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  1. hi for art http://slurl.com/secondlife/LEA5/91/197/32 the lea sims (there are a bunch) for A friendly low pressure environment with monthly building contests and weekly speedbuilds - Dreams http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dreams/94/168/26 You have to dress up to go in here - 1920s Berlinis justly famous as a friendly place and great to look http://slurl.com/secondlife/1920s%20Berlin/248/229/751t for a people filled fun challenge try http://slurl.com/secondlife/Da%20Vinci%20Isle/124/182/29 its a murder mystery brought to you until ausgust by mad pea, checkout the neighbouring simsfor new yo
  2. you migth try to make your own animation using quavimator? I have bought truebones from animstreet before and had no poblems. Maybe someone else will see this and have an idea about suitable anis.
  3. I make a lot of very small very silly fullperm freebie items. A real lot. I have found out someone copied someone elses build using my fullperms prim. I show as creator which is mortifying. I was framed. How can I prove I didnt do it? I filed an abuse report so LL can presumably tell I didnt do it- but dont know how to clear my name. I dont think I can dmca it as they used a prim with my name as creator to copy someones else work, not to copy my work and i dont think a standard sl prim I created is my intellectual property?
  4. Depending on what country you are from you may be able to contact your local police and report it as cyber bullying/ stalking/harrassing if theyare giving rl information abotu your kids and you to people.
  5. half slips! There quite few rertro lingerie places around. Try searching 1930s and 50s places. If you ask at your favourite vintage store they might decide to start making them. Certainly they are a very practical garment when skirts are not self lined.. edit to say: yes! we wear them when we dont want people to see the outline of our legs and crotch on sunny days butcnat forgo thatgorgeous thin cotton skirt. When we are wearing old fashioned static prone materials, when wanting clothing to drape properly, to hide panty lines. For me thatisnt very often, i wear a cami top (just a top not the
  6. In the 70s i had a furry one. I think it might of been called a gonk? But they may well have got the idea for this time round from sl.
  7. It used to be five accounts over a lifetime, eve nif you deleted one. I missed on a superb surname once because I wasnt willing to break the rules. I contacted them at the time (years ago) offering to pay but more werent available even with pay andthe advice i got was to break the rules). They got rid of this account limit years ago, and its kinda weird that you are having trouble.
  8. A hack seems more likely than the lab going insane. As they could make more money advertising in world places with banner advertising than by advertising illegal stuff. I have to agree with gadget -sites with ads like that are almost invariably shonky. There are some exceptions I call it blackmailware- Places where you have to have pay a membership to in order to not see advertisng again. Runescape used to do this- Although they may have discontinued the practice as I have been a member 8 years and so havent seen them Anyway my dashboard is clean, so *phew*.
  9. I think most lindens are only allowed to use official viewers. In the days before TPVS they didnt fix the viewers fast. It may be overly romantic to think that without help the lab would be magically empowered to cure viewer woes. I think if no tpvs existed maybe we would have a viewer one like interface by now, but to be brutally honest the more likely scenario is that a third of folk would have left. The lab has been brutally clear for years now that they really do not care at all about legacy ui users even a little bit. I am sorry about the old computer thing, mine is old but fortunatel
  10. Id really like f the lab packaged the clouds as a generator you can pick up and place as needed.
  11. thanks knowl I contacted live chat before i made the thread:) They dont pass on customer feedback. They handled me pretty well, polite and actually helped, but they just dont have that job. Porky no I dont think its worth it. I know this is going to sound awful but. I dont think we should make heroic efforts to contact the lab. that is the labs job, not ours. I think some kind of suggestion box thread would be a great idea, but if the lab sees it or not is up to them.
  12. i had to think a lot about this. Mostly i adore art deco, but i really love local 1960s architect called neighbour's houses.. but i decided my vote goes to one of my local libraries. Marion cultural centre. Just for being a work of art that is practical as well as fun that has made my life better just because I was inside it once and it is just an inspiring space. In the end I think architecture doesnt have to be experienced to be enjoyed, but there is something just lovely about a space that you feel changes something about you when you enter it. I love that in secondlife i can experience a
  13. no jira is for more specific suggestions, such as more privacy options. Its not really for giving feedback about the experience of second life.
  14. I think of all sl users as niche. Yes th eniche has different sectons within it, but SL itself occupies a niche market and our opinions, all of us, matter. . oFor thoseof us who like the ll viewer and were not willing r able to move on, tpvs have kept us in SL. TPVs saved Sl. FOr good or ill SL would of lost me years ago without them. Like many I stuck with offical viewer one for as long as i could have, and changed when it was that or leave.
  15. Its neither really i would just like to say what i want to see happen.
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