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  1. Hopefully we will get a timeline before the of the month announcing the mesh details.
  2. Hollywood Airport is my favourite!
  3. SLCC 2011 will be hosted in San Francisco, CA in August 2011. http://www.slconvention.org/
  4. Caliandris: "Due to the generosity of several donors, Numbakulla can stay afloat for another month" - Numbakulla region http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/general-sl-discussion/55998-numbakulla-closing-week-2.html#post1177109
  5. The new forums, blogs, knowlege base and answers look really neat. Nice work! Likes the video tutorial too.
  6. I do. www.plurk.com/danielvoyager - SL News & RL Stuff! :smileyhappy:
  7. Welcome to Second Life, Rod. Good luck!
  8. It's sad to see you go Jack. Thanks for all of your hard work over the years and you will be missed alot. Good luck for the future!
  9. That's not good enough why not in the UK? A big disappointment. Please can you give us the specific requirements for this web-based experience please? Everytime I visit http://interest.secondlife.com/beta I get the following for the past few days or so: Escape to Second Life Your own Avatar Explore a free 3D virtual world. Live music & entertainment events Join Now
  10. Yay for the new features, usability enhancements, and crash fixes. A few questions Where have the statistics gone to on Viewer 2.2.0 on the login screen? They were there on Viewer 1. On Viewer 2.2.0 there is nothing shown when you click the Home tab on the right hand side bar ?
  11. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_2_Moves#Profile_picks_and_classifieds
  12. When I was on the Teen Grid between 2006-2008..Linden Lab did TG office hours, snowball fights, birthday events and dj events. Linden Lab don't do that anymore and sadly I have been hearing the experience there is getting worse every month. May not be the case for some. Linden Homes will not be on the Teen Grid and don't forget LL added Bay City regions back in May 2008.
  13. UPDATE: November 8th 2009. Total number of Main Grid regions is now 29, 453...thats ( 23, 850 private estates & 5, 603 Linden owned) http://forums.secondlife.com/showthread.php?t=296275&page=15&pp=30&highlight=regions
  14. Most welcome! Yeah, they will need to set up a parcel for you then I think its possible.
  15. 1. Click on World in the top menu bar. 2. Select Create Landmark Here. 3. The landmark will automatically appear in your Inventor in the Landmarks folder. How to change your landmark picture World > About Land > Options tab > Go to Snapshot box and replace the picture > Apply/Ok!. Now when you created a landmark it should come up with the new picture. Landmarks folder > You can rename and add a description there by right clicking on the landmark then click on Rename etc! Right click the landmark and now click on About Landmark.
  16. I think the best way to send pictures to friends is to send snapshots via email. Snapshot > Send a Postcard > File out details > Send. This allows you to email a picture from within Second Life to an outside email address for free. Uploading pictures to Flickr etc to share with friends and family is another good option. Or Click and drag a picture from your inventory then drop it on your friends profile in-world where it says Drop inventory item here.
  17. Check out http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Adult_content#Account_Settings Edit > Preferences > General Tab > Rating and choose"PG, Mature, and Adult" from the dropdown list. If you have a lowersetting, then search and region entry or teleport will be restricted toPG only, or PG and Mature only. If you have a problem verifying or accessing adult settings then file a support ticket.
  18. Always file a abuse report if younger than 18 years old. We don't want teens on the MG. Help > Report Abuse Linden Lab will review the ticket and take action if need be.
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