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  1. New islands have been added to our openwater area this week! Enjoy barrier free sailing over many miles! Different themes available (tropical, grassland, 4-season!). No buying price and a moderate fee (we do not charge extra for openwater land - tier for regular homestead land applies!). Grab your boat and see you at our store :) Luxory offers full 24/7 live support inworld - Our experienced agents are ready to assist you at any time. Try us now, we are looking forward to meet you inworld! :) Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY
  2. Last night we added new islands to the store but there are only 2 x Four Season Islands left. Please hurry if you are interested, these will definitely sell quickly. Four-Season Land is most wanted, stop by today and ask Vanity
  3. Happy Mothersday to all Mothers in RL & SL - We wish you a great time with your family & friends! Stop by today and check out our latest additions! New Openwater Islands have been added! Tropical Islands, Grassland Islands and 2 new Four-Season-themed islands!
  4. For everyone checking out this thread, here the correct link to our land store hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY/128/128/25 I opened up a new thread and we will let this one run out. Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY
  5. The recently added 4-Season-themed islands are almost sold out now, only 4 parcels left. 4-Season-themed land is most wanted. Don't wait - stop by today! Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY
  6. 2 new islands added right before the weekend, both 4-season-themed! Looking for a different size? More or less prim? Please ask and maybe it can be done Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY
  7. ack ... many thanks, I wonder why I never noticed ... funny thing tho, Theron is one of ours too but I have no idea why this happened ... I cannot edit this page so I simply created a new post. Thanks again !! Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY
  8. LUXORY ESTATES - MARITIMA - SAILING ESTATE Huge OpenWater Area - 4.000.000 sqm sailable, unblockable Ocean Hundreds of beautiful residential Islands and Parcels with direct access to sailable water Different Themes - Tropical, Grassland, Mixed, Four Seasons Covenant protected, No Ban Lines, No Clubs, No Stores 24/7 Inworld Support by experienced, friendly Estate Managers 12 years of experiences Visit our Land Store Hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY/127/128/25 Find us on the Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/13871 Some Impressions from our Area ... Visit our Land Store Hub: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY/127/128/25
  9. This is the final weekend for our easter promotion. Check out our land store today - new openwater islands have been added this week! Happy Weekend, Everyone! Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY
  10. Four Season themed regions added! Enjoy another season every 3 months! Stop by this weekend to claim the best sailable land you ever owned.
  11. 14 new islands will be added today, some of them very tropical, some with grass and trees and some will have a Four Season theme. Stop by if you like
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