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  1. View looking down at the new Stilt Linden homes. 30/6/2020
  2. While everyone is sleeping Bugs Bunny drinks all the lime πŸ˜‚
  3. I would imagine the next theme announcement would be at the SL Christmas Expo 2020. It could be sooner if the move to the cloud completes before then. Until then it's going to be a long wait for the release of the new Stilt homes (theme 6) release. I predict between October - December for the estimated timeframe. 2021 will be hopefully back to normal again with the release of new regions/themes. Thousands of new homes planned and new interesting areas.
  4. Halloween or Christmas holidays ? Patch Linden actually confirmed this week the status of the upcoming LH themes 6, 7, 8 and 9. Theme 6 Theme 6 officially announced on 23rd June – Stilt homes The Stilt homes are basically done and ready for deployment The lab don’t have have the region capacity to release them right now. The lab are aiming at after the AWS project completes when region capacity becomes available later this year Theme 7 Theme 7 is nearly content complete Not set up for deployment yet Theme 8 Getting ready to enter product
  5. The demand is still huge though and it's a shame everything has been pushed back towards the end of 2020. I hope the uplift move is worth it. Let's hope next year things will be smoother.
  6. Using 23 houses as an example per region for the next few themes. In total roughly there would be 2, 070 new homes coming later this year. If i'm wrong about this please share what you think the estimated would be. There will be more houses added when the uplift process has been completed.
  7. This would be the pink SSP regions or the big batch of regions south of them.
  8. Today Linden Lab have announced a new batch of last names for purchase. There will be further updates to the last names pool in the near future. VortexFluffpawSassypantsAmethystBloodroseAureliaStarlight WayfarerRoverWanderer
  9. SL17B Enchant (LH Demo region) is now appearing right on the Map.
  10. Thanks Patch for providing a update on the upcoming LH theme schedule. What's with the SL17B water regions ? Can you give us any updates on that please.
  11. SSPMBC has arrived. I wonder what MBC stands for ?
  12. The LH Demo region seems much quieter this morning so I decided to take some new photos of the area. I don't understand why there are SL17B water regions around the birthday regions. Any ideas ? If the lab does this next year for SL18B then they should have more than just one demo region. It was very laggy last night and there was over 70+ residents waiting at the border to get in.
  13. Ebbe didn't say much about Linden Homes yesterday afternoon. Ebbe did say that Linden Homes was a "huge success" and he said "we can't make them fast enough" to keep up with the demand. I guess we might hear something from Patch Linden later on today from 2pm at SL17B about the future of Linden Homes. I hope we get more info on the LH Demo region. I've asked moles and Linden's about it but nothing yet. I think I heard someone say that the region is undergoing testing and it's coming soon.
  14. One green dot at the SL17B Enchant region this morning. The SL17B Shop and Hop regions should really be connected to the SL17B celebration regions with water ways linking the both. These SL17B Shop and Hop regions on the other side of the grid.
  15. Meet the Lindens 2020 - Ebbe Linden Live stream from 2pm SLT here SL17B Auditorium SLURL Hopefully Ebbe Altberg CEO of Linden Lab will announce something about the next Linden Home theme in less than 5 hours time. If not today then Patch Linden will be speaking live tomorrow for the next opportunity window. The next opportunity would be Friday with the Mole team.
  16. Same here. It's a guessing game now on which day there will be any sort of news about the next theme. The 10 new SL17B Water regions are most interesting. Just a shame they are all closed at the moment. There have been greet dots over at the pink ssp regions recently.
  17. Maybe the Moles will let everyone swim around the SL17B regions or a race perhaps. The SL17B Water regions are still closed as of now.
  18. Well that would be most disappointing if this becomes the case next week. I really hope that the lab will announce something about the next new LH theme. "Unless of course there's no reveal, just demos of existing homes:(" The lab should of had two LH demo regions. Open one up at the start of the birthday and then the other at the end of the birthday celebrations. The water regions still have something to play in all of this yet.
  19. It would be nice to see the active used old Linden homes areas merged with the bellisseria continent with a link bridge of water regions. The rest could be deleted so it could free up new space for upcoming themes. There is a huge open space towards the south east of the bellisseria continent that could be used for this big shift. The problem is with the old Linden Home continents its all over the grid. It would be nice to see them closer together. There are some nice areas still on the old Linden homes continents that should not just go offline.
  20. Wow the Bellisseria continent holds 16, 000 new Linden Homes as of this week. Several new themes are planned for future releases which probably means next week being one of them then the other by the end of 2020.
  21. SL17B Water 3 & 4 is closed for public access now
  22. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too. I think the lab wants everyone to explore the SL17B regions this weekend and then next week start announcing things. I just looked up SL17B Enchant on the Second Life Grid Survey and it's saying the region is currently onlne
  23. Even at 512 draw distance we still cant see anything πŸ˜‚ I think we will hear more about the LH Demo region either on Monday or Tuesday next week.
  24. Last year at SL16B the lab opened the preview LH region on 20th June showing the new trailers/campers. I'm wondering if the lab are following the same sort of time frame again for SL17B.
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