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  1. Cos it's fun to make @Rowan Amore laugh!
  2. Or maybe they could just cut out the stuff that is just ridiculous being in the Olympics to start with. Skateboarding? BMX Biking? Beach Volleyball? Rugby??? I mean...SERIOUSLY?? What will be in there next? Pole Dancing?
  3. I have not read through all the posts, nor do I really care to, but my two cents...I don't really have an opinion on gachas staying or going, but I do find it unfair to only give people one month's notice of this new policy. Creators have planned and will have been working on Halloween and Xmas events, not to mention now only have a month to figure out how to transform their existing gachas into something they can sell. They should have been allowed to finish out the year and start 2022 with the new policy.
  4. Note to self: Don't call people out on the poop they pull on the boards cos time out is not fun!
  5. Anyone else waiting for a chorus of Bohemian Rhapsody...or just me?
  6. True narcissists *may* hate themselves...but they are incredibly unlikely to admit it.
  7. Creators who appear to have forgotten that CATWA EXISTS!!!! I am so sick of seeing makeups or skins or hairs with hairbases I really fancy and when I go to look at them, they are all for Lelutka Evo/EvoX or Genus or Catwa HD. PLAIN OLD NON-HD CATWA EXISTS AND WE WANT STUFF TOOOOOOO!!!!!
  8. Sometimes I can shrug it off and it doesn't bother me. Other times I take it very personally and spiral into the vortex of wondering what I did to warrant a deletion. The imagination is a wondrous thing. Standing around today pondering what to do with myself.
  9. Are you threatening me with a good time?
  10. I cannot believe I FINALLY found this!!! Joygasms!!!
  11. I think it would depend on the types of pictures you do and enjoy looking at. There's groups for stores/brands/sims, "adult" activity groups, landscape pic groups...basically you name it, there is a group for it!
  12. Maybe there is a good reason for me to get the jab after all. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/covid-19-coronavirus-women-are-claiming-boobs-get-bigger-after-having-pfizer-jab/U2HXMBBCYSWOMLTONGZGX5WADY/
  13. New peeve!! New car. Had it five days! First day back at work...and it breaks down. Yay @ sitting for over two hours on a cold rainy night waiting for the tow truck!!
  14. So recently I have been trying to get out, be more sociable in SL, get to know people blah blah blah. Normally I don't add people to my friend's list on first meetings as I like to get to know someone first, see if they are someone who will become a part of my SL, but I went against my own rule and added someone cos they seemed like a good person and someone I would enjoy getting to know and hang out with. Then today I noticed I have been deleted from their list and I can only assume it is because I'm not a pushy person who was constantly up in their face wanting to hang out. So this is how I look today...reaffirmed in the belief that people suck!
  15. Today I have a three part peeve. Being added to subscibos from stores I never joined just because I may have purchased something from them once upon a time. Having to TP around all these stores to unsubscribe from said subscribos just in case I may purchase something from them in the future as blocking will hinder delivery of future imaginary purchases. Having to hunt around to find the offending subscribos!
  16. I am so tired of everything being racist, -phobic or whatever the trending Lefty "let's be offended by this" term is of the moment. Sheesh whatever happened to live and let live?
  17. So I have just had 10 days off due to having no car thanks to being backed into and it being written off by my insurance company and was expecting to start back at work tomorrow. So instead of having my normal five clients over 3 1/2 hrs....I have ONE client for 30 mins...at 9:30am. Seriously? You couldn't have reassigned her and given me one more day off? Ugh!
  18. I believe it should have been cancelled due to the strain it may place on Japan and their healthcare systems. I also do not believe it's right that we (NEW Zealand) sent a trans "woman" to compete against biological women. Plus I can't think of anything more boring than watching other people play sports.
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