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  1. New Regions Added: SSPE1771 to SSPE1782 View from SSPE1772 looking South
  2. The end of the line north of the log homes continent looks really nice now in SSPE1110. There seems to be a new region added to the SSP cluster area named PSS Test. SSP development area where the Moles and Lindens work.
  3. Some new Stilts being added in SSPE1766 and in nearby regions. Love the palm trees around SSPE1756 Some tropical beach waves in SSPE1768
  4. Here is the full view of the new look Second Life homepage...
  5. Great news that inworld map tiles have been fixed at long last. At least now everyone can have a great adventure around Bellisseria. The wait now is to find out about the next LH theme which is due to be announced after SL18B. It's fantastic we can see the work that has been done over the past six months. Yay! The east coast of the log homes continent looks amazing now. Now that the map has been updated here are the latest SSP changes where the Moles/Lindens work at. SSPAMB The Purple / Green SSP Regions QA Vault
  6. Bellisseria continent 15th April 2019 vs 15th April 2020 vs 15th April 2021 20th August 2018 - First 80 SSP regions arrived on the grid 15th April 2019 - Bellisseria opened to the public 15th April 2019 - Empty void in the south and east 15th April 2020 - The log continent arrived 15th April 2021 - It's supermassive now Can't wait to see what the Bellisseria continent will look like in another year or two years from now.
  7. Happy 2nd Anniversary Bellisseria. Here are some of my snapshots I took today.
  8. Chaser Zaks World Map showing the continents of Second Life.
  9. The World Map as of 31st March 2021. The red circle is where the Chalet home release is.
  10. Most are showing but not the new regions.
  11. Looks like the SSP regions have expanded again recently. These regions are where the Moles/Lindens develop new Linden Home themes. No access to the public. All photos below have been taken on 26/3/2021 via the World Map. SSP2521 to SSP2530 I think are the newer regions SSP2531 to SSP2500 has been on the grid for some time SSPW6 has been added on the grid near the SSP regions. I wonder what W6 stands for ? LH Dev regions as of 26th March 2021. Looks like various developments are happening here.
  12. Can you get a update from the lab on if the NDA is over please and when we can expect to hear about the launch of the app ? The lab have been pretty quiet about this recently.
  13. I think the lab should either move or merge the old Linden Home continents near to the Bellisseria continent after all of the themes are released. Maybe something to look forward to in 2022 or 2023. It would be super exciting for travelling between the continents. I think removing the old Linden Home continents would be a big mistake as there are active residents there and interesting areas still worth visiting.
  14. Some new snapshots from the LH Chalet Demo region today. SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LH Chalet Demo/202/168/23
  15. Some new activity happening at the new regions. It's a shame about the Map not working for the region visuals. The next two themes after chalets I guess in yellow.
  16. Check out the VWBPE 2021 Program for all sessions upcoming. Linden Lab will be participating in a special program series across three days of the conference. More details here. he VWBPE Conference is a completely virtual conference that is conducted using simulated environments. Participants experience the conference through a virtual reality type setting including conference rooms, theatres, exposition halls, meeting spaces, and other types of venues similar to a brick and mortar type conference. The conference is free to attend. The cost of the conference is covered
  17. Patch Linden said the Chalet Linden Homes will probably be released in a couple of weeks time which is roughly the first week of April 2021. I think there is two themes linked together including the Chalets looking at the some of the new regions appearing on the map. The next LH theme will be announced at SL18B in June 2021 followed by a release soon after that.
  18. Can't wait for the Bellisseria continent and the Satori continent to be officially connected soon. It would be great if the Moles could add a few new airstrips and sandboxes with these new LH regions. Some of these new LH regions are showing up on the map. I am not sure if thats a mistake or some sort of preview. The Map really needs to be fixed asap. Bottom left is the end of the Stilt homes area with many active residents vs Satori continent in the top right corner (tons of green dots). The Wizard Peak region is just one of many new LH regions in the blue void. The Sa
  19. Some of these new regions are showing up on the map. I wonder if this is a mistake or sneak previews from the Moles ? Some are probably going offline or about to come online soon. Another interesting development I think above.
  20. I can't wait for the continents to be connected at long last. This is a very big development for sure. Bring on SL18B for the next LH theme.
  21. Huge new batch of regions added north east of the stilt homes almost connecting with the Satori continent (south west part). There is now only a few regions separating them. Map still not working for any region visuals.
  22. On 25th February 2021 there was a new article posted about Second Life on Quartz which is a rather interesting read about the effects of the pandemic and the Second Life economy. There are some newer statistics for the past year for those that are interested in this blog post. Here is the article link
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