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  1. You can stop wondering - just google Tilia and you will find out in no time what Tilia is and why it was created. And that it wasn't linked to Sansar or this acquisition. But of course, spreading endtime rumours is more fun. Why sticking to facts, right?
  2. The one thing you haven't mentioned is why so many things are on halt, and the main reason for that is that they are up to their necks in work. For once, moving to the bigger office in Atlanta slowed down things a lot for a while. Then they were all forced to work from home due to the COVID crisis. On top of that it's holiday season even at the Lab. I am friends with a Linden who is in charge with mainland development. Over the past few weeks demand for land and other products was so high and also the number of support tickets and requests went through the roof so that they could barely get their regular work done. On top of that, a lot of their human resources are working on moving the Grid to Amazon Cloud. But I understand that right now nobody is interested in reason, as soon as a first one goes off like "OMG OMG Second Life is closing!" all others will join in ... Like I wrote before, I have seen this happening a lot in 13 years and yet, here we are ...
  3. It is only simple to simple people. Facebook, google, Amazon keep buying up the most successful companies around the globe because they match their business profile, because investors think that these companies have a lot of value and because they believe in their future and they see their potential. Have you ever heard that one of them bought a company in distress?
  4. It is amazing how people with no knowledge and no business skills at all just make up some *****. Why would it be a good indicator if Bellisseria will no longer be developed one day? It is just one tiny part of Second Life. And once demand has been exceeded they may start a new project. - I stopped developing our open water section back in 2014. By then I had 150 regions. In the meantime I aquired 3 large estates in Second Life and my land holdings are 4 times bigger now. Since I started with 4 tiny rentals back in 2007 there wasn't a single year in which no crash prophets predicted the end of Second Life. I am here now for 13 years. We have seen good times, we have seen some bad times. Today Second Life is stronger than it was ever before. The land market is the best indicator. Visitor numbers are up by 100 %, sales are up by 60 - 80 %. Go and try to find a full prim region for rent or sale. Even mainland is getting rare. Marketplace sales are up too. Stores in world are selling more items. Second Life is doing well.
  5. Second Life was never doing better. What worries you? All numbers are up and through the roof. Land sales are up by 60% as far as I know. First time in 17 years the Lab is sold out. Sansar is gone. And do you really think professional investors would spend a single Dollar here if they won't have good reason to believe that it's a good investment? I would be worried if they had sold to some no name investors (like they did with Sansar) but these people know what they are doing and they see Second Life's potential. If I had the cash, I would invest here too. Now even more.
  6. There's absolutely no reason to panic. This is a good thing. Second Life is doing very well, Linden Lab is doing very well and these investors have a good reputation and they are known to the Lab for a long time. I remember when I took over Willowdale Estate 2 years ago. It had 30 regions by then. Tenants panicked, some even left the estate. Today, 2 years later, Willowdale has 220 regions and yesterday it was sold out, not a single parcel left for sale, which makes it the most successful estate on the grid. I am very positive when it comes to Second Life's future and I think it's best years are yet to come. But if someone feels like dropping a sim - I will happily take it. Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY & WILLOWDALE CEO SECOND NORWAY (Blake Sea)
  7. Last week we added LUXORY MARINA, a brandnew openwater region where you can now find Second Life's finest yachts and boats designed by famous Aymec Millet! Ever dreamt of living on a luxorious yacht in Second Life? Make your dream reality now! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY%20MARINA/118/131/23 Looking for a place for your yacht or boat? Contact Vanity Bonetto inworld, we offer discounted water parcels for all types of boats now!
  8. New openwater islands have been added this weekend! Check out the pictures and make sure to visit our land store this week! Ask for our autumn promotion! Our friendly team is online and ready to assist you 24/7. Not interested in sailable waters? We got all types and sizes of land, from small residential parcels over skyhome parcels to larger land in homestead regions. Even full regions are available at all times. See you at our store soon! Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY
  9. Today we are adding 5 more openwater islands! Are you a sailor in Second Life? Stop by and check out our latest additions! Sail over millions of sqm. with us in one of the largest areas on the grid! All our islands in these regions are carefully terraformed and beautifully decorated! And the best: NO extra fee for openwater land - we just charge the regular fee for homestead land! Come check us out! Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY
  10. This week we are filling up our store with NEW openwater land! 10 new islands have been added already, more to come! We also have new residential land in regular regions for sale including our brandnew region "Caprica"! - Stop by today, we are here 24/7 to assist you! Find your new home now! Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY
  11. Right now there're only very few islands left - First who comes wins! - Stop by today and grab one of Second Life's most wanted openwater islands, get a boat and start sailing over miles and miles! We are waiting for you! Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY
  12. New islands have been added to our openwater area this week! Enjoy barrier free sailing over many miles! Different themes available (tropical, grassland, 4-season!). No buying price and a moderate fee (we do not charge extra for openwater land - tier for regular homestead land applies!). Grab your boat and see you at our store :) Luxory offers full 24/7 live support inworld - Our experienced agents are ready to assist you at any time. Try us now, we are looking forward to meet you inworld! :) Vanity Bonetto CEO LUXORY
  13. Last night we added new islands to the store but there are only 2 x Four Season Islands left. Please hurry if you are interested, these will definitely sell quickly. Four-Season Land is most wanted, stop by today and ask Vanity
  14. Happy Mothersday to all Mothers in RL & SL - We wish you a great time with your family & friends! Stop by today and check out our latest additions! New Openwater Islands have been added! Tropical Islands, Grassland Islands and 2 new Four-Season-themed islands!
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