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  1. Because I know a number of people who attended a venue that is aimed for teen AV socialising, and at least two of them had the same thing happen in the same window of time. And they had few other overlaps than this venue and myself. Hence why I am suggesting that this venue may have been where someone was making vexatious reports.
  2. But then, how at a teen venue which itself is pretty loud about not including/tolerating that kind of activity be the spot where a lot of disparate people all seem to catch a ban? It sounds like the sort of dogpiling you see happening on Twitter and YouTube. Someone comes along, hits report a bunch of times, the algorithm kicks in, and then 6+ months later a set of human eyes gets to it and things get reversed. Well after the damage is done.
  3. It might be true, but I don't know if LL are going through these one-by-one or just letting 'algorithms' deal with it like all that YouTube nonsense.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm not a frequent poster to the Forums, but a LONG time user. I have started hearing that mass reporting of people at venues for age-play is becoming a thing. Plus it seems like people are targeting venues for this kind of thing. How can those who aren't engaging in ***** (which is gross) actually get heard by LL on these issues? Are there going to be ways to look for those who might mass-report people as a harassment/trolling activity and deal with them instead? What is the plan for all of this? ***** is gross, but just rocking up at places and ge
  5. I'm the "Group Owner Alison" by the way... Alison22.Jewell
  6. So I'm not trying to sound overly harsh... But if all of this is a byproduct of how badly Sansar seems to be doing (which from all the jungle-drums I have heard is not being well received and DEV is going SUPER slow on), why aren't the resources being deployed into SL to fix up the sort of structural back end stuff that makes groups and all that bad? Why not be spending time, effort, resources into the thing that does seem to have a window of actually keeping on making money? Is going all VR worth a bunch of moves that could seriously slash the number of free account users, and not b
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