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  1. It's a fact. When you post something the Lindens don't like, you are locked from a thread. SL censorship at it's best.
  2. Please show me how you can get the old rate for a year. Until then, don't post until you can provide actual facts
  3. You don't get the old rate for another year if you commit now. Do your research. You get it for one more cycle...maybe even only one more month. If my rate increases and I don't have the same opportunity as other premiums in terms of a home, I'm cancelling premium. If I have to wait months to be treated fairly, why pay while I'm waiting? If I decide to stick around in SL I'll just upgrade back to premium when the new homes are available in a fair manner to all premium members.
  4. Thanks for the chiding but you are wrong. You can't own a LL home and request one of the new larger homes. You must abandon your current land in the hopes of one of the new parcels opening and being on line the minute it becomes available or you won't get it. Thanks anyway for the incorrect advice.
  5. All in all I think LL did a poor job of rolling out the new homes. Why do some premiums have them and others don't? It's almost like not being premium at all. I'm homeless now just like I was before upgrading.
  6. If they raise my fee without offering me the same homes that other premium members are getting it just doesn't seem fair. Their planning is horrible
  7. Nothing new added or available since May 15th? I need a home:)
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