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  1. try sign out, delete cookies, sign back in? Thanks Arwen, that worked for me
  2. yes please, and i might as well as add some off my list too ability for a user to retain their page display preferences across pages and sessions (it's very rude not to do that) - on all pages including Merchant pages bulk/multiple image uploads (easy and standard for user input) revisit the next-to-useless Reports pages - include ability to break them down into date ranges ie "most popular this week" Multiple storefronts for a single maker - we can do it using alts, so why not for a single name? ability to easily place a range of items on Sale without having to i
  3. They offered this to select merchants over a month ago. Obviously not enough uptake. Issues with the existing system and Marketplace website continue to go unanswered. The existing ad system fails to provide any value for money so I have stopped using it. What makes LL think i would risk any additional funds to support this system? I see this as just another grasping at the idea of more money for essentially providing the same service which is...to promote and sell our goods via the marketplace for a percentage of the sale price. Stop trying to charge us more and fix the ad services you curren
  4. Hi Farzaneh... you need to read this post.. http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/445766 scroll down a couple of replies to get to Marigolds reply for ghosted people..it does work because another person approached me and solved it himself by following Marigolds instructions
  5. flat-out wrong or confusing on our official secondlife.com properties?? What about this page http://work.secondlife.com/en-US/about/ ... still saying "Linden Lab is led by CEO Mark Kingdon and has more than 300 employees across the U.S., Europe and Asia"
  6. Even Concierge customers wait two months for support tickets. See https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-2734 Xstreet support is non existent and Live chat refuses to help with Xstreet matters. Jiras about Xstreet faults get dismissive replies, valid questions continue to go unanswered. No office hours means we cannot ask questions and get replies, nor give input. Am tired of arguing for commonsense solutions in jiras with Brodesky. Also tired of see half-assed solutions - If Torley has to give a video tutorial on sending a gift to a friend thru Marketplace - then its clearly not a well thoug
  7. Perhaps now you could address the bug where a customer gets charged, doesn't get the item and the merchant is not paid? Or maybe bother answering your support tickets?
  8. After seeing the video of Phillips speech at SLCC and hearing the educator speak her concerns - this sounds like a great solution. Well done to all involved.
  9. must forcibly "learn something new".?? i said YOUR choice - how is that me forcing you? It's about freedom to manipulate others' creations and make simple creations yourself. YOU can still do this with meshes. *as it was on the other stages of technology*. Wrong (again) there was no in world sculptie creation tools at first.. people made them. In fact sculpties were, and are harder to create inworld and out world than mesh. I did actually mean the decision is yours Prokofy, it was not meant at all facetiously. We cannot force you and no one wants to force you ..to learn. I was simply point
  10. Provky...Did you already know how to use prims to make something before SL.? No, you learnt to do it Whats your problem with learning something new? We ALL had to do it at some stage. I learnt to make sculpties when they came out - so did many others. I am waiting to adapt my skills to make meshes for SL when it comes out...many others will too. You can resent change, you can fight change, but this mesh change is coming - it's been coming for over a year now. You can continue to rant/vent/and focus on the negative...or you could today decide "i'm going to be in on this" and start learning -
  11. 100% right. Sculpts became simply another prim type. You could up skill and create your own, choose to purchase packs made by others for integrating into your build. Or avoid because prims still had some advantages. Same with meshes... choose to up skill, purchase from others who do, or avoid because sculpts and prims will still have some advantages. Ie; the prim count for meshes will be a big factor But at last we will be able to have clothes that deform with the avatar - think one piece boots that bend at the ankle. One piece jackets that bend at the joints. There will always be winners
  12. This strikes me as a cop-out. We are getting the OPTION of display names. Its gonna add a ton of complexity to inworld. What people asked for was the ability to choose their last name... something that is relatively simple to add. There are already ways to add extra names above our heads. Instead we get something we didn't ask for - at a level of complexity we don't need . Theres plenty of instances of things that we ask for that are simple to add - but they get ignored. For instance control of windlight settings for all sim visitors - something another grid added in ONE week. Our jira for i
  13. Kyle, great post I will add one thing - explore how much SL enables people who don't fit in to 'normal' society. Forget sexism, rascism, fattism, deaf-ism etc. You'll find its the beauty of a human mind that is attractive - no matter how it dresses. Use this fake world to find your real self - it can be life changing.
  14. Agreed, i pay almost 600 USD a month in tier alone. I can't get support, nor will they tell me who is in charge of support.
  15. Good luck marketing a product where the customers have to wait a month for support.
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