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  1. try sign out, delete cookies, sign back in? Thanks Arwen, that worked for me
  2. yes please, and i might as well as add some off my list too ability for a user to retain their page display preferences across pages and sessions (it's very rude not to do that) - on all pages including Merchant pages bulk/multiple image uploads (easy and standard for user input) revisit the next-to-useless Reports pages - include ability to break them down into date ranges ie "most popular this week" Multiple storefronts for a single maker - we can do it using alts, so why not for a single name? ability to easily place a range of items on Sale without having to i
  3. Not sure if correct, but it reads like OP detaches the HUD after setting the jaw? The HUD will have to remain attached/on all the time, to control the jaw.
  4. You are going to change a system of automatic sorting in favor of one that dumps everything in one folder? How is that helpful to us....it's just making things harder for the user, and breaking what has been accepted for years. This is plainly a bad idea, and would be obvious to anyone who actually used SL for more than an hr a week .
  5. Well, i can tell you some answers - because i have run the same experiement over several months with many items, and branded as such - "Pay What You Want" (although my items maybe have not as much perceived value) Basically setup is same as described above... buying an item brings up a price popup with button options and default set to $50 - they can overtype and set their own price. Lowest button is set to $5. Average Items per customer = 5 Average price paid = 9 ld Largest price paid = 183 ld (100 is not uncommon) why the odd number? I asked and it was intentionally paid - not mistype
  6. Crashed on second search tring being entered. FAILS to find relevant classifieds even with direct matching search strings. Try a search for Garden World and my classified at 2k a week doesn't even show. Nor do several other searches for some of my other classifieds. 0/10 FAIL and someone needs their ass kicked over classifieds atm. They don't show in our profiles either
  7. What exactly is the "Fix for marking undelivered orders as failed" ? What was broken... what was fixed? I ,and many others, are still getting "Delivery Partially Failed" at a rate of several times a day. Less Updates and they're shorter. Tweets get fewer. Open hrs - now by invite only - We don't get told who/where, nor can i find latest transcripts. How is this better communication Brooke?
  8. So lemme get this right - your recommending more clicks for a TGA file in one post, then in another saying don't resize cause it makes for more clicks if you change your mind? We're trying to help a beginner with simple tips. PNG is a simpler format to use because it has less clicks for process. A format that you can easily see - no alpha channels hidden from view to trip a beginner. You may recommend a beginner not avoid 'issues' and spend more time learning your 'proper way' before they get results - I don't. I have 23 years experience with Pshop much of it fulltime and I still don't k
  9. Another hint: Use .PNG instead of .TGA - you won't have trouble with white edges, managing alpha channel, etc.
  10. For a start, try raising the resolution of your file, its good to work at twice the final resolution and size down when finished. Drawing smoothly by hand is real hard to do, so theres a variety of ways to get around it. My advice is learn to use the Paths tools (in Photoshop) for basic shapes. Or use software like Illustrator (vector shape specialist software)
  11. Anyone can hold a sale and call it what they like. Thats the beauty of competition - I can compete against a Linden promotion easily. And unlike theirs; mine is advertised on the Marketplace Homepage, and other pages within their site (via highlighted items). i get 45% of original price - not 25 i'm not email spamming people who haven't "opted in" to my sales notifications I get to decide duration, date, terms Mines called the "Jubly Jub Deal" - 50% off - 3 days - Xstreet Only I won't link in case Moderators use it as an excuse to remove this post - I don't think this qualifies under
  12. I'd guess ... No X rated Nothing too cheap Nothing too obscure (smaller markets)
  13. I am thinking your thinking too :smileysad:
  14. well i dunno about that Peewee. It worked for me when i accidentally forgot to leave enough funds in for an auction - transaction failed. I doubt they leave it as negative balance now...would open the system to alt abuse - one person could win all the auctions and tie that land up for months before his negative account timed out.
  15. Am pretty sure if you do not have enough funds, the sale won't go thru. I'd transfer my balance to another account for the final day of the auction... chances are support ticket won't be looked at before the auction expires (although they have been getting quicker on the tickets)
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