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  1. On the topic of upload fees, I like your point (Drongle made it as well) about people uploading for personal use or without a definite sales opportunity. Also someone pointed out that they want/need to do a lot of work in-world and that will require multiple uploads. We need to be cognizant of that with our upload fee. Preview ability was possibly the hardest compromise I made. We all know that being able to see things and manipulate them in context of the land and other objects is very very important to efficient content creation. I'm going to push for that functionality as soon as possible, but in the mean time you need to use Aditi early and often. As for upload cost, based on all the feedback we determined that we don't want the baseline amount to drive people to work around it by grouping uploads. Lowering the baseline during our rollout has also given us a lot of useful feedback. I want to set the expectation that upload costs will rise from the deploy amount, but we're not sure yet how much. Your well-reasoned feedback is welcome. Spew just means I have to scroll more and might miss a useful nugget. ;-) We're writing up some documentation to help explain the new terminology and what it means to them. This information might go out in the form of a wiki, or blog post, or perhaps I'll just walk up to each resident and tell each of them personally. Regardless, in the past you all have offered some good insight into how to organize it or what types of residents to focus on, so, again, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Charlar ps: It's probably not worth going into MMO specifics - and it's not germaine to this thread so I shouldn't have even commented on it.
  2. Nalates - just want to jump in and correct you right there. No one has said that the baseline cost will go back to $150. If someone said that, please send me a note showing where so I can correct that. Charlar. ps: MMO storage is miniscule per player, because all content is created by the company and stored on the players machine. MMO servers mostly reference content. Second Life is not an MMO (which is why it's so cool).
  3. Meeting Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Archive/2011-07-25   Agenda for next week: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Content_Creation/Mesh_Import_User_Group   Note that our location may change, so please check the group page (above) before you come to the meeting.   thanks to everyone who attended and contributed!   Charlar
  4. What region did you cross from, and into? Also, when? What does the avie consist of, and what parts went funny? Charlar
  5. We are looking into this. We may have a manual workaround that we can do per person, so that you all aren't blocked while we find and fix the bug. When I get an update I'll let you know. sorry to keep you from playing with mesh, Charlar.
  6. Yes, any valid payment option will work. If you're in the population that does have to make a purchase to trigger payment information, then any purchase including buying Lindens or getting a premium acount will work. Charlar ps: Stone, I know you know this, but as a general reminder: you need to be a member of Mesh Volunteers group. Check this page for all the details: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/LiveVolunteers
  7. thanks - I copied this information (from both messages) into CTS-712. Charlar
  8. I'm not implying anything, I'm just curious about your thoughts on this, but... What would you all consider the downsides of linking alts to a primary account? I'm only focused on issues surrounding creators (big and small). Charlar
  9. thanks Drongle - that's correct. It's a temporary requirement for the first stages of rollout across the grid. Once we're comfortable with the level of stability we'll drop the requirement. I could see that group perhaps having a use for creators beyond managing rollout access. What do you all think? Charlar
  10. Really? A pony, huh? Alright, noted. :-) Charlar
  11. Ahh, great. I'm glad you're up and running, sorry for the delay Charlar
  12. hmm. Hold on, I'm looking into this. Charlar
  13. you need to be on a mesh region on Aditi. search for Mesh
  14. Where are you trying to upload? Grid and region, please Thanks Charlar
  15. We'll try to get to this in triage today or monday. I personally haven't seen this happen in quite a while, but we'll keep checking. If you find that it happens 100% in a specific sandbox, let us know where.
  16. What you say is true - and for merchants who provide that information and are prepared for any additional customer support, it's fine (and we can't stop them anyway :-)) We're just trying to err on the conservative side while everyone gets used to this. Charlar
  17. As long as you take copies to your inventory (in case we have an issue), it's always nice to have regions with more content for testing. thanks for asking Charlar
  18. Oh, I was actually responding to a different post, but I'm happy to answer your question as well. Some international users will have to make a purchase in order for the payment information to be saved. So if you haven't already bought Lindens, or pay for land, and you fall into that category, you'll end up having to buy something (L$, perhaps) in order to satisfy the requirement. Charlar
  19. thanks TANAKAAKIO, to specifically answer your second question, you can upload items and they can be put into your inventory. Just a general reminder - please don't put mesh items up for sale yet. If anyone buys them they'll likely be unhappy with you since most of the grid does not yet support mesh.
  20. Hey, you can go to the mesh sandbox regions and create stuff there. You don't need to own land to do that. You do need to join mesh volunteers.
  21. Please report them in Jira! thanks for testing.
  22. Nothing will stop a dedicated griefer/thief. We hope that by creating a better connection (and relationship) with creators, we can also help dissuade some people who would otherwise create problems for the 'good' residents. We also want to help people who might unknowingly cross over into a place where some big company might get upset. Charlar
  23. What sandbox are you on? Also, and probably the problem - you need to join the group "mesh volunteers". Charlar
  24. In case you didn't see the blog: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Tools-and-Technology/Mesh-Update/ba-p/990421  
  25. yep, the Mesh Enablement process is going out "reallyreallyreally" soon. We didn't want to hold up the deploy of the sandboxes on that, because otherwise things just get backed up. Sorry for being a tease, but it was more efficient this way. You do need to be member of the mesh volunteer group to participate. I'm very sorry, but we can't support moving anything on mainland to mesh ATM for technical deploy issues. I do want to try and help people like you who have been working so hard with us, so I'll talk with our folks and we'll get you as soon as we can. Charlar.
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