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  1. What a great solution! I was worried that "Replace Current Outfit" wouldn't be available on the right click menu, but there it is. And THANK YOU for necroposting!
  2. Yes! That does work for me too, but only dragging the actual object over, and that creates a link in the Outfits folder. Dragging a link gives me the circle/slash "Oh no you don't" icon. And I can even drag an object from one folder to an Outfit folder in the same window and it works. Thank you for the fix. I did not know about that, but it does work. It seems more sophisticated than dragging and dropping too, and fixes object links all over the inventory (and every other?) folder. Very nice, thank you. Thank you for the link. I see other folks are having problems too.
  3. I love the Outfits folder in my Inventory. You can assemble the pieces of your avatar and the clothing and accessories it wears and add them all to a folder inside Outfits. Then right click the folder and select "Replace Current Outfit" and instantly your outfit changes. But recently I've been having some problems revising the contents of my Outfits folders. Usually when I receive an updated version of an attachment, I take off the old attachment and put on the new one. Then I go to the Current Outfit folder and copy the link to the new item. go to the correct folder inside Outfits and pa
  4. The Linden Lab guidelines for filing an Abuse Report have stayed pretty much the same since around 2007, especially regarding which and how many residents should write reports. If there's a single particle emitter in an empty region, it may not be worth reporting. But if someone is griefing 20 residents in a sandbox, the Governance Team wants to receive 20 Abuse Reports...according to the guidelines. Regarding the original post, LL sends an email to the resident informing them that their account has been suspended, the amount of time of the suspension, and the reason. There's no w
  5. This is the correct answer. Also, if you are wearing an AO, use a standing animation for your ground sit, so you will look like you're innocently waiting to be pushed around. If the griefer walks into you, they will be deflected.
  6. You should check that SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Theron/54/193/57 That goes to a parcel named "Zwaany & Sugars Home" where visitors are teleported home by a security orb.
  7. In this case, I beat it (in Google Chrome) by going to More Tools > Extensions, turning off the switch for LastPass, and then refreshing the page. I thought I found a way to make it stop and still leave it on, but it didn't work. The sneaky thing is that it doesn't put the little icon into the form field to clue you in that it's entering a password for you. So it's handy but it's also a pain.
  8. I found the answer to this, with the expert help of Linden Lab support. I use a password manager extension in Chrome called LastPass. Apparently LastPass thought that the open form field was waiting for a password, and since I had put "30" in that field before, it was putting "30" there for me as a default. As soon as I turned off LastPass and refreshed the page, the number in the form field defaulted to the normal $10.00: https://gyazo.com/10d8b606389782457e3912a92aa95a90 Thanks very much to Linden Lab for the hard work in pointing the way to the problem!
  9. Thank you, Lillith, that was the problem. I was using Google Chrome. When I logged in using Firefox, the default number was L$2500. I could change it to something else and the number would remain the same after I hit the "Place Order" button. I cleared all of the cookies from the secondlife.com website using the following instructions: Click Chrome menu on browser toolbar. Select Settings. Click Show advance settings. Click Content settings in Privacy section. In Cookies section, select the site that issued the cookie, then the cookie, and click Remove. H
  10. I wonder if anyone else has seen this. I spend US $30 every month to buy L$ to pay my tier. So this month I decided that since I have a fancy new mesh avatar, I would spend $50 so I can buy him some clothing. And I can't do it! I click on "Buy L$" on my dashboard page on secondlife.com. The Buy L$ page comes up, apparently remembering my last US $30 purchase. https://gyazo.com/d0fbb3686e0dec53492641c6b1af6a20 I enter "50" into the "US Dollars (US$)" field under "Instant Buy (Market Buy)," and the other fields update automatically. https://gyazo.com/b50752b6b38e346a6dd153c4a
  11. It was fixed, for a while. I logged in and everything was working fine. Then it wasn't working fine, and they put up the error message again.
  12. Hey I made it online too. Firestorm Support English just sent another group notice.
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