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  1. It is because of the damn useless pathfinding that we are being robbed of our vehicle pleasures! The day pathfinding came out and since it has been a major disaster trying to sail, fly motorbike or even walk sometimes. Mesh was no big help either. The Lindens keep indroducing silly toys and bells and whistles that only a handfull of people use or want and ruining it for the majority of the users who are content to just enjoy themselves.
  2. I found that too many features on Firestorm slow it down and when I switched to V3 I have speed and almost no isuues. I think the more bells and whistles a viewer has the slower it gets.
  3. I used to love Firestorm and it gave me great performance. When it became mesh enabled I found it was so slow for me it was unusable. I got a brand, new powerful computer and Firestorm was still slow for me with only 8 fps. I switched to the official Linden Viewer 3 and instantly got fps of 70 or more and with high graphic settings I now rarely experience lag. There seems to be too many lag inducing bells and whistles with Firestorm now and you may find by switching to V3 that you get better performance. I tested most of the 3rd party viewers and found that the more features and toys they had the slower they were. Try and see....
  4. L$ 10,000 great low price for great huge plot Prime Waterfront Mainland for sale-1 side protected Linden sea Direct access to protected linden sea and unobstructed views 9040 m....2069 prims Access for sailing, swimming faces east with fantastic morning sunrise http://world.secondlife.com/place/5e8a34f7-be00-0b34-d12b-af7b5dd95da0
  5. I used to have this problem constantly and then I switched to the official SL viewer and my problems are gone. Firestorm was once a good viewer but it is filled with so many silly toys and gizmos that it is bloated and crashes and lags. Once I switched back to the official viewer I have more time to play on SL without having to spend hours reading blogs, jiras and help posts. Go back to basics and have fun again!
  6. Thank you everybody for your help even though I screwed it up lol I took the trouble and went one by one to set everything to group and now everything is working fine and back the way it was with auto return on...yaaa
  7. I went on Firestorm and rezzed to last position and it all went back, thank God. Lesson learned...don't screw with anything!
  8. Too late my entire quarter sim of detailed landscaping was just returned to my lost and found folder. This sucks.
  9. Ok I am SLviewer 3 and don't see any of these tabs. I select all my objects and they are all highlighted but then what. I see nothing to set them to group? I want to do it in mass because I have grassea and trees 50 plus objects to set to group? I have 50 plus things not set to group like small grass and trees and want to set them to group in mass but have no clue how to do it. I am official SL viewer 3. If I screw it up it will be a disaster of a half sim of stuff returned to me ugh
  10. I have always rented or owned land on private islands or sims and recently bought some excellent land on the mainland of Corsica right on the water. I was lucky to find it as I know it is normally expensive but I found a quarter sims worth for only 9000 L and grabbed it. I have protected Linden sea on my beach and enables me to sail all along the coast of Corsica all the way to the Blake Seas. I am now in love with the mainland because of the diversity and great exploring I can do by foot or by sea or by air. The area I am in is mostly nice homes and beach and the people in the area seem to take pride in the area too so I count my blessings. Travelling around the mainland of Corsica I find it so much nicer than I remember it being way back in 2007 when I first came to SL. I think things have improved on the mainland a great deal.
  11. Ok thank you very much, you saved me a lot of grief by not having 30 plus trees all returned to me hahaha. So if I highlight everything and set to group but not deed it, then I can turn on autoreturn?
  12. I was wondering if I have all objects on my land owned by myself (owner) as well as 1 or 2 objects set to group which the land is deeded to and I turn auto return on my land will it work without sending my stuff back to me or do I need everything to be either just group owned or land owner owned. For example I have my house set to group but my other things like trees not set to group but belong to me and I am the land owner. If I set my land to auto return will it send the non group items back to me?
  13. I always put my avatar in his bed and sleep every single night. I can not imagine not having my avatar go to bed and sleep!
  14. Humor can be taken the wrong way on the internet as well as Second Life because a comment may appear rude without a real facial expression or tone of voice to show that it is meant as funny. This can drive people away thinking your a mean spirited person and insulting. I have had things said in jest taken as being rude.
  15. I am glad people can't snoop about your skin and clothing etc because sometimes I want to be unique and not have everybody copying me if I find a cool look. Just sayin'
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