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  1. Very first home without it being on an Alt was a traditional in the middle of Bellisseria in Templeby. I believe it was an abandoned since it happened on May 15th 2019 when the pickle was released. Since then I have had many different homes over the places and still on the lookout for my perfect home.
  2. It was a square houseboat first in the line up and either faced the butt of another boat or the beach
  3. I will be giving up this beautiful vic at about 10:30 am SLT time. Located in Bishopshead.
  4. My honest thought, is a Dutch/Finnish country river home style. Newspapers are showing as written in Finnish.
  5. The Christmas Expo does end on the 15th too
  6. Coldwater has been off my map for months now unless I scroll into the map.
  7. I haven't done too much on the inside yet, but played with the outside some. Love decorating. Love the trailers.
  8. At 12:00 we were all talking in Citz and watching wondering what the Moles were doing since 20 were piled in Lake Takakaka, then [2019/09/17 12:05] Notta Mole: Maybe You need to Calm Down. At 12:06 Notta grins. At 12:07 those who were in the lodge region were blown up. Website was broken for Belli after that and at 12:11 I got a trailer.
  9. My boats water sits at 3M deep from the boat to the end of the parcel. This is on Shirogane
  10. I've noticed that the LL security isn't catching or ejecting as well and have stated as much in this thread. Where mine was set to the allowed 15 seconds, it should have ejected before my Casper system even noticed or gave a warning because the Casper was set for 20 seconds.
  11. I have both my LL provided security set for 15 seconds and my Casper set for 20 seconds. These bots are able to stay for 23 seconds according to the Casper panel before getting ejected. The LL orb doesn't seem to be working at all.
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