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  1. Me being one who has anxiety over random IMs would absolutely hate that, but if you wanted to invite me in local I might be inclined to dance!
  2. Hey all! Here's a big issue that has been keeping me mostly away from SL for the last month or so. Everything has become super slow. Avatar and objects loading in, areas loading, people loading, just a pile of slow. My bandwith is fine, my internet is 300+mbps download, so I don't know what started it. I've cleared my cache. I've even updated my Firestorm viewer to the latest and I still experience issues. I want to know, is everyone experiencing this, or do I need to do some more digging on my end?
  3. I originally joined SL for Star Wars Roleplay, and I had a character I had made up called Kira. (Back when I thought I had made up the name.) I chose Zobel cause it started with a Z. I like Z.
  4. I have some bento ears I created which I'm using with animations in a ZHAO II hud. They are meant to play randomly, on top of any AO a person should wear. I decided to use the Firestorm built in AO recently and decked it all up, but there is one problem: Even when off, something about the ZHAO AO doesn't allow walk animations to work on my Firestorm Client AO. It's not just my ear AO, but I've confirmed it to happen with any other Zhao AO in my inventory, even when off. Is there anything I can do? Alternatively, is there another free AO HUD solution I can just use for my ears? SOLVED
  5. I understand that. It was more of just an example, but there are other subtle cat-like motions that could come into play as well. I just wish there were more variable AO's on the market than "sexy girl #500"
  6. Hey all! I'm noticing a severe lack of good character AOs. (I already own most of Oracul.) I want to put the idea out there of a good catgirl AO that isn't over the top, but does contain more feline-style features like a "paw lick" and a cat-like crouch. I've found some others, but they're not bento. I wish I had mocap software, I'd make them myself, but in the meantime, if anybody knows of something that fits the bill, please let me know!
  7. I'm gonna browse through your other tutorials. Thank you for all your help! ❤️ Sorry for being a pain
  8. I'm doing the exact same thing as in the tutorial, save for using a Bento skeleton from MayaStar.
  9. Getting closer! I'm getting this error upon exporting the animation: # Error: file: C:/Users/Obsydian/Documents/maya/2018/scripts/AnimExport.mel line 209: ValueError: file C:/Users/Obsydian/Documents/maya/2018/scripts\AnimDeploy.py line 38: No object matches name: hip.initHeight #
  10. Thank you for all the help you've been providing in here, Optimo! I wanted to revive this, since I spent quite a bit on the Mayastar, and yet exporting animations doesn't work at all. I've tried it on Maya 2017/18/19. Has anybody gotten it to work? I'm really frustrated and obviously can't get a refund.
  11. Ah, you're right. It's been so long since I've animated anything (10+ years) that I didn't realize what I was doing wrong. However, I purchased Mayastar today and I'm having a hell of a time getting anything to upload, even without modifications. (Maya 2019) The videos aren't helping.
  12. This thread is bringing me into a deep pit of early SL nostalgia and I'm here for it. I'm happy the fish face seems to have mostly vanished though.
  13. I'm animating some ears in Maya 2019. I can create a couple of keyframes just fine for an ear twitch, but once I make a third keyframe, everything I'm working on vanishes. I'm not quite sure what is causing it. Please look at my little video here for a better explanation: https://gyazo.com/3451c15bfd3b753ec754abca391b91f1
  14. One day it was working, and the next day all the mesh would load in large chunks and blocks. This includes buldings, furniture, and even avatars. I first noticed it in Firestorm, switched to the official viewer, same problem. I uninstalled, reinstalled, updated graphics drivers, yet nothing gives. I also crash at random. Windows 10 version 1511 OS build 10586.63 Running on Nvidia GeForceGTX 960M also have an Intel HD Graphics 4600. I have tried both graphics cards and get the same problem, and while I've searched online, I can't find anybody in the same boat. i appreicate any attempts to help! EDIT: I had a friend try with the same windows version update, and we believe windows 10 update .63 is the cause. Not sure how to proceed without a good restore point.
  15. I'm trying to rig a skirt, however the rigged mesh I'm working around is a standard Ruth. Is there a way to accurately measure it to in world standard sizing shapes? Maya only, please.
  16. I have one of their avatars, a penguin, and I love it to bits! Lots of customization and cute gestures that come with it. The sim is gone? Oh no that's so sad. I haven't been there in a while.
  17. It's the best place ever, come and visit us please!
  18. Most properly updated viewers now see mesh, including Phoenix. Your friend must update!
  19. I'm a bundle of problems huh! (I'm working on a super secret avatar update people have been wanting...shh...) Anyways this creature has a longish neck. I want the eyes to move in the head's socket and not the human avatar's. I kind of skipped past this when playing with skinning the head and neck itself without moving the bones, but for the eyes it seems I have to. I moved them up, rigged an eyeball to each eye joint...upload and nope. No weights it's all greyed out. How do I go about this oh masters of the mesh?
  20. Oh yes, I know to delete history often, but I never considered the fact it could be used to keep the shape in place. Thanks!
  21. Well I posed it with the joints I mean, I want it to stay like that somehow
  22. Yes, I tried that while it was closed and it imported open.
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