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  1. Complexity measurement according to the Cool VL Viewer that I'm using...
  2. My Mistress decided to buy me Corset-Sophie's long Venus Corset and to lock me into it for an undefined period of time... And, maybe because being locked into it, maybe via my collar (I don't know), all my "Touch" abilities have been removed completely.
  3. Here is one that I wrote years ago while being in-world with my teen alt, "In Character" as a High School student, during a "Creative Writing" class: reminders once a girl in early teens lost too much of what she loved lost all her strength and hope made a mistake when all became too much for her alone to bear instead of seeking help she tried to chicken out and almost managed it almost but she was brought back and they helped her regardless she gained strength enough to help herself and started to reach out to do her best to help others she likes to forget that she was weak that she had that bad moment when she chickened out but then she sees her wrists and she knows she can't forget there are the reminders and will always be reminders that she's but a human
  4. Not about SL, but about writing (or trying to): The Vampire (by me, March 14, 2013) You suck my soul, my mind, my life and everything. Without even touching me Whenever I just look at you, my brain goes blank, empty, Your mere sight frightens me. I'm overflowing with ideas, but then you come into my view and all is gone, void, dead You damn blank paper sheet that I'm supposed to write on - Why do you torture me like that?
  5. I finished setting up "House Infinity", a kind of homely hangout
  6. This was me within 30 minutes after account registration on 7th Feb. 2008 SLT (it was the 08th my time already, I live SLT+9): and a few days later: and finally, in May 2008 when I was fully accepted my first Mistress, after 2 months probation time:
  7. Credits: Body: Maitreya Lara; Head: [AK Deluxe] Maia; Hair: *ARGRACE* TAMAKI Red; Outfit: *KaS* Corset Dress (Bikini / Flared); [D'eViL] Minua Ballet Boots (Knee); Accessories: OC Leash Holder; Endless Piercing eyebrow ring; Angelie beaded septum ring; AO: Vista Esther Bento AO; Physics: Jessica Lyon Physics, from the Phoenix Team Physics Collection
  8. I've been wearing 4D-EYEs-Obsidian eyes nonstop since mid-'08.
  9. Although my Systems (both on my Linux Desktop and my Win10 Laptop) are up-to-date, I couldn't log in on the Forums using Firefox and Chromium. Even on my Laptop there was a message about "insecure Connection", but I was able to log in regardless on Edge - but not on Firefox. Are LL working on the Logins page, or is something else happening? ETA: I just saw at "Advanced":
  10. I'm running Linux on my desktop (OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 64bit), and never had any problems with any viewers - no matter if official viewer, or TPV (well, except with Voice, at times). Now I just tried to download the new official viewer release (version , and had to see that the download button on the site just didn't work for me at all. Now my question is: Did LL stop supporting Linux in general, or is it just a glitch on the website?
  11. Reporting to our Commander Thorine (@ThorinII, not in the picture): (from left to right: Alexandra Actor as our Andorian physician, TinaTester as our Vulcan engineer, JonaWebster as our Human apprentice/ensign - and me as a Bajoran, responsible for Tactical stuff at the moment).
  12. Thorine ( @Thorinii ) sent me these Bajoran nose ridges (and Bajoran earrings) for our RP. Guess I am to play a Bajoran now.
  13. we're doing some brainstorming in our new spaceship: (from left to right: @ThorinII (aka Thorine), me, @sweetgem Clemenceau (aka Bea Trix), and JonaWebster )
  14. I'm not in bondage nor the Drone Suit anymore, and got my old name back:
  15. As someone who spent hours upon hours creating my own shape, I can relate to your Frustration - however, I have to agree with Rhonda and Tari: You don't make it easy to *want* to help you. With that out of the way, I second Tari's opinion, that the hips of your Avatar shape are way out of Proportion. You don't have to have an hourglass figure if you don't want, but this extremely pear-shaped shape in the first Picture set doesn't look plausible either . I mean, if the Body fat slider and arm thickness mirrored your hip width, I wouldn't mind, because *then* your shape would most probably be within "normal" proportions again (you just would look somewhat overweight, which is fine with me). But as it is, that extremely wide hip and the pear-shaped silhouette from the front (unlike the view from the side) lets your Avatar look like a Kind of caricature of herself, and I'm pretty sure you don't want that.
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