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  1. I'm still really new, just putting my avatars together, but I'm doing my best to make them look like actual humans, so it's a decent amount of work to make them 8 heads high, 8 heads across from fingertip to fingertip, with a crotch that actually ends up somewhere in their middle, all while still making sure they're a normal height. Well, it seems like alot of work because I'm new, but I guess some of you have been here long enough that half an hour to make a shape isn't very much at all, heh. Now that I've got the shapes down though, I can't imagine I'll switch them much. I'll probably cha
  2. Hi peoples! I'm working on putting together a Weretiger Avatar, and I think I've found everything I need except for one thing... I can't seem to find a good transformation animation. Something where the avatar crouches down, arms across the stomach, (At this point I'd have to manually choose replace outfit on my folder with the Tiger AV items) and then rise up again, ready to go. Or whatever. Just something that would work, whatever it is, or whatever extra flair it might have, would be nice. Has anybody run across something like this in their travels?
  3. Where did you end up getting your skin from, Jo? So far all I've found for skins that look more like normal people is RUBY's skin shop, which is cool, but if there's another shop too I'd like to know all my options.
  4. Ruby, I just checked out your shop and I've gotta say... I'm impressed. Your store is the only one I've seen so far that has actual realistic skins. By that I mean that not every skin and shape is that of a Greek God with a freakin' giant 6 pack you could grate cheese with. That's awesome. I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on that Joshua skin, although I'll probably use my own shape with it. The demo comes with hair though, does the full version also have a bald option? I'm planning on using it for an Avatar that isn't *quite* as old as the default Joshua shape and hair, but is clos
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