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  1. Supposedly there is a big meeting at the LL offices this week so it may delay the releases. Not sure how true or correct that information is but it is whats being said.
  2. For me, I have lived in communities that floundered, owned a community on rented land. I never bought land or had a Linden home before. I merely just existed mainly in my little corner of a rented parcel on a private estate. Since moving into Bellisseria, I have become more talkative in groups, and discord group. I enjoy trying to drive a boat without hitting neighbors or other homes(not going so well). Drove my car all over the roads and enjoyed getting lost multiple times and meeting the animals of Belli. Without Belli, I would still be like Baby and stuck in a corner(rut), wondering why I was still on SL.
  3. My boat so far. Its taking me awhile to get it the way I like it:
  4. I have the Stormy Cottage Inn on Domingos ready for people to set home to if need be. Looks like a regular house but anyone can set home there or open boxes. You can contact me, or Dream (larisapixel) in world for a group invite to the land and become a part of the community until you get a house.
  5. Thank you, wish I knew this a few days ago when I was trying to figure out how to make a type of pergola for my boat. YT did help me out but this reference would have been great!
  6. New blank regions are popping up
  7. Not only the Moles but everything that the Moles and Lindens have provided for us and are continuing to provide. Without them, none of this would be possible.
  8. It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to over 24 hours to show on the website we have found for an abandoned place to show on the website
  9. Squirrel trying to hitch a ride and nuts while in Maple Cross
  10. I refuse to live in the old LL homes for many different reasons. I prefer a community feeling over hodge podge placed home and ban lines. I had a beautifully located home in Bellisseria that I got on May 15th and just abandoned it 3 days ago due to it not being what I wanted anymore. Now I am playing the refresh game and got the same house twice and abandoned twice yesterday. I'll either keep rolling the page and have fun seeing what comes up or stick to my alts land until the new release.
  11. Found this info on the Moles http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Department_of_Public_Works
  12. This is why I made my alt get premium. She will stay premium since she is on quarterly and her plot is nicer than mine. 600 a week for 4 weeks is roughly what I would be spending in buying L's so its worth it to keep both going and the added benefits of the LH's. I lived in other "communities" but left due to the clique feel. Belli is definitely more open.
  13. While welcoming a friend back to SL, she plopped onto his head and fell asleep
  14. My alts place describes the perfect place for Leora, It is a corner plot that if you go over the rocks there is the public pool area, view of the boats and ocean, path to the house off the street and the garden is grass. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Domingos/158/81/36
  15. Lewistown is having a rental special. Rent 2 weeks, get 3 days free. Rent 3 weeks, get 4 days free Rent 4 weeks, get 1 week on us. We have a new medical office set up as well as a courthouse to go along with the Fire and Police. If you are interested in roleplaying in a quiet town setting, this could be for you! So come and visit and take a look around. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stonehenge Forest/118/158/21
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