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  1. I will be releasing this lovely OP home located http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glimmer Cove/76/124/23. Located in a bit of a cove area, pretty quiet and private and access to an island and a water to land rezz zone. Will be releasing at 6pm SLT unless someone wants to contact me inworld for an attempt at a private transfer Released and in maintanence
  2. OP home going back into the pool so I can start downgrading some names. In front of a car/bike rezz zone in Whaley http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whaley/150/228/23. Will be thrown back in at roughly 9:45 pm SLT
  3. Yea it was said in chat. I believe that until all the current homes that say Linden Homes are taken, the ones that say Protected Land are in queue
  4. So on my hunt today, I got Knot Atoll, Alagoon twice, Stranger Tides and Scallop Bay Second Round: Reeser, Straight Home, Stranger Tides, Lorelie and Reeser
  5. Every OP I have gotten and most OW has been abandons. I seem to be following someone who changes the land picture to wooden planks.
  6. 2 Accounts playing- Lei Miz twice, Puerto Seguro which she gave up from yesterday, Harborview Wharf and Ponte Squali, mind you mixing between OW and OP. Jasper Beach, Jamaica Me Crazy and Life Boat I catch a lot on
  7. Salty Crab, Samaritan, Sarong, Scallop Bay, Sea Witch, Seasalt Chip, Shell Cove, Shrimp Quay, Single Strand, Snorkle, Starboard Lights, Starry Waters. Strait Home, Stranger Tides, Sweet Myrtle Tiki Twilight, Tilapia, TradingPost, Treadwater, Twin Anchors, Twisted Palms, Visser, Whaley Windrift, Winfleet Harbor
  8. Alright, played with the Havana and decorated a bit, had a bit of a harder time with this one.
  9. My alt has my perfect spot. I would pay money to be able to transfer it to this account. I like the Pier stilts attached to a little bit of land and water access. So far I only seen 3 regions that are the same with this layout.
  10. Well as for the GOH, the only 2 OW regions I have rolled on 2 accounts for today were Memison and Pennywise.
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