new patient paperwork, assist the business manag
  5. Hi All, Our my sissy and I are currently looking for a twin bro for me, middle sis, cousins, aunties, and more to expand our family. We have a home and we would like for our siblings to live there with us. We have parties, family dinners, and planning vacations together. We currently are using the BeYou hud, would love for our new family to take part, it is not required. If you are interested in learning more about our family please hit me up and have a blessed day.
  6. Hello All, Been away too long and friends have left or been slimmed down. I am looking for friends to be able to do a variety of things such as: -Build -Dance -Shop -Explore -Play Games -Hang Out Look forward to meeting you, let's go have some fun!! Nat
  7. Hello All, My name is Natacha, I am looking to make friends on SL. Normally I will go to a couple of places, however recently I found myself not going out as much. I am looking for people to go out with(saftey in numbers) and have fun with. I am a little shy in the beginning however I can really let go and have fun. If interested please send me an IM in game. Look forward to talking to you soon. Smooches, Natacha
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