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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a Farming Roleplay. I know sounds stupid but, something like living on a Farm and doing stuff there, talk to people and befriend them work there etc etc. A roleplay i don't know how to describe it diffrend
  2. Hello, My name is Wu Lin and i'm a 26 y.o Girl from Taiwan who lives in Germany now. In SL i'm known under the name Tainakachan or Lin. And i have my own goals that i want to reach. But for my Goals i need some L$. So that's why i'm looking for a Job. First i wanna get me a Mesh body, and then later i want to start my own club. I sadly don't have enough Skill or Talent for Jobs like DJ or as a Creator. But that doesn't mean that i'm useless I can; - Translate from English to German, German to English, Chinese to English/German. - Be a Dancer in a Clu
  3. Hello, My name is Wu Lin and i come from Taiwan, now i live in Germany. I'm 26 y.o Girl who works in Germany. In RL i have a bunch of Friends, but noone is playing SL so i started to play this game last year, but was inactive. Now that im active again i'm looking for some folks to meet. Ingame i'm playing as a Girl under the name Lin or "tainakachan". I'm kinda new, so i need some Friends who can show me around. And of course hang out and have fun I hope you conntact me in a way
  4. Hello everyone, I saw some Videos on YT how to create "Clothes" but its hard to understand. I wanted to create some "Clothes" for the Character Ingame, so i can wear it and sell it if its good. I sadly have zero expirience in that but i wanna learn and create something on my own. So then here is the Question; Are there any good YT Videos for People who are just starting with "Edditing"? I mean i saw alot of videos but it's kinda not Beginner Friendly. And what Programs to use? I know how to use Photoshop but that's all. So Please help me Greetings and thanks to e
  5. Hello to everyone whos reading my Thread My name is Tainakachan and i'm a girl from Taiwan (as you can see). I'm new so i look for Friends who can help me and hangout with me in SL places. I "move" in all Sections (General, Moderate, Adult). So feel free to talk to me and add me Ingame (its the same name). And lets have fun together. Nice to meet you all :3
  6. Tainakachan

    Have a Room?

    Hello to everyone. I'm new to SL (Since September) and i see a lot of people who have a "Home" . So there comes my question. I saw somewhere that only Premium Players can buy a "Home" is this true? Can i also as a FREE player buy or rent a Room/Home/Land? Sorry if i posted that in wrong Thread. Stay safe and have fun, Tainakachan.
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