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  1. I write for many publications in both lives. This is a difficult issue and I thought I would bring it to the forms. I am looking for designers and copybotters to talk to as I want a balanced article. If interested please drop a notecard to me inworld no later than 6/6. Thanks. Sita Writer
  2. I am doing an article on copybotting for an inworld magazine. If you have been successfully copybotted and would like to talk about it please drop me a notecard inworld with answers to these questions: 1. How did you know your store or shape or designs were copybotted 2. What is your opinion of copybotting 3. What was your reaction to this offense 4. What would you like to say to copybotters? 5. What was your recourse and the response of LL If you have been copybotted and don't want to talk about it.... why not? If you are a copybotter -- would just love to know why you do it Thanks all Sita Writer
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