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  1. My favorite virtual day is each day that I am able to log on and explore.
  2. This the last time that I try to be friendly to anyone when I time travel. This Jack guy was so freaking rude! The sim, Time Portal is a must see for those who love to role play.
  3. Peace - I thought it would be fun to create videos for vlogmas as a virtual vlogger and I was wondering if anyone else is doing it. I would love to see your videos. The following is my day one... https://youtu.be/dIWuLwT8B6o
  4. I have been exploring Second Life for nearly 12 years and I am still in awe of some of the environments that I find. This photo was taken in Little Paris.
  5. I will be interviewing someone in Second Life and I am asking for tips on the best way to capture our voices along with any other tips that can be shared. I am EXTREMELY new to machinima so if I ask a lot of questions, I apologize in advance. I have a hard time performing a task that I don't fully understand. Thank you!
  6. I was speaking to an acquaintance in Second Life, this morning and they were telling me about a new business venture that they were going to be entering into surrounding Animesh. It sounded exciting and I wished them well but I declined the invitation to join because I am taking on some new projects and anything more would reach outside of my Second Life budget. When he heard that I had a budget for Second Life, he laughed. I can't be the only one that practices budgeting in Second Life.
  7. Well, I hope that my telling him/her where they can actually get it will keep them busy enough to not troll if that was the intent. lol I have not been on here enough to know that asking sex questions is a weekend activity for some yet. Now, I know.
  8. I think this is why many of the adult sims that put emphasis on the word sex and certain types of sex are in existence within SL; no commitment whatsoever and monogamy is not required. Try searching the word sex in the search option of your viewer. It looks like a magnifying glass (make sure that you have A for Adult selected as a category) and start visiting those sims. The actual hooking up part is an individual thing. Everyone has their own style of showing that they are interested *smiles*. Good luck!
  9. I am going to respond to both of your statements in one post if that is okay. Number 1 - Why do you continue to say that I am sensitive? The reason for me starting this discussion was not because anyone said anything to me. It came about due to a conversation that I had with a friend about how some feel in Second Life when it comes to their avatars. I stated that in one of my posts already. Number 2 - I value anyone's opinion as long as they are being respectful which you have been. At the same time, you should allow me to give my opinion in return. With that. I think that we ha
  10. I now have a channel on Twitch and I have been wondering why streaming from Second Life is not allowed. Thank you to everyone that provided information. I see a lot of people (I am included) streaming their Sims 4 gameplay on Twitch and with all of the adult mods that players use, how can that be okay but Second Life isn't?
  11. I feel the reason why some are close-minded to unfair treatment in SL is because they keep comparing it to RL or some other unfair treatment that also happens in SL. I am a person of color that has experienced racism. That DOES NOT mean that I can not empathize with anyone else that is not my ethnicity that has experienced some sort of unfair treatment. That would be selfish and even arrogant for me to behave as though what I have dealt with is worse than what anyone else has faced. You do not know what some people have been through that log on to SL in order to socialize, create or
  12. I could be wrong but it seems like you have not had to deal with someone who was hell-bent on making your SL experience unpleasant. They will create alt after alt, use all types of grief types tools and scripts. It is exhausting for the person that they are trying to bully. In some instances, the bully wins because the person gets tired of blocking alt after alt and filing complaint after complaint. I know of many people that have abandoned accounts and SL businesses. Just because it has not happened to you does not mean it isn't possible. It also isn't a matter of being sensitive. Anyone
  13. I saw the blog of the solution that you and a landscaper came up with and it is lovely.
  14. I watched your video New Adventures in Materials and the graphics are amazing. Is that due to your card or SL settings, if I may ask?
  15. Oh wow. Your camera movements are so smooth. I hope to be able to do that soon.
  16. My channel deals with more of the social aspects of Second Life but I will be adding tutorials, exploring and tips as I learn more about editing. I am using iMovie now that I have a Mac but I am thinking about going back to Filmora.
  17. I visited the sim and loved the atmosphere. The information notes cards are not extremely long and redundant. I also like that the rentals are affordable.
  18. I am committed to exploring Second Life like I used to when I was new. Finding gem sims and taking photos to memorialize the visit gives me a great deal of joy.
  19. Thank you! I hope that we all start doing that "thing" that we have wanted to but were hesitant because of certain types of people.
  20. The comments were not made about me. I shared a video, with him that contained what I felt to be light-hearted humor regarding the avatars in Second Life. He pointed out that some people in Second Life can be sensitive when it comes to their avatars. That conversation is what caused me to explore if that was true or not.
  21. I am learning how to edit and with having damage to my voice box, it can be challenging but thank you for adding to the fuel that I need to continue doing what I like. People like you are the reason why some stop doing what they enjoy. Maybe you should check on your humanity and not worry about what I need to check on. Happy New Year!
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