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  1. that is how boxy works too. I don't think it's such a big deal about it. it usually takes 2 - 3 min to get connected to a concierge. If the bot sometimes is able to deliver a solution to some frequently asked questions then it may help to reduce the number of cases the concierges have to deal with and will cut waiting time for everyone in line. and if not - what's the big deal? wait for a concierge. I don't see how this may cause "heart attacks".
  2. A conversation me and my friend boxy had 2 weeks ago ... reminds me a bit of Alexa and Siri ... had similar conversations with them before ...
  3. exactly. I don't think it is that bad. If you don't want to interact with botty, just tell him you want to talk to a human and he will shut up right away.
  4. I have always given and received gifts, nothing wrong with that. I would avoid money, but there is nothing wrong with sending or receiving little presents in world. I have a friendship bear for example I like to give and I have quite a collection of friendship bears from several Lindens. Just got one from Wendi last week, it barely fits on my desk 😋 Both Lindens and Moles are doing a great job I think, I am very happy with their support. They are always willing to go an extra mile to help. Another way to gift them is to respond to the feedback form you usually receive whenever you interacted with a concierge. Give them a positive review, I am sure it will help them in some way and they will appreciate it.
  5. The last time we raised our prices was back in 2009. You will find full regions with 20k prim for 14,950 L per week here and with 30k prim they come for 16,950 L per week. But yes, I hear you and I agree with you. I even heard that some estates raised tier for existing contracts which is an absolute no go. A deal is a deal. We took over an estate in distress last week and we still have some full regions left.
  6. You are in world for 13 years - you should know by now that Second Life Users use both terms (renting and buying) when they talk about getting land. Simply because in land menu you will find a "buying price" quoted. Even when it is technically a rental with a weekly/ monthly tier. That is how it is handled. Like it or not. If this was supposed to be region transfer from one estate to another I would have posted under Region for sale: Full Private Island. If you need any further help or if you have other questions about basic stuff, feel free to IM me in world and I will happily explain to you.
  7. SECOND NORWAY has a small number of FULL PRIM REGIONS for sale / rent! 20k / 30k Prim, standalone regions with no other region attached. Estate Manager rights granted for you and up to 13 of your friends! No rules, no restrictions, no covenant - renaming possible! Contact me today via offline IM or email to: vanity.bonetto@gmail.com if you are interested. Or visit our in world land store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SECOND NORWAY/111/26/25 Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY & WILLOWDALE ESTATES CEO SECOND NORWAY
  8. Second Norway is part of Linden Lab's Blake Sea Sailing Community. Connecting the Mainland to the United Sailing Regions is the Blake Sea, venue for private sailing, exciting boat races and other nautical activity as well as a superb area for pilots in Second Life! This was the first private - public partnership in Second Life, in early 2009. Second Norway has a code of conduct. Please be considerate. Blake Sea is composed by a lot of sea regions, some come with islands, others are completely covered with water. Since waterways have no ban lines, Blake Sea is a paradise for sailing. The Second Norway community has developed several transportation ways: an airport that covers 8 whole regions, a railway and a network of surface roads. Main transportation way is by water. There are no borders for navigation. Second Norway's railway is the fastest in Second Life. Air transportation is also important, since there are so many airports and Airport SNO is the largest of all airports here. Second Norway offers beautiful Islands for rent / sale as well as parcels in different sizes along the road with direct road access. Come visit us today! You will find us here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SECOND NORWAY/111/26/25 Vanity Bonetto - SECOND NORWAY -
  9. You can stop wondering - just google Tilia and you will find out in no time what Tilia is and why it was created. And that it wasn't linked to Sansar or this acquisition. But of course, spreading endtime rumours is more fun. Why sticking to facts, right?
  10. The one thing you haven't mentioned is why so many things are on halt, and the main reason for that is that they are up to their necks in work. For once, moving to the bigger office in Atlanta slowed down things a lot for a while. Then they were all forced to work from home due to the COVID crisis. On top of that it's holiday season even at the Lab. I am friends with a Linden who is in charge with mainland development. Over the past few weeks demand for land and other products was so high and also the number of support tickets and requests went through the roof so that they could barely get their regular work done. On top of that, a lot of their human resources are working on moving the Grid to Amazon Cloud. But I understand that right now nobody is interested in reason, as soon as a first one goes off like "OMG OMG Second Life is closing!" all others will join in ... Like I wrote before, I have seen this happening a lot in 13 years and yet, here we are ...
  11. It is only simple to simple people. Facebook, google, Amazon keep buying up the most successful companies around the globe because they match their business profile, because investors think that these companies have a lot of value and because they believe in their future and they see their potential. Have you ever heard that one of them bought a company in distress?
  12. It is amazing how people with no knowledge and no business skills at all just make up some *****. Why would it be a good indicator if Bellisseria will no longer be developed one day? It is just one tiny part of Second Life. And once demand has been exceeded they may start a new project. - I stopped developing our open water section back in 2014. By then I had 150 regions. In the meantime I aquired 3 large estates in Second Life and my land holdings are 4 times bigger now. Since I started with 4 tiny rentals back in 2007 there wasn't a single year in which no crash prophets predicted the end of Second Life. I am here now for 13 years. We have seen good times, we have seen some bad times. Today Second Life is stronger than it was ever before. The land market is the best indicator. Visitor numbers are up by 100 %, sales are up by 60 - 80 %. Go and try to find a full prim region for rent or sale. Even mainland is getting rare. Marketplace sales are up too. Stores in world are selling more items. Second Life is doing well.
  13. Second Life was never doing better. What worries you? All numbers are up and through the roof. Land sales are up by 60% as far as I know. First time in 17 years the Lab is sold out. Sansar is gone. And do you really think professional investors would spend a single Dollar here if they won't have good reason to believe that it's a good investment? I would be worried if they had sold to some no name investors (like they did with Sansar) but these people know what they are doing and they see Second Life's potential. If I had the cash, I would invest here too. Now even more.
  14. There's absolutely no reason to panic. This is a good thing. Second Life is doing very well, Linden Lab is doing very well and these investors have a good reputation and they are known to the Lab for a long time. I remember when I took over Willowdale Estate 2 years ago. It had 30 regions by then. Tenants panicked, some even left the estate. Today, 2 years later, Willowdale has 220 regions and yesterday it was sold out, not a single parcel left for sale, which makes it the most successful estate on the grid. I am very positive when it comes to Second Life's future and I think it's best years are yet to come. But if someone feels like dropping a sim - I will happily take it. Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY & WILLOWDALE CEO SECOND NORWAY (Blake Sea)
  15. Last week we added LUXORY MARINA, a brandnew openwater region where you can now find Second Life's finest yachts and boats designed by famous Aymec Millet! Ever dreamt of living on a luxorious yacht in Second Life? Make your dream reality now! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY%20MARINA/118/131/23 Looking for a place for your yacht or boat? Contact Vanity Bonetto inworld, we offer discounted water parcels for all types of boats now!
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