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  1. Hopefully the lab will release the Stilt homes next week (14th - 20th December 2020). I will be surprised if the release takes place during the christmas week (21st - 27th) or the last week of 2020 (28th Dec - 3rd Jan). The Moles have built a lot of new homes on the log homes continent during the past few months so they will be released soon. It's been great seeing the development and expansion during 2020. Can't wait to see what happens in 2021.
  2. North The railway track going north on the log homes continent has now reached SSPE1201. It's expanding all the way up to SSPE1217 and likely beyond that. Follow the dark green (RR dummy block straight) track and on the map. East The railway track going east on the log homes continent has now reached SSPE1130. It's expanding further up the east coast all the way up to SSPE1113. The Moles are doing a great job adding more railway along the log homes continent through the homes and landscape.
  3. SSPE1119 and SSPE1118 being worked on now. Looks nice so far.
  4. I would imagine sometime next week 14th to 20th December would be a good time for the Stilt release. I don't think it will happen during the Christmas week or the last week of 2020. The Lab could surprise everyone who knows. The next opportunity would be the first or second week in January 2021 after the holidays.
  5. Yeah new Linden Home themes are announced during the annual birthday events and expo events (home & garden expo & sl christmas expo). Announcements/Releases Chalet Homes - Announced at SL Christmas Expo (December 2020) - Reveal on 4th December - Still waiting for official release date Stilt Homes - Announced at SL17B (June 2020) - Reveal on 24th June - still waiting for official release date Log Homes - Announced at the SL Home & Garden Expo (February 2020) - Released on 1st April 2020 Victorian Homes - Announced early December 2019 - Released on 16th De
  6. Here are some of my snapshots of the new preview homes. I love the Chalet Windmill as it fits in rather well.
  7. Just spotted the Linden Reveal region showing up as (LOH Linden) I think added on the west side of the SL Christmas Expo region. 1 day left to go! It's official the Linden Reveal will happen on Friday 4th December 2020. It's now on the official Second Life calendar. See my blog post for more details. Times not confirmed yet. Exciting weekend ahead.
  8. Bugs Bunny presses the big red button and grabs the first Stilt Linden Home 😂 Wonders if there will be any carrots inside ? Release of carrots perhaps 😀 How much longer ?
  9. Via Bellisseria Citizens group notice - 30th November 2020 [06:52:43] Patch Linden: Yes, this week will be pretty aggressive with restarts, not related to anything we're doing with Linden Homes, but may also prevent us from doing anything with them also.
  10. With the SL Christmas Expo opening this Friday I would imagine next week (7th+ December) for the big release.
  11. The SL Christmas 2020 regions have already arrived on the grid. 4 days and counting!
  12. Checked back at the SSP Dev regions on the grid that appears to be showing the development of stilt homes and houseboats. Some interesting builds on both these LH Dev regions. It looks like some sort of shopping area on LH Dev 2. The 2020 SL Christmas Expo regions are here but nothing visually at the moment on the map. I wonder if the Linden Reveal region will return again.
  13. 100% of main grid regions in Second Life are now in the cloud as of Thursday 19th November 2020. The next stage of the uplift has started.
  14. Patch Linden has posted this up about 2 hours ago in the Linden Homes section.
  15. I don't think any Stilt home releases will happen today. The lab is focused on the cloud at the moment and preparations for the SL Christmas Expo 2020. https://status.secondlifegrid.net/ Last year the Victorian theme was open to the public on the Linden Reveal region around 6am SLT ish on Thursday 5th December 2019. I wonder if it will be open on a Thursday this year.
  16. Faded green dots over at the purple SSP regions (south). Has there been a ghost party or something ? 😂 A whole load of green dots in SSP2032.
  17. There are roughly six weeks left of 2020 and I wonder if the lab can move the remaining 50% of regions to the cloud without having to delay it into early 2021.
  18. Linden Lab still not giving any updates on it at the moment.
  19. The stilt regions as of 1.46am PST - 16th November 2020
  20. Yeah, that would be nice to see more growth down south and towards the east. I just wonder if the old Linden Home regions should be moved nearby with direct water regions. I think by theme 9 or 10 maybe the continents (Satori and Belli) may join up. I think it would be nice to see more airstips and sandbox regions.
  21. Not far now until Linden Home regions reaches the south of the Satori continent. Another 300+ regions or so.
  22. Do we know how many Stilt regions have been added so far ?
  23. The Moles are still laying new sections of the track every day or so. I don't think its open for public use at the moment. It's still got a long way to go until the log homes railway is completely finished (towards the east coast then up north) The train track is open where the trailers/campers/victorian homes are including the west side of the log homes continent. There are many stations along the way and rez points.
  24. As of 3.12am SLT today there are roughly 42 regions in a red square. If all of regions in orange have to turn red its going to take some time. The railway line has been extended on the log homes continent. I have highlighted the new line in green below. This part of the track is not open yet.
  25. I took this photo when the log homes opened in early April 2020.
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