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  1. If someone is evasive about their gender in RL, or starts lecturing you why it doesn't matter and you should be soul mates, or won't go on voice, well, you have your answer. If that is not an answer you like, don't date that person. While I'm not evasive and don't desire soulmateship from people, I don't use voice. I'm pretty sure I couldn't on this computer, frankly, but either way, I want nothing to do with voice in SL. If people believe I'm a man because of that, fine. That's their deal.
  2. The greater concern with media is with clubs that hide their use of RedZone and similar tools, I think. I do not "club." When I've done so, it was at Club Industry, just a few times.
  3. I've never worn system skirts. Yeah, I know you have to adjust your shape to make them work, but I still don't like how they look, and frankly, I think it's bizarre to wear a system skirt with "leg prims" that fake out a proper skirt. I always wear pants with prim skirts. Maybe mesh will bring better options, but I'm just used to the prim skirt approach now and am bound to find anything else odd. Also, I think it's really unfortunate that someone got creative with the system skirt shape ages ago, forcing people to walk around with giant butts and sending newbies into panics.
  4. Ye gods, are those the smileys? Ewww.
  5. I have obviously seen spring breaks referenced in movies but that generally just involves teenagers getting inebriated and exposing themselves. That about sums it up, yep.
  6. This is a good idea, as I often see "non-mature" stuff on the SLM that's a little iffy. I mean, I don't personally think that stuff's going to warp a 17-year-old's mind one whit, but I know there's concern all the same. Will everything that's not currently "mature" be classified as "general" unless we change it? Because all my stuff would qualify as general, and I'll be a happy camper if I don't have to actually do anything. Alternatively, I'd hope it could be done via a mass change (which is one thing I like over XS). I hope this doesn't lead to more flagging "abuse." People are already kin
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